Where's Annabel?

Annabel is dead, and is now replaced full time by her Evil Doppelganger, who is incredibly bored with the entire concept of Annabel, and would prefer to do something different for a change. From her shallow grave, Annabel would like to thank her fans for all their love and support all these years, and to let them know that she will never forget them.

In that case, what is this Evil Doppelganger up to nowadays?

The ED is a diabolical yuppie who is working as a web developer and consultant. She specializes in ASP and .NET with C#, Database Development and also does web design. While the divine Ms Chong was busy doing her Annabel thang, the ED was surreptitiously going to computer boot camp to pick up some skills, so that she can permanently kill off Annabel Chong and begin her new life of peace and relative obscurity. Now she is making a pretty decent living being a horrible geek and all that, proving that there are second chapters in American life, to hell with F Scott Fitzgerald.

I would like to buy an autographed copy of the documentary. Where do I go?

Easy.click here

Whassup with that chicken?

Beats me. That has left everyone totally flummoxed.