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  Half-life Mod Review

Azure Sheep review

Yes it's here, yet another mod for Half-Life, the mod Azure Sheep has been around for about a month now and after starting playing it you will realise that this could be the greatest Half-life mod so far, read on. The first thing you will notice about the game is the familiar "set the scene" atmosphere which seems to be the basis of all the mods.

You start the game as usual, going about your normal daily routine and after a few hours at your guard post all hell breaks loose, ok, well it's not the most groundbreaking story so far but the formula works. You head off into the game, pistol in hand and your security guard outfit already stained with the oozing yellow blood of slain aliens, the first thing you need to do is find your partner, the sweet-but-deadly co-worker, Kate. When you first see her in the game and interact with her you can tell that the model was well designed and with many new and innovative features too. For example, when Kate gets injured by the countless foes that throw themselves at you, you have a special medipack that can add 10 units of health onto her, it can also be used to check her stats too, this is only one of the many new concepts azure sheep has to offer. The new security guard isn't all there is to offer, in essence this game has been enhanced beyond belief, there are new weapons that really kick ass and there’s also a whole range of new and weird monsters to cut down. The new enemies seem to be a special alien fighting squad, with their snazzy green camouflage getup and guns that look eerily like the ones from a popular science-fiction film cou*aliens*gh they are the major threat to everybody. The weird thing in this is the normal military, all the grunts, are on your side in this mod and throughout sections of the game you will meet them and fight alongside them. The new weapons are by no means short of brilliance, with old and new technology finely balanced you find yourself switching armaments frequently, the ones that stand out the most are the close combat weapons. Quite early in the game you come across a games room, and behold the weapon of choice for many a pub brawl, yep, a pool cue the sheer greatness of such an Excaliber had me forsaking me shotgun, for the want to stove in an alien's face with the cue, nice.

A great thing about this game that not many other mods touched on is the way that you see and interact with the characters from Half-Life and opposing force. Near to the start of the game you meet up with Gordon freeman, just before he gets knocked out halfway through the game you have to help him kill the black-ops and watch as he enters the room to get knocked out, you even walk down the passage he gets dragged along! Later on you meet Adrian Shepard form opposing force, and then head off for a Barney with a load of grunts. Its features like this that make azure sheep stand out from the other mods.

I have only uncovered the tip of the iceberg for this add-on, if you are a Half-Life fan you will spend many hours slaying beasts and climbing about. I have thoroughly enjoyed this mod and I would recommend it to anyone, and with mods getting better and better will a day come when Half-Life itself will be outdone, possibility? Hmmm.

If you want to see this mod get the December edition of PC Gamer, or download it from here:

azure sheep website

-Rokin Punk

Posted on GOFRAG.COM on 01/01/1900 00:02:58 by rokinpunk

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