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odom7rays like a bird...he loves to fly away
odom7btw tight4lif had real g/f...she just had internet and gave me aim for my german homework so i told everyone...shes a real person in his city not an online g/f. NOT like i like tight4 anymore because he acts scandaless but he had a g/f with nice boobies
jester..quas has no life...
sud/adorremember me
xMMk2xAnd if any of you are wondering how the old Nod expansion went... you kept power to a minimum, just enough, but it takes too long to build to make excess. Don't build so many advanced, I can't even remember the build order though. Anyway, keep the sams spread out, usually 3-5 around the base - make a group of 10 rockets right from the start, split into two groups of five, and make 10 more later on after yer second refinery. Build a third ref. later and sell it. Use groups of 3 artillery, usually 9 total, and spread them out. Use your rifle (light battle infantry, blah) and spread them out -all over- outside after they send the scouts to stop any EMP rush. Artillery will hopefully be in range to destroy the base, if not, yer screwed.

Anyway, rocket infantry usually kill off the carry-alls and disruptors that do land - if not, this is where the expansion comes in. You should have expanded to the next tib. field with power plants - and you should have two (or even three if you did a wide expansion) EMP cannons of yer own to stop a Titan rush or disruptors - this is crucial, incase one gets knocked out and so you are covering every part of yer base so yer artillery can kill it off and rockets can get there.

Get another cyard quickly and expand either left/right or top/down - don't go to the middle, that's stupid, cuz than you have to cover both sides inside of just the left/right or top/down.

Well... this was THE original Nod expansion, I really don't care if any of you disagree - I started it, Innacurate picked it up when I quit - and I know it doesn't work today, but there are so many spin-offs now days, not to mention cheats, gees...
xMMk2xYa bastard newbies - I started the fucking Nod Expansion, and I only played for 4 months before I quit and played Nox (Feb. 2000).

XtrmForce - I watched him play from the beginning when he really did suck... and he improved very fast over those weeks. He is one of the best GDI players, ever. He's the only GDI player that I didn't beat, cuz we called a draw.

ICEJeremy was good, Mooo was good - and I gotta say, TJ and Tony were the best team.

I'd even say SubZero was good cuz he kept playing on and on when he never made it to the top.

I never made it the top, closest I came was #2 in clan in Oct. of 99 - but I only played Nod vs GDI, 1 on 1, Terrace, and I did that cuz I won.

I started the damn expansion... and Innacurate followed me, so he's #2 for Nod on my list.
Poshok,we stop it...don't wanna argue about bs!btw:i searched in icq for ppl of your village and I found many!from Greene also,LOL!!could tell you the names on the phone..
insyder19how about we stop taling about it, cos u wont understand it cos u dont want to
Poshyou have a big fantasy!!it's bs!!
insyder19if i wont know im right, i would say you are probably right. well, i know i cant be wrong.
kill2wicelol2ray Xtrms pb fetish heh
PoshI understood it....ok,I made a bad example,sorry!I actually wanted to say that you&anne CAN'T know each other so well!!It's Einbildung!!
insyder19u didnt understand what iw as talking about
PoshYes it is!!some only children are bored and tell others they've got sisters and brothers.My neighbour told his friend that Luisa and me are his sisters...
insyder19is it?
PoshThat's a bit ill of you two with sister and brother,lol!!
insyder19u prob dont know that shes my sister. ask her

fake=not real
PoshItaly is as beautiful as the other countrys!!The boys there are really hot!insy:you could dream,that Ann is your sister,coz she isn't!!!So explain me,what's a fake of??
insyder19and why should i dream?
insyder19thats one
poshitaly is a gay country
Poshinsy:What's a fake of????I don't know,what you mean!
insyder19thats definetly a fake of posh
Poshinsy:dream on!!
insyder19shes my sister
insyder19yo sup babe heh...wtf hab nix auf lol-ehrlich...
hab wirtschaft und sport morgen...

u call me today baby ok

ans everyone stfu, no shes not my gf
AnnHello dear friends!I love this language very much,but french is betterwaldi?what are you doing?you have to do your homework quicklyI will phone you this evening and ask if you have done itmany greets and best wishes!your queen Ann
insyder19wtf u guys are taling about i said shes not my gf, ok?
Rayi agree with k2, having a net gf is almost as lame as XtrmForce's paintball fetish
Poshinsyon't tell kill so many things about me...He has maybe problems,when he doesn't like girls,lol!!Tomorrow,I'm going out for lunch with Anne.Ich lasse klingeln,when I'm back.Then you could call me.Inna showed me a photo of Michael R.,LOL!!!!
insyder19yo...wtf lol

1. shes not my gf...
2. shes really a girl and is living near hannover...shes 17 almost 18 her name is laura etc etc etc...

