First Movie - Metroid: Zero Mission

Thanks to Nintendo, whom we all adore so very much, we can bring you the first ever footage from the company's upcoming Game Boy Advance remake, Metroid: Zero Mission. As the video clearly confirms, Zero Mission looks nearly identical to the original Nintendo Entertainment System classic, Metroid, but with better, cartoon-esque graphics. Be warned, though; for fans who hated The Legend of Zelda: The Wind Waker's visuals, this might be a turn-off for you. The visuals featured in Metroid: Zero Mission definitely look super-deformed and cute. It's a bizarre choice, but for those of you who can overlook such a thing, it will definitely provide a great time.

Metroid: Zero Mission - First Footage - Windows Media Viewer - 4 MB/49 sec.

Posted by Christian on 5.14.2003

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