On September 8, 1965, James Madison Junior-Senior High School was formally opened for 2003 students, 793 of whom were Senior High School Students. By the end of 1967, Madison Junior-Senior High had reached an enrollment peak of 2700. In January of 1968 the Junior High School Population was transferred to the newly-opened Dick Dowling Junior High School, and at that time James Madison became James Madison Senior High School. In the fall of 1981 the school population of Madison was extended to include the ninth grade; the enrollment during that year reached a peak of 2236.

In the fall of 1965 the faculty and students of Madison were welcomed to their beautiful new school by the Principal, Mr. Arthur D. Herring, the Assistant Principal, Dr. Dale H. Perkins, and the Dean, Mrs. Rosamund Glosup. These original administrators, teachers, and students, along with members of the community, determined the policies for the new school and decided upon such matters as the selection of the Marlin as the school mascot and the school colors of blue and white with red.

Mrs. Carrie R. McAfee assumed the the duties of a principal in 1974 after Mr. Herring’s retirement from HISD. Her appointment as the first black female principal of a senior high school set an important precedent for the Houston Independent School District. Mrs. McAfee remained at Madison until 1989.

Mrs. Ada T. Cooper was assigned as principal in 1989. In July 1992, she became HISD’s Director of Grant Writing.

Mr. Warner D. Ervin, former principal of Ryan Middle School, assumed the duties of the principal at Madison in July, 1992. Madison became a magnet school for Meteorology and Space Science in 1995 with a (partnership) with channel 2. In 1997 Madison received a grant from our business partner, General Electric for $250,000 for a College Bound Program.

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