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messages to z0tl:
(click here to add new message):

from dcalienz :
oh your prolificity in your headlong plunge towards the trip eights is making me dizzy I'm so dizzy my hed is spinnin like a whorlpool it never nds yo makin me dizzy now I hav to go write in dcalien about snack food einstein and recorders of the laws of phizzicz
from weeme :
Also my cherry red hair is fading to ginger and strips of my natural blonde are peaking through. Will you still go speeding aaround with me with the top down if I'm merely copper-toned?
from weeme :
o I have never been lost in the Sahara nor thirsty enough to beg a zebra for a sip of spit. That makes me feel sad and a little inadequate. Do you still love me?
from sooner :
that one has color, but no discernable shape. I'm begining to lose faith in the godz.
from jnickole :
i love songs that have the word nigga in them. it makes my day. and - you've only had 2310982`` updates this morning. GET WITH THE PROGRAMME HELLO.
from jnickole :
drunk without the alcohol? isn't that a plus? :)
from tathagres :
you are amazing.. to put it simply.
from redhorse :
from elliorange :
RUBEN 2o5! HOT-DIGGIDY-DAWG! *smiles and curls up her nose!*
from intheory27 :
Staring at the sun and marvelling in cloud formation is one of the best kinds of happiness.
from dcalienz :
that would be too late as i want no one to know how illiterati i would have become.
from dcalienz :
crap i started to late to read you have left gold in your fluff and on stats i must say i have only one thing to teach you and that be secret wordz i muzt consult with the maker fore. all your entries are not aboutmne are they? he laughs as the tribbles breed comparatively speakingz.
from daoinesidhe :
i respect your point of view ,but i wouldnt play the "if" game in my mind.
from daoinesidhe :
btw do you know who gods is ?
from daoinesidhe :
i wouldnt play the game if i knew it was the same.
from tathagres :
the boxes are packed... my life transitory.. scary. moving. You've been busy busy writing writing and now i am gping to be late because i simply must read my z0tl. a daily dose. i think its the blue one.... or maybe the read but i like blue better. i'm babbling or is that raving? I'll stop now.. *kisses*
from jnickole :
speaking of coincidences.
from blueallover :
FOOLIO. i'm about two hours south of san jose!@#$!@ besides, if i can drive three thousand miles i can drive three hundred more to see my pseudo whore.
from elipsis :
i made a picture for you in my diary. is that another first? :-D
from wild-fire :
That dog thing has got to be one of the funniest freaking things in the world. I am still laughing...thanks for making my sides hurt now, geez and I thought you loved me dammit!!!
from dcalienz :
and ellipsis and subroutines. These are a few of my favorite things. When the peth writes... when the vyx bites... when the emporer sings... The synapse is alive with the sound of notings.
from peth :
Asterisks and flow charts.

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