i just thought it would be funny if she post here...i guess you dont like it heh...anyway kill whats join pw lol
Poshkill:ok,you live your life,I live my life,right???
cncsturmne ich bin perfekt daher weiss ich nicht wie es ist mit fehlern zu leben
kill2wicewhat are you doing on the fuckin internet sweet talking people, cause u cant in real life..no offence or anything but thats the way i look at it, i dont want nothing to do with any guy pretending to be a girl or a girl thats on a game.
Poshkill/ace:I wanna make something clear:I'M NOT insyder's girlfriend!!!!Neither in the net,nor in real!!!Stop saying stupid things!!!
Poshcncsturm:Manche worte fallen uns nicht auf englisch ein!!Ist dir das noch nie passiert??
aceROFL bad boy insy has a net girlfriend....oh dear oh dear
kill2wicenothing agaist you insyd, just i think its dumb when people have internet girlfriends n shit like tight4lif...
cncsturmwas bringt dieses englisch-deutsch mischmasch?
PoshDon't know,where you can ask,but you don't have to.I believe you,dass du abgeschickt hast!Gay Post,lol!Yes,kill is an enemy of women!!!!!!
Plz don't tell Anne things that I tell you,when I'm angry.Werde dich nicht mehr in mein/unsere Probs einweihen!So you don't have to worry!!I don't say anything more about Anne that i'm a bit pissed off!!!
insyder19lol@kill...btw posh, kill is gay and he prob doesnt like girls heh

wtf i sended 2 fucking letters...what bullshit...schwule post wtf wo kann man da anrufen und nachfragen?
kill2wicegirls on ts, thats pathetic , i want nothing to even do with it, thats almost as pathetic as baf.
Poshinsyder:you know that we don't want you to give others our numbers,k????I STILL HAVEN'T A LETTER FROM YOU!!!!!Sicher,dass du Freitag abend 2 Briefe abgeschickt hast???Anne got her letter,yesterday!!!!
insyder19kill, wanna have her mobile??? shes a girl and from italy heh
PoshHey kill2wice!!So you don't know,who I am,eh?Present yourself,please!!!Cya!
kill2wicePosh =?
PoshHi!It's a pity that you can't come,but it's not your fault!I wouldn't be angry bout it,like Anne would be!Inga is not at home for the whole day!Did you hear her anrufbeantworter??????
I'll phone Anne now!!I've asked my mum and she said:"No,no letter for you!"Maybe tomorrow!Yes,I know that the person who wants to call you or Anne or me,think that nobody's at home!My grandmother often tried to reach my dad,yesterday,lol!!!

WTF NO LETTER?? did anne get my letter? wtf!

we prob cant come to the street parade sorry...
Poshinsyder:So,where do you want to talk?Inga tried 3 times to reach you!Then,she was to tired,lol!!I just came home!Didn't receive a letter from you,must be here....What do you do today??
insyder19wtf fucka is aim any good?? cos icq sucks really hard...

where can i dl damn aim???
quas go dl msn fucka lol
darkq, gab warns just about everyday to numerous amounts of people.. he=gets excited over warning
quaslol guys listen to this....i got on aim and baf babbles some shit to me then i told him to not talk to me and blocked him...then his loserself goes and warns me. heh...who the fuck warns
quaslol i do have aim anod not icq or msn so download aim bietch
steforlmao at that baf-character
insyder19quas, tell me your icq or msn number...add me at msn=insyder19@t-online.de or icq=insyder19
dont tell me you use aim lol
new is on vocation right now i think...he will come back also...will be a great clan

kill whats join pw fucka talk to me eh

i owned des noone else did !!
L0rdy2kMy girlfriend is SO FUCKING UGLY!!:
kill2wicebaf is just pathetic nothing else to it, who has the energy to ask every day for 3 weeks bug and bug, not take no for an answer...ask megaf0rce, whenw e were tyrign to clan he got on 40000 diffr names i had to keep banning him all i would hear before each ban is either 'LEMME IN BROTHA", or WAIT K2' lol..for 20 minutes striahgt, thats not pathetic?, i dont get how some1 can want in a clan when not 1 person likes him NOT 1
quaso yea...k2 baf told me im turning into nasa too lol....and he also begged me just about everyday to let him join brotha since k2 told people i was in charge of the clan lol.
he also called me a newb and told me he was better than me but still begged me after he said that like he has a better chance of joining now. baf i suggest u just dont post anymore of ur 1 page posts cuz that just adds to u having no life
quasinsy ive been playin for a couple of months now..and if u come back yea we'll make a clan. i dont check this site much only when im extremeley bored i check it out so if i dont respond for a day or 2 i probly didnt even check.

kill2wiceray stfu 'bird' LOL
cncsturmme/ hi kill2

a uber penis doubleyou tee eff!
Rayloves and kisses

Rayk kill, u uber cock
kill2wiceand whas this i see, ur telling des you raped him too..LOL, ur shit just goes on and on doesnt it, i know for a FACT des would rape u from tl. btw ray: i can answer my own questions ty..lol
kill2wicebaf,LOL jesus fucking christ,holy shit do you lie, dont tell me im turning into nasa either, if anyones turning into nasa its you. your so full of fucking shit, if im such a newbie baf and u own me and such, THEN WHY did u bug me for 3 weeks straight 'kill lemme in bortha, plz bro, plzz,) EVERY DAY FOR3 WEEKS STRAIGHT, i dont get it baf, im a newb andu wnat in that damn bad?, btw dont give me this shit come visit Uk, cause you know ill never meet you, and u should be FUCKING GLAD.

