on a bet

hell test


disclaimer: i apologize for nothing. i believe mind (not necessarily yours) creates energy & matter and as much as this is labeled by the majority as idiotic, i think i'm believing it well, because it allows me to be happy here & now. read from the bottom up, time is irrelevant here. leave if it fills you with hate.

note: if you dig deep enough & on many levels you will find nothing. read now!

2003-03-16 - 7:11 p.m.

> dig deep <

this isn't a diary!
this a diary isn't!
a diary this isn't!

click all. grab the
scroll bar, move up
and down, up & down
until you get a bit
dizzy, then release
scoll bar. read 1st
title your eyes lay
focus on. it is the
way it was intended
to be read, friend.

or keep reading the
tip of the iceberg.
be a rebel. revolt!


downwhen - upwhen