I Hate To Walk (Part 1)
  This looks like a good kite story to snack on!
  The Ground Flip

The kite is on the ground, on it's back:

  • Gently pull on both lines the kite will stand on its nose.
  • Pull one line and the kite will roll over in that direction.
  • Pull gently on the other line and the kite will roll to that side. Practice rocking the kite from one leading edge to the other.

Once you are comfortable with this, set the kite on one leading edge (lets say the left edge, (remember the kite is on its nose so the LEFT edge is on your RIGHT).

  • Now pull sharply with the right hand and let the left hand go to follow the kite over. You may need to pull down with your left hand after the kite has passed over center (left tip past 12 o'clock position) to finish the move with command.

With practice you will be able to Flip the kite over without even thinking of the hand movements. This one trick will save you many trips to the is the basis for a couple cool tricks!

The Wing Wrap

Another frustrating "kite on ground" problem is the wing wrap:

The kite is on the ground in the relaunch position. Except one of the lines is caught on or wrapped around one wing tip.

This one is easy, and certainly no reason to walk.

  • Lay the kite on its back, gently pull on the line that is wrapped until the caught wing is pointing right at your belly button
  • Now with both hands pull, evenly on the lines. This will stand the kite up and the caught line will drop off.
  • Now simply straighten the kite up , take off and fly!

Whisker Wrap

The kite is "ready to fly" except one line is caught on one of the "Stand Off's" on the back of the kite:

First instincts makes us want to shake, pull, drag, rattle and shout at the line that is stuck.

Well, all this commotion will do is help stick it more firmly! Think about it for a sec... Lets say the right line is stuck on the whisker.

  • If you move your right hand forward slacking the caught line and shake rattle and swear at the left line, the one that is NOT hooked .
  • Now the loose snag will drop right off the stand off!

I mention this one because I too have spent accumulated hours tugging on, what seems obvious now, the wrong line!

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