start posting here from now on so people cant fake etc

Rayno he wouldny insy hehe, k2 let me in brotha then kicked me =( ne ways.. k2 is presenting a stronger case here, he owns u baf sorry to say , but its true
f1ref0xbaf u dced me, then took free wins from aemina
insyder19lol, baf you see how many ppl like you right?
go play kill 1v1 go do it...you will die in 10 mins...or go play me COMMON PLAY ME I WASNT ON FOR ONE YEAR PLAY ME! ill own your fucking ass. and common play me 2v2 me and justin vs you and someone else...vs you and lord. i guess lord wont even play with you cos hes sick of your bs. baf you cant even build fast wtf you think you are.

and baf...noone let you in clans...if i would ask kill to let me in his clan...he will give me join pw...

kill lemme in heh
dropdasopwhy is it no1 likes u baf?
ScReeeeaMROFLMAO k2 u know i cheat "for a fact" ??
prove it

and i was on -Mist when i asked you go get on brotha, hardly unranked is it
and k2, im the kind of person that makes TS bad? yeah good job, at least i don go around saying people cheat when they dont, if imma call someone a cheat then i do it because they cheated me, and if you can provide proof to show that i have cheated you in any way (other than just beating you) then fine, but have fun faking the pic cos its just simply not possible to hold a pic that i have cheated in, and as for the lame threat, dude, if you live in Uk give me ur address and i will pay you a visit, say hi etc, give u the chance to try and hit me or whatever ur lil ass would wanna try to do it dont bother me lol

"heart told meu send him a bunch of cheats and you use those cheats regularly"

k2, seriously, just by saying that, your arguement goes from a load of bs to a complete load of lame bs, i dont cheat, grem knows i dont cheat, yet you try to flog it off as true lol, show me where he said this, surely you took a screen shot right..lets get grem on here and see if he agrees that he said it, or k2, are you lieing again, you gonna turn into another nasa ? cos thats the way you are going..
Destroy3rLOL @ this omfg 4-0 were did that come from?
I played him once when i was drunk.. it was a ffg i said i was drunk but he said play anyway and i lost. He counts that as his win?
And then another when i beat him he said i emp glitched him when i have ss showing that i have 2 emps in my base which refutes his whole story. ANd he counts that as a win..
The time he did beat me was when i switched from my old comp to my new one speed was 3 times faster no lag etc and it was my first game back. These arent real wins if i had time to get used to my comp etc it would be different. DO u know how hard it is to get used to fast comp from a slow laggy one. ANd those game i was on a shit comp desk with keybourd under moniter and mouse just a bit to the right.
My middle game is far better than urs baf and when i get all my shit sorted here mouse etc we 1v1.

ON the kill2 1v1 thing kill2 nod would beat u maybe not his gdi but hes a nod player so who gives a fuck about his gdi.
LOL @ this omfg 4-0 were did that come from?
I played him once when i was drunk.. it was a ffg i said i was drunk but he said play anyway and i lost. He counts that as his win?
And then another when i beat him he said i emp glitched him when i have ss showing that i have 2 emps in my base which refutes his whole story. ANd he counts that as a win..
The time he did beat me was when i switched from my old comp to my new one speed was 3 times faster no lag etc and it was my first game back. These arent real wins if i had time to get used to my comp etc it would be different. DO u know how hard it is to get used to fast comp from a slow laggy one. ANd those game i was on a shit comp desk with keybourd under moniter and mouse just a bit to the right.
My middle game is far better than urs baf and when i get all my shit sorted here mouse etc we 1v1.

ON the kill2 1v1 thing kill2 nod would beat u maybe not his gdi but hes a nod player so who gives a fuck about his gdi.
f1ref0xi volunter to watch!!
Acerofl @ baf

nice excuses..now play k2, have some1 watch if u must u bitch....
and we dont even want to hear the "ive already proven myself" excuse u so dearly love
f1ref0xbaf u counted the one where dest "emp glitched u" as ur win?
kill2wice1 vs1 me baf..serious we ll play 2 games, well see who owns who stupid fuck
kill2wiceLOL.omfg are u full fo shit, btw dont give me this shit (oh i dont wanna 1 vs 1 u k2, i dont wanna emabress you)...lol i smell an excuse..and when u ask to play me on brotha when u got an unranked clan, u can lick my bnalls, causei know for a fact u map,heart told meu send him a bunch of cheats and you use those cheats regularly,btw dont say ur not on msn or nothing CAUSE EVERY SECOND u page, 'lemme in brotha bro lemme in 'UR FUCKING PATHETIC, all i gotta say, and lets 1 vs1 u stupid lying bitch, its kids like you who ruin ts, and make me go nuts, ur FUCKINGLUCKY I DONT KNOW WHO YOU ARE
ScReeeeaMlol k2 very full of youself but the stats show you suck when you play me, and why would i want to 1on1 you again, it would only embarrass you more, so its not really worth it, its much more fun watching you get mad when you know you suck.
and explain to me, you play for brotha vs newb clans etc, but then as soon as me and my mate get on, u get on d0ctor to play us and wont get on brotha to play..your excuse is because brotha have 100pts more, ok so what?
people only make that excuse when they know they are gonna lose..and the reason i wanted u on brotha is so i get more pts when we win. Still, its useful knowledge that you are scared.
In 1on1, yes i know who will win, but its not who you think, because even tho i hate 1on1, and im not the best 1on1 player, i am better than you, and hence the last 3 1on1's i won (obviously as well, not luck like when u played me nod v nod, when in the end you died to, in the other 2 when i was gdi it was a conclusive raping) and in the last god knows how many 2on2's, u aint beaten me, i still know i will beat you just as i beat dest 4-0, but k2, 2on2 is where it lies, and yet you never challenge me to 2on2, and when you do you wont get on brotha

