Update by Sheldan Nidle for the Spiritual Hierarchy and the Galactic Federation

       8 Eb, 10 Kank'in, 11 Ik        

Greetings! We arrive, dear Hearts! Finally, Mother Earth is approaching the divine moment that we all have been waiting for! Heaven has unleashed elements that will irrevocably crush the power of your last cabal. This prodigious operation is positioned to suddenly manifest in your midst. Your Ascended Masters and the local heavenly Administration have instructed us to set in motion events that will make their sacred edicts a reality. These newly-outlined tactics transcend our present close observation of your world. As one of our many planetary sector commanders recently remarked with reference to his new orders, "At last, some possibilities for action!" We are most excited by the fact that, soon, you will be able to see us openly in your skies. Thus, we have doubled the number of defense ships operating in the solar system's Earth-Moon quadrant. We have also tightened the special inter-dimensional security shield that surrounds your planet and can prevent anyone we have not authorized from leaving or entering your present reality.

      Moreover, we have asked two more defense Mothership groups, which are stationed at the edge of your solar system, to relocate immediately to the far side of Jupiter. This inner (first) ring around your world is now tightly sealed. The next stage of our complex operation is to prepare our defense forces to shut down all earthly communications related to military forces controlled by, or sympathetic to, this last cabal. The final phase of this procedure, which is now in progress, will be to alert our earthly allies that we are about to release, temporarily into their command, special artificial personnel that can be of great assistance in their planned activities. As ever, we work under the influence of our agreements and according to the firm dictates of our heavenly superiors. We believe that the magical event for which we have yearned is soon to manifest. At this point, we ask you to understand that what is about to occur is the most phenomenal event in the past 13 millennia of your history. Imagine! A perfectly bloodless revolution of unprecedented proportions is unfolding!

      It is unfortunate that the recent, unnecessary war in the Middle East had to be waged, in order to free our earthly allies of certain evil oppressors and to bring to a close the flood of charges that will be brought against the many individuals who led this last, unrelenting cabal. The international tribunal set to conduct these trials has been conferred with great power and is ready to begin its proceedings. Moreover, those who will assume control of the government of your last superpower have been appointed, and a detailed agenda for their governance has been fully approved. This new government will officially supervise the investiture of a new and utterly fair political system. The government will make a solemn transition to a more permanent one after a national election is held. No high-ranking members of this new government will run, initially, for political office. Instead, a throng of largely unknown individuals, who wish to serve you, will be running for office at local, state/provincial and national levels to complete the terms of those who were forced to resign.

      These resignations will apply to all, and indicate the beginning of a political upheaval of unprecedented proportions. This alteration will unleash an enormous inventory of devices now kept secret for military and economic reasons. Moreover, the UFO cover-up will end. Our existence and benevolence will be fully declared, furnishing you with an enormous quantity of facts concerning your reality. Our earthly allies have promised to release a wealth of information regarding events of the last few years. We are resolved to go even further and, with the help of the Anunnaki, to explain thoroughly the last 13 millennia of your history. This will enable your new governments to prosecute the individuals, groups and corporations who have befouled your world. It will mark an end to this prolonged rule by earthly minions who defied the wishes of their former off-world masters, and those of Heaven, to transform this dark, earthly realm, thus enabling the creation of a new, abundant age upon your world.

      These actions will allow every major corporation on your world to be re-chartered. These events will also yield a whole new series of benevolent enterprises that are equipped with new technologies to clean your environment. And, as mentioned in previous messages, we have every intention of embarking upon the transferal of a number of our technologies to complement those you yourselves have developed. This new environment will be augmented by a formal declaration of peace on the part of your world's governments. As another step toward peace, we will disarm all nuclear weaponry and supply suitable replacements for all nuclear-powered electrical generation facilities on your world. The ever-formidable nuclear genie will be returned to its bottle. In its stead, we will introduce the age of magnetic and Light power to your world. Its energy is non-polluting and will revitalize your life, rather than detract from it.

      This golden time will indicate the point when two great nations - the cetacean nation and the inner world of Agartha - will join you. We have been working with both to arrange a swift transition for all. In this universal moment, your xenophobia regarding your own uniqueness will cease. Another sentient Being will be officially recognized and the exact nature of your planetary guardianship painstakingly explained. The ruling council of Agartha wishes you to know that they gladly await the time when they will interact with you. They carry with them a full history of your world that begins before the rise of Lemuria. These great Beings long to express their compassion by resurrecting the ancient pillars of this world - the many water temples that supported the antediluvian firmament. The return of this firmament will be the exalted sign that Mother Earth is about to don her new clothes.

      When the time for the 'Earth changes' arrives, you will be ready for your metamorphosis, following which you will be transported to your subterranean residences. Remember, dear Ones, that these places are the objects of your desires and that they are inter-dimensional in nature. That is, they are not cavern worlds, but specially-prepared dwellings where you will complete your return to full consciousness. As fully-conscious Beings, you finally will remember your true purposes and create a supremely unique and satisfying galactic society. Your galactic society will maintain this solar system and make a number of much-needed contributions to the unveiling of this Creation. Heaven applauds you, and wants you to know that this process has already begun. The glorious events that we have described herein are truly unfolding. Those involved are diligently manifesting it in a most divine, sacred way.

      These events are part of the process that Heaven has conferred upon you. This divine edict allowed you to fall into the dark realms of limited consciousness, but promised that, at a pre-ordained time, all of you would be returned to full consciousness. This is that divine moment. It has taken you thousands of generations to reach this magical era. The coming Golden Age marks the end of your limiting circumstances and allows you, as physical Angels, to resume your sacred path. You have waited a very long time to set foot on that path. Many individuals and secret groups have fought hard to enable you to achieve this resplendent victory. Their revelation blesses you by transforming the dark karma that has bound you to this reality. Know in your hearts that Heaven's transcendent deliverance of you is at hand!

      Today, we have briefly discussed the events that are unfolding. We ask you to remain totally focused and utterly committed to your long-anticipated victory. Grasp the immensity of the heavenly forces that are seeking your liberation. This is the momentous time that we all have patiently awaited! We now take our leave. Blessings, dear Ones! Know in your Heart of Hearts that the unending Supply and unceasing Abundance of Heaven is yours! So Be It! Selamat Gajun! Selamat Kasijaram! (Sirian for Be One! Be Blessed in Love and in Joy!)

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