Released by: Cold Spring Records - CSR 34 CD

Release year: 2001

Format: CD


1: A-deck 14:01
2: B-deck 11:52
3: C-deck 11:57
4: D-deck 12:37
5: E-deck 11:21

Total length: 61:48 min

General facts:

Sleep Research Facility comes from Glasgow, Scottland. Nostromo is as far as I know their only work so far and for those who recognise the title; yes, this release is related to Ridley Scott classic Sci-fi moview Alien from the late 70's. The setting for the Nostromo album has been borrowed from the first minutes of this film, minutes which depicts the space vessel Nostromo moving through space in a most Dark Ambient fashion. An interview in Ortus Obscurum will follow in a not too distant future.


Nostromo is a reluge of very deep Dark Ambient. In fact; it is one of the darkest albums in this genre that I have heard lately. The music is very minimal, yet at the same time enourmosly ample. It completely reigns over the lower sound frequencies when it is on. This is slow movement through space suggested by minimal drones and sweeping sounds. Incredibly mesmerising music without any disturbing parts that seem to be in complete syntony with the subconcious regions of the mind.

True to its name, Sleep Research Facility presents music that makes me quite sleepy when I hear it in the evening and people around me have experienced the same thing with this album. It isn't the tiredness of boredom I feel though, when it is on. It is more the dreamlike state of extreme relaxation one feels when being in a state somewhere between dream and reality. I have fallen asleep a couple of times while listening to Nostromo and been dispatched into some very strange, unidentifiable dreams. This album is like some form of sleep therapy, definitely very functional.

Nostromo is divided into five very long tracks ranging from the A-deck to the E-deck, all describing different sections of the ship from where the name has been borrowed. Yet the flow is so skillfully maintained so that one hardly notice when a new track replaces the previous one. Only on the last track, the nature of Nostromo abruptly changes when it sounds as if suddenly one loses contact with the music due to a broken transmission.

As a person suffering from both sleeping disorders and a great appetite for excellent Dark Ambient music, I reckon Nostromo is an album that will follow me around in the future. Highly recommended!



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