and dude, is the best you can up with calling me "pathetic" and to "get a life"
dude its only the socially deprived who say that as they are speaking from experience, and just because my msn is online..it doesnt mean i am on the computer, i leave it on, and when i get dsl my comp will be on 90% of the time cos imma network some computers up and run it off a server which will be on my msn so, you're gonna get bugged, cos everytime u come on ur gonna get im'd (isnt vb wonderful ), so while you try and piss me off and try and insult me, i suggest you sit down, take a look at yourself, and then take a few anti-depressants and take those big steps outside. there is a whole world outside there k2, but its a pity none of them want to know you...
acewhy i always have to write shit and say it wasnt me?
aceyeah fuck off i didnt write that
unionismhmm..all i know is this thread is the worst english ever
kill2wcebaf, 1 vs 1 me anytime, i know u wont btw, u know who will win, AND DO UR SELF THE FAVOUR by going outside for once in your life, for the last 2 weeks, kill lemme in botha' EVERY day 24 7,

ill go out and come back later on ill have 100 msns, ur fuckin pathetic man, go get a life, let alone stop talking shit. quit thinking ur a good player man, and qit bugging me to join my clans cause u aitn joining EvER.
lubewhy dont we make a seperate channel for insy and baf to argue there??
ScReeeeaMinsy i was talking to k2 after the one line which had "insy" on, thats it...so half the bs u wrote to me i aint gonna read

lord, its my eng bo, your bo is similar but u goto disr and only have 4 harvs..i have 5 and get disr same time, its all worked out, when to start making things and how many inf to build, its timed precisely and one too many men and it wont work etc, but it is a modified version of your bo i will give you that
l0rdy2kBaf whose engy rush bo is it???????? Dont forget that thnk u.
insyder19sup quas bish, how you doing man?
you prob will come back to ts??? next month...with atom? we could make a great clan...think about it nigga
insyder19wtf psyche? i was never i psyche...
scream i was off one year...wtf twc??
me and cns played for rap...we never lost i think...but i remember how i won vs cns

baf...i had alive rap inst godz merge crew etc etc etc...

i remember when me and quas really OWNED EVERYONE...same as with new...

baf now tell me...you ever been in any top clan?? you were...but why??? cos your skills??? no...just cos you keep talkin and tlakin and talkin so ppl let you in and you dont even play for that clan just your in and think you win if the clan wins...i remember you had a clan with 3 ppl...me and justin wanted to play you and max...you left and said foxer play with max vs us and you go play with another mate...HOW??? 3 MAN CLAN DUDE LOL

so dude...im not saying you suck...or something like that but listen up man...everyone keep talking shit about u like you suck...how many talk shit about me??? dachs...ok they dont count...they hate me heh...

just stop acting like your the man cos your not...im neither...

baf...when i met you the first time i liked you...you didnt talk bs but now...

and one thing....you got much clans in top ten by raping newbs...we played sharks mutiny...etc

i remember me and new played only mutiny and moon cos everyone were scared to play us...(sharks didnt play us after we won 2 times vs them, they said we lag, well we did, but why did mutiny play us, they won often vs us, when i got dsl i played sharks and i won =)

cnscheuerhm scream i dont remember this game but could be true
i got raped many times but mostly i raped
who cares ^^
ScReeeeaMgrays is an easy map to play, and i only played it like 3 times, but won everytime - normally to be reconned or dc'd on when its over

insy 4 clans in top 10 in 5 months..thats good ?
i've had 4 clans top 10 in 1 month, 3 in the top 5 (Imagin Bed, and another - with biggy and l0rd) k2, the only time i have beaten you?/

think back to when you played for psyche, u and cns played vs me and fatty, and after cns surr (he got raped and so did u) u dc'd...i got pics :|
then think to the TWC, me and dite played u and mega, who won ????
and then we had our 3 1on1's you beat me nod v nod i beat you twice gdi v gdi - so what if i eng rush..you tried to disr rush, why is engy rushing so lame ?? its a tactic, my own bo, its a good tactic, but it was a pity you had to pretend to be Q, cos when people name hide on other peoples nicks i normally win (i think back to the tiny0ne era when ism and twig 1on1'd me about 8 times under his nick and lost every one..)

so why is it "a joke" if someone puts me in #2 and stef in #9 ??
f1ref0xso few ppl around now only gray newbs, but o well, they're free points
Gabsnip3 / gLnntonicGrays 3 vs 3 speed mod = the gay.
quaswhat up insy
Megaf0rcegrays 3on 3 is an awesome map.
kill2wiceim reading some of your top tens and holy christ WTf U GUYS ON?!,1 of them ithas stefor in 9th and baf in 2nd ..LMFAO , now thats a joke.
Thechron1You are right union, i guess my top 3 "gay" players are tony something, v3nom, and some other newbie name. I forgot how to spell it.
unionismwell since ts has basically died and has been taken over by the grays 2v2 3v3 newbars..i say that we are not the top players nemore..that honor goes to the majority the gays i mean grays players^^
insyder19baf how could i suck when me and new won the ladder...???
and how could i suck if i had 5 clans in top ten 4 month in row???
baf...listen...justin wont page me and call me if he thinks that i suck...would he? lmao baf...

