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disclaimer: i apologize for nothing. i believe mind (not necessarily yours) creates energy & matter and as much as this is labeled by the majority as idiotic, i think i'm believing it well, because it allows me to be happy here & now. read from the bottom up, time is irrelevant here. leave if it fills you with hate.

note: if you dig deep enough & on many levels you will find nothing. read now!

2003-06-02 - 4:44 a.m.

> rain g:z <

the transaction may be fictitious,
but the trip was very real. to get
ready, i pulled up the 1 week weather
report and tried to plan our trip
around the rain. it turned out to be
very easy, it was raining everywhere,
chicago, detroit, toronto, cleveland,
every goddam place we planned to be

in, it was torrential with thunders
and 80% probabilities of even worse
than that happening. i pulled up the
report the day we left and it was
just a complete obliteration of any

hope, so we went and we had 2 hours
of rain the first day in chicago which
we spent inside the art institute and
when we got out and for the remainder
of the week, we had complete and cali
like sunshine. friends loved us, they
said we brought the nice weather, oh,
well, call us lucky. lucky lucky ... oo


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