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disclaimer: i apologize for nothing. i believe mind (not necessarily yours) creates energy & matter and as much as this is labeled by the majority as idiotic, i think i'm believing it well, because it allows me to be happy here & now. read from the bottom up, time is irrelevant here. leave if it fills you with hate.

note: if you dig deep enough & on many levels you will find nothing. read now!

2003-04-19 - 6:33 p.m.

> pleasant surprise <

i will be overjoyed to find out
that virtually everything everyone
has ever told me is indeed wrong.

in other words, nothing
is as it seems, everything else
is completely different.

*note: happy bunny day:z >:]
i will realize that in fact
there was a 5th time i did
notice the time slow down.


downwhen - upwhen