kill: i was off one year pff...coming back next month...kill come back too i need a win vs you..(your nod, and the only nod vs which i never won
lubewell, you certainly can be good 2v2 and not 1v1...im good 1v1 on terra but i suck 2v2 so i ffg to practice. ts is dieing so i gotta move to terra from ff
Thechron1Yes, stef that was dumb... Your nod used to own all. Especially with your missile hack~~
Thechron1Woops i knew forgot someone, Dest you top 5 on my list ~~
kill2wicesigh stefor, whyd u move to gdi?, ur nod was a steady best in ts..
kill2wiceinsyder where u been for 8 years?
kill2wiceomfg des, well said lol...1 vs 1 = your skill vs some1 else, i dont get it either 'i play 2 vs 2 only'
kill2wiceim talking about baf btw
kill2wicewtf, insy owns you, but anyways baf u apc eng rushed me the only tiem u beat me..lol you guys wnana hear pathetic ..i cant log on msn without hears MASS pages 'can i join bortha' EVERY day this has went on for 2 weeks...another time me and megaf0rce were trying to have a clan game, we kept banning him and for 20 mins striaght hed get on different nicks and say 'WAIT' just before he was banned.
ScReeeeaMya but insy you suck..even newbel admits it ;P
mammy2k1So the votes are in teh top player is me, Ofcourse
insyder19chron your list sucks im not in lol

baf you really wanna say your better then kill??? your stoned?

even i lost vs kill lol so dont tell me you won wtf
ScReeeeaMall the 1on1's we had ?!?!??!!??!

the only 1on1's i remember were recent ones, be not playing 1on1 often enough..

we played a nod v nod, i was TL u br u won, but only cos u had more pads at the end heh
then weplayed gdi v gdi i beat you
and then we did gdi v gdi when you name hide on Quas's nick (cos Q was obviously scared to 1on1 me) and i raped you

these 4 in a row 1on1's you are talking of happened when..?
Destroy3rThere are alot of good players but my question is how can u be good at 2v2 but not 1v1..
Unless u always have a wicked m8 who carrys all the games i mean if ure sucessful at 2v2 and same level as ure m8 i cant see how u cant be good at 1v1. If u can d in 2v2 u can certainly d in 1v1 and sometimes u are doubled in middle in 2v2 and survive but in 1v1 its easier less pressure etc.
I dont understand when people say 'im a 2v2 player'. Ok teamwork comes in to it but are u saying that the only way u can kill someone is by doubling them? 1v1 players have to kill them on there own. Bit confused about that but hmmz post ure opinions
Thechron1Kill, i wrote that post like 3 weeks ago. It just happened to be that they put this topic back up. I would put you ahead of blue at the current time. ~~
kill2wiceLOL @ baf, i suck, who won the 4 1 vs 1 s we had in a row, who won ALL of them. cunt lips
kill2wicelookin at some of these pics LMFAO,fatboyeno = gothic..LOL
kill2wiceerm chron, just yesterday i beat foxer from tr AS nod vs a gdi who did inf titans disr,i dont mean to brag or anything, but foxer got increibly mad not knowing who i was, only reason im saying
Thechron1Top 10 current players
1. Killerkg
2. Matze
3. Bluefoxer
4. Kill2wlce
5. Dachzeige
6. Destr0yer
7. Newbelief
8. Atombombu (because i havent seen him play in a long time)
9. Megaf0rce
hilemanstop saying stuff about me Please
like i trained mooo thats bullshit ok
Stop faking peoples name and for u people who think i fake peoples names i dont really ever post here
hilemanalc i dont cheat now
sorry bout when i did
f1ref0xi didnt say that
AlcLMAO at anyone who thinks hileman is a ledgend I have beat him then been cheated so many times... even when I sucked lol
f1refoxare hilemen and stefor the only legends that still play ts?
scarabbtw lol scheuer u sexy fruityogi!!

Junl0r btw was also a legend.
He left when he got harvie hunted though, strange.....
scarabheh sub used to ban me saying
'not in the mood for a scarab game right now'
Cautloni heard that hilemen trained moooocoww and xtrmforce in the first two months of ts secretly.
cnscheuerdamn namehidder, u noob dont have a clue what i ment to beat xtrm and mooo at this time... you just started to play ts and maybe knew how to use a ruptor and they already made in the first month of ts things most dont no bout them yet.. so dont act like it was not good at this time... they already played the expanding style first few month of ts when every1 made 3 rpgs at start... i guess those ppl who dont played at this time should stfu coz they dont know shit
Question"me and azos beat him and xtrm i think a total of 2 times" you want a prize for that? oops, i forgot to mention how many times they owned u, 1000 or 2000?
steforsubzero: 2 bad you kicked me, tank, scar, drako, chron, bombu etc out of ur 2v2 clangames all the time. "engs are gay"
molajatxomg u got top 10 all wrong...

