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Means to a Better End: A Report on Dying in America Today

Last Acts' state-by-state analysis, Means to a Better End: A Report on Dying in America Today, paints a statistical portrait of the availability and use of end-of-life care. For each state and the District of Columbia, the report assigns a grade (A-E) to eight measurement criteria which reflect key aspects of end-of-life care.

Original and additional documents and reports may be viewed and downloaded from the Last Acts website. Click here to view.

Below are a number of Acrobat PDF documents relevant to the report. You will need the Adobe Reader to access these documents. Click the link on the page footer to get your free copy of Acobat Reader.

bulletMeans to a Better End Report (full report)
bulletMaine's Report Card
bulletUS Maps with individual state results
bulletState Advance Directives
bullet% Deaths at Home
bulletHospice Use (over 65 who used hospice in last year)
bulletHospice Use (median number of hospice days)
bulletHospitals reporting pain management programs
bulletHospitals reporting hospice programs
bulletHospitals reporting palliative care programs
bulletPeople over 65 with 7 or more ICU days in final months
bulletNursing home residents in persistent pain
bulletStrength of state pain policies
bullet% primary care physicians certified in palliative care
bullet% full-time equivalent nurses certified in palliative care
bulletAction Guide: Size the Opportunity!

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