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Adobe acquires technology assets of Syntrillium
Dear Syntrillium customers,

Syntrillium announced today that it has reached an agreement to sell its technology assets to Adobe Systems Incorporated. We wanted to write a quick note to you, our customers, to share some details about what is happening and answer some questions you may have.

Obviously, the main question is what will happen with Cool Edit. Adobe is acquiring Cool Edit because they like what it is—a powerful, easy-to-use audio software package—and how well it complements their current product line. Syntrillium and Adobe share a common vision of the future of desktop audio and we are all very much looking forward to further development of Cool Edit.

Now, for some specific questions:

Q: What happens to people who just bought Cool Edit Pro or buy Cool Edit Pro before the transition is complete?
A: Don’t worry. If you have recently bought, or are planning to buy, Cool Edit Pro, you will be taken care of. In fact, all current Syntrillium customers will be treated as Adobe customers for the purposes of whatever updates might be made available. Plans are not finalized yet, but Syntrillium and Adobe both want to make this transition as smooth as possible for all Cool Edit users.

Q: What is happening with support and customer service?
A: For now, Syntrillium is still doing all of the support and customer service, just like always.

Q: What will happen to the Syntrillium user forums?
A: Everyone here and at Adobe is concerned about keeping the Cool Edit community alive and well. One of the great things about Cool Edit is the group of users who gather to help each other and talk shop. We do not know what the specific plans will be regarding all of our community elements, but in the coming months we will be working to keep the community intact.

Q: How long will the transition take?
A: Specific timeframes and plans have not been decided.

Q: What about Cool Edit 2000, Red Rover, and the shareware?
A: All of them are still for sale from Syntrillium, and the long term plans for these products have not been finalized.

Q: When will Adobe release a Cool Edit version? How much will it cost? What will the upgrade cost? What features will it have? What will it be called? What color will it be? Will it do my laundry?
A: As always, it is our policy not to comment on the status, dates, features, or color of future releases.

We know that there are still a bunch of questions in all of your minds. Please remember, though, that there are some things we can't comment on, and many others that have not been decided yet. As we move forward, we’ll do our best to make sure that we share what is happening. Also, our sales and support staff will not be able to answer more questions about this. They don’t have any more answers, and more importantly they still have their jobs to do!

Thank you so much for your support as a Syntrillium customer. We should all look forward to great things for Cool Edit!

--The Syntrillium Team

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