DIY Bowling Tournie
Feb. 16 -18, 2001
Gold Coast Hotel, Las Vegas

Mark Desalvo demonstrates new Bowling Techniques!

Thanks to everyone for such a fun weekend! And a REALLY BIG thanks to BYO for all their great organizational efforts!

Please enjoy the photos! Feel free to download for private use. Email me any names that I misssed or got wrong, esp. ones listed as "random".

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Photos by Jenifer Hanen

Bowling = Fun:
Yvonne's Best of Vegas

1. I learned the more I drink, the worse I bowl, but the more fun I have. It looks like a supply and demand curve intersecting, and their intersection is the price of fun (see graph to the left).
2. I convinced a drunken guy that "Ich bin ein schistkopf" (excuse the spelling) was German for, "I'm a hottie."
3. Fellow gamblers accused an obnoxious, loud, Long Island-type with permed and highlighted to hell floosie at the next table of being part of "that punk rock group."
4. I learned that fire alarms are generally not a concern when you're gambling - in fact, no one leaves.