2 many ts players 2 many good onces so i cant give any1 numbers... besides there loads of good player who beat each other..^^

good ts player of top 10 can beat me, so well c
ScReeeeaM== NEWS FLASH ==

Moooocoww doesnt play anymore
Subzero32well not bad lists guys.. but i have to say the best player and most scary to play was Mooocoww .. im sorry he was a god when TS first started.. me and azos beat him and xtrm i think a total of 2 times.. which was amazing.. they were damnm good team.. and moo just build everywhere... so fast.. imagine if was still playing today.. my god lol

AphrodLteOMG BIGGEST COMEBACK STEF??????? latnem catching up to top rank
heartfulli meant 2on2 player for aph* and i havent seen stef play since he got back but he has always been good, and for me and max playing u and ism, we shoulda won but i fucked up a few times
AphrodLtei suck 1v1 i cannot be considered good 1v1 now adays and that's a fact lol. back in the day i say i was now im strickly 2v2...as u see for --UN-- L0nSt0rmX , aphrodlte
ScReeeeaMstef sux since he got back ??
and if max rapes you and rapes with you
how come me and ism = 2-0 up :P
heartfulli will say top players again since im bored

1. bombu (has always been good, even though i havent seen him play in a while
2. max (rapes me and rapes with me )
3. stef (havent seen play in awhile, but very good)
4. baf (one of my hardest challenges)
5. foxer (good player against me )
6. schaf (very good all around player)
7. dest (great 1on1 player, and getting 2on2 good)
8. sturm (lags...but is very good)
9. newbel (lags also..but is good )
10. aph (1on1 player which has beaten about everyone)
11. ism (about equal as me this month in our games : P)
12. getatthls (good player who wins lots of 1on1s)
13. f1refox (good player who isnt noticed)

unionismum how would u know? its not like you play us..or them? you are just some tourney playing newb
Muscle4uLoL matt u are not better then destroy3r, sturm LOL........
ScReeeeaMinsect cos he dont play :)

i agree with blue
atm, the top players can beat each other, and they can be beaten too
however there are a few who are just a bit better than the other top players, again, there is no #1, maybe there is a top 5 group, but it would be too hard to actually differentiate between each player there, as most wouldnt 1on1 and 2on2 would depend on who they played with

BLUEfoxerism : hmm aside from maybe odom being considered on that list lol it's decent..not the order in which players appear...but as in most of those players are good and for the most part respected as just good ts players

however dite = 1?..i think not

but hmm like i've said quite a few times any1 of these players could beat any other player on that list any day--go through that list and find me a player who hasnt been beat this month -- exactly
ScReeeeaMdite and ism above me..i think not
unionismmega would be up there ahead of me, behind bombu if i ever saw him play?
unionismok, i decided (again) to post my top players, cuz im bored and im a conceited bitch, ok here we go
1. aphrodite
2. bombu
3. unionism
4. baf
5. max
6. foxer
7. dest
8. newbel
9. matze
10. sex4king
11. stefor
12. insect
13. quasar
14. sturm
15. chron
16. ziege
17. dle
18. odom
19. kobe

and i think thats it..everybody either sucks horribly bad or i forgot u cuz i dont play u much or i think u suck
odom7ace...odom and odomsbro beat sharks cuz we r ownage
odom = definent top 10
matix4 on1 even on ff..... i dont think so. Keep dreaming
huhuTraccccee = in top 10 1 v 1 players
HileAce i dont cheat
BLUEfoxer*shoots dumb fuck ice once again in the head*
f1ref0xlol how u beat anyone (even 4 newbs) 4 on 1 on normal map?
itendsn0wmax it could of been FF.....
Maxpovver"raped obi, stefor, stefros and dachziege 4 on 1"

right..... now which mod map was this ?
Kaiyou and ziege back on a game sometime this month i dont remeber the day but all i know is that your m8 reconed becuz my m8 had him with nothing and he dc then after he got a Recon came up so WTF???
BLUEfoxer*shoots dumb fuck ice in the head*
ice4002ice4002 & fux Hi all my best friends here is my top-10

1) TDE (raped obi, stefor, stefros and phil 4 on 1!!)
2) Mariocar
3) Juk19
4) rubber112
6) fdnl2001 (his stats are just great)
7) stefor
8) H0lland
9) Fux29
10) me ofcourse

Best team: Fux29 and Ice4002
Best TS thinker: Stefor (he nearly thinks ts whole day!)
Best medic rusher: defenetly fux29
Best ff team: Ice and fux again (raped champ in 11 mins OMFG

good old time :)
ScReeeeaMer what game and when?
Kaiumm thats why today in game you reconed like 10 mins into game after your team m8 d/c
ScReeeeaMfoo i dont recon..i dont even have the trainer
Kaii like to say BAF = super newb he reconed game today so STFU cheater
BLUEfoxerhey ism instead of laughing how bout giving us that win from last night...considering we had game won and an interal error occured...

not saying it was you who did it...but we had win
ScReeeeaMi just like to take this moment to say kai = super newb
AphrodLte::laughs at foxer::
unionism::laughs at foxer::
f1ref0xlol that was giving me fits
ScarabThe Unknown Solider
---> http://users.pandora.be/p0p0/youare.swf
BLUEfoxer*laughs at ism top 10*
unionismcuz im going to college in august, and no cpu games in college
sex4kingwtf why last month !!!???
unionismthanx sex, next month will be my best ever and smartest, since its my last ever month ill play i might as well kick some ass
sex4kingyea i stole it fomr gab but its true just never said it so i say it again make sre people know your best ;) Rember i played vs you alot when you were good last summer you did lots of smart things with defense my attacks
AphrodLteLo0kalike = cheater he dc's when he loses
f1ref0xwhat he means is...
with the aid of their cheats, they're top 10!!
insectsxhehe i also like fake ace top 10 list
But how can u say someone is good if they have ever used cheats, maybe if someone used recon error once or twice out of anger that maybe i could forgive. But using mini map is totally on purpose from start of game to give unfair advantage, that deserves no respect and is not a good player.
unionismlol @ sex postin gabs remark..we should have new top 10 list..."big penis list" or "who got laid the most" or "who has the most pimples" somethin funny
getatthlsI think people fuckin this post up. You need to clerify Current, Old, and Overall best players or you gonna get some wacked out lists.
f1ref0xheh i like fake ace top 10, its so true
Kaiumm my badz then but who ever it is STFU
sex4kingunionism= one of smartest ts players, just lacked time and dedcation to the game. trust me
darker that last comment was fake... i didnt write that
jester..once again i dont know how many times i gotta say it... q is not top 10 in ts.. get it through your heads peace
Destroy3rwell ure list mist out newbelief and i few other people. A true top 10 is made by the people who play the game alot some of the people u mentioned are no were close to top 10
Kaithat last post was from me i ment to put dark first my badz
darkits my opinion mutha fucka so STFU i didnt ask you if thee far better players its my opinion respect it bitch!
unionismdamn right me aph q = ts owners
quasar--UN-- owning 19-0 rank 17 so far goin for 1
AphrodLteThe Great Return of The Aph! heh --UN-- owning! i already made top?
unionismwell after much thought i decided to post my true top 10 including everybody....

1. bombu
2. aphrodite
3. mega
4. me (unionism)
5. max
6. ziege
7. baf
8. schaf
9. quasar
10. sturm

The Unknown Soliderfrom the language and grammar used, and the knowledge and attitude towards certain individuals, i presume the person in question is Ajw26 or TheL0rd2k, probably Ajw26, since he was in -2R1Y- clan with insect so obviously isnt going to dis him, then there is the dachziege fiasco when it was -2R1Y- month, his clear hatred of stefor and maxpower and cncsturm, he is a person who seems to think he was any good at tiberian sun, but wasnt, he tries to relieve his self asteam by posting irrelevant and pointless messages on this board to make himself feel needed
acelol i didnt write that list but its funny, shok im beginning to think iots u more by the hour, notice how they put stuyrm an asshole when ur the 1 whose been moaning bout him on the board
unionismdark, me and aph = top 5 when we play...easy
Destroy3rrofl @ace list yeah my mini map i was able to get back to original settings when i turned it off rofl
darknice list ace. heh
darksex4king hehe ace your prob top 15 long with foxer odom cns dlte ism and all above average players

id say give dite acouple more weeks and his gay ass will get back in top 10 easy

kai theres far better players than them brothers.. dumbass?
Kaidark or whatever your name thats why i said in no order you MORON read if ya can :P
acemy top10 list:
1. stefor (used to cheat; a fair player now but still an asshole)
2. maxpovver (belongs to the nasa and hile group; his favorite cheat is tech cheat)
3. atombombu (real cool and fair player)
4. sex4king (another real cool and fair player)
5. destroy3r (a mini map player but at least he always remember to turn off mini map first before taking ss)
6. mot (another mini map player; he claimed he only uses mini map on tech 1 games)
7. danchziege (used to use mini map; quit using mini map since insectx discovered he's a mini map player)
8. insectx (no comment)
9. cncsturm (an asshole)
10. odom7 (he and odombro owned sharks last month)
sex4kinghehe ace your prob top 15 long with foxer odom cns dlte ism and all above average players.
Destroy3rmy 2v2 has never been rakned highly cos i have never had a good team m8 and as 2v2 is all about team play then my 2v2 cant ever get good if i dont have a m8 who i have praccyed with..
I would rate bobmu above schaf just cos i think he can handle nod better. Vs just pure gdi i would rank schaf no1 always.
atombombuWell i know one thing, this topic is good to see if u need to improve i guess some of the ppl that dont make lists get pissed!so they spam shit like this " think once u guys stop posting stefor or atombombu in your top ten. they won't put this topic back on top anymore." OBSERVATION my ass, u thinik we repost this topic for our own benfits>? first off im not reposting this 2ndly i dont give a shit whos list im not on or on i dont care! it for u guys not me or stefor so stop assuming thats bs
atombombuthis is the most popular topic there is with almost 600 posts that about 4 times then all other topics
atombombui'm not the one reposting this topic, but i would keep doing it if ppl keep using it , ppl r still posting on it so whats the problem?
odom7odom = top 10 wtf
Observationi think once u guys stop posting stefor or atombombu in your top ten. they won't put this topic back on top anymore.
Panoptic onlookerDon't you get bored of dicussing the same old shit, saying the same old thing? This is just a suggestion, but how about this as topic for discussion : .You get it?
dachziegei only 8? you suck man im best 2 is matze
sex4kingMy top list of players who are active in order :
1- atombombu
2- dachschaf
3- stefor
4- insectx
5- Maxpovver
6- suworow25
7- Newbelief
8- Dachziege
9- destroy3r
ScReeeeaMhmm...why is it whenever hj posts on here, he posts like hes some big bad person, who knows everything there is to know and is a "great" ts player
well, hes not a great player, and he knows fuck all

no offense to grem and get, but how did they get in there?
heartfull..was never good when revolvrrr was around, and get and pshan ??
either pshan is some old player, or its ism, and get aint been "good" for too long...why do you always talk out of ur ass hj?
helljudgewats up yall, havnt been around ts for long time, to many bitches and thuggin goin on, but anyways union is only one that knows wassssssaaa on this shit, u cant repost a best player list over and over, everyone knows who the best players are, and it will never change...no matter how long u play stef u wqont be top5 best ever.,,...soz hehe. anways master of disaster on ts, here they are, no real order.
mot botess
gab redsharky
deleader MoooCoooww
xf stefor
revolverr heartfull
pshan getatthls
unionismdropdasop u obviously have no respect for peoples opinions..like i said what is hard for u may be easy for me...stefor and dest are good and hard but i just have more trouble with newbel..who are u to say who i have trouble with?
unionismit is because i feel they are harder to beat for whatever reason..it doesnt make them "better" overall, it just means i feel they are tougher for me to beat
KaiBaf STFU its my opinion not yours
insectsxehh im not sure i understand what your saying unionism
you saying u wud rather play them(newble and sex) cos they r nicer ppl or because you personally when u play against them, feel they harder to beat than stefor for instance?

This is what i mean also with me being in the top 10. I Totally understand not being in recent top 10 especially how i hardy play at all anymore and i had 2 long gaps of TS. It just annoys me when the odd person puts me in at rank 9 or 10 because i know i am better than the people they have put above me, even now at this present moment. People are judging without playing:P
unionismyes baf..its how good they are NOW..the past means shit
ScReeeeaMk2 is even top 10?
this isnt how good they were..its how good they are, and k2 sux
jester..there goes q... suckin stef off again... yep and dark.. q is definetly not top 10
darkwell heres another one to laugh at

Kai my top 10 (that ive seen ) is:


thats kais list? u put dropdasop and get before k2 and XF?

??? lol?
unionismsect obviously you wouldnt know how i feel about each player...yes i had sex and newbel ranked higher than stef..do i think they are "better overall"? no i dont..however i would MUCH rather play stef and somebody else in a 2v2 than sex or newbel in a 2v2..thats just my personal feeling..what is hard to you may be easy to me, and what is hard for me may be easy for you
darkQ's right, DROP how could u try and say Q isnt top 10 when fro and Q proved they were pretty much a very good 2v2 team.

anyone in there right mind knows fro and Q rocked
quasardam some of u people like drop and some others dont know how ts used to be... callin people newbs and they were never top 10. how the hell would u know u didnt play this game when most people played. tellin people are ranked higher than stef ..now...it doesnt matter now because he is stil one of the top players and won more ladders than u ever played in. and same for all the other good players hes dissed on in the past.
ViewerThe thing that i hate most is cocky bitches who acually complain about what people rank them... nice sports man ship.. and drop higher then k2. HAH drop is uber newber
insectsxurgh why u put me in it?
Either have me where i belong near the top of not have me in it at all and say that it is because i hardly ever play ts anymore
Putting me down in a shit position at bottom is just insult to me, i beat maxpower sex4 dachschaf destr and some others in last few months so to put me in position 9 or 10 is just stupid
urgh i hate making my own list but of All time i would say best 1v1 players on terrace since the start of me playing TS i think
9 and 10)kill2wice/froside

then cncsturm/stefros/destoy3r trialing close behind

2v2 in my opinion is to debatable with who u pair up with but there are the obvious top pairs who were always capable of top spot on ladder like gab/mot , me/stefor etc.

bah post to long
ScReeeeaMespecially since they are above me..
DropDaSopLmao @ union's list, it seems pretty good until newbel gets ranked higher than stef/dest lol.
Kaimy top 10 (that ive seen ) is:


Thats top of my head if i think about it i might not make up my mind there is alot of good players but those are liek best of what i can think of
unionismoh ya..top old players..no specific order
(only the ones ive played against)


unionismaight..well its hard to say who the "top 10" are because it matters what u mean by top 10..u can basically either mean the best players for a clan or the most feared.. i say this because some players just play a shitload of games and win a shitload of points however their "elite" status can just be an illusion..this top 10 are the 10 players that i DO NOT want to play (this obviously doesnt include my usual partners since i cant play them)
(1 meaning i feel confident but im ok if i lose, 10 meaning im gonna punch a wall if i lose, and if ur not on the list then im jumping off a bridge if i lose)
1. bombu
2. mega
3. max
4. sex4king
5. zeige
6. schaf
7. sturm
8. sect
9. newbel
10. stefor/dest/tight
HileGermany in FINAL YEYEYE stupid cheating Koreans fucking the Umpires disaloud like 10 goals against them thats how korea got into the final but Germany didnt have to play any top teams Brazil + OWNAGE vs Germany in final
tibpandabombu, my topics on "how stefor is gay" and "tiberian sun dating service" were all great posts, and you damn well know it
DropDASophow can q not read? I am saying it to his face. I DO NOT THINK U R TOP 10. Don't call me newb, you lost all my respect when you do your d/c games.
atombombutib bcos some topics r just to stupid, u know what i mean:P
AphrodLteposting when u dont even play ts OWNS!
AphrodLteaph = top 