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disclaimer: i apologize for nothing. i believe mind (not necessarily yours) creates energy & matter and as much as this is labeled by the majority as idiotic, i think i'm believing it well, because it allows me to be happy here & now. read from the bottom up, time is irrelevant here. leave if it fills you with hate.

note: if you dig deep enough & on many levels you will find nothing. read now!

2003-02-15 - 8:55 a.m.

> bold t-shirts <

i am fascinated by
messages that scroll
past me on people's
t-shirts. the other

day one was proudly
advertising the popular
slogan: "got evil?"
finally someone who

could appreciate the
finer points in life,
i thought, so i pulled
the baseball bat from

my backpack and applied
about a kiloton/second
of impact to his left
knee cap. judging by the

noise & squirming that
followed, i think he
was very pleased with my
level of appreciation.

*note: yes, it only
happened in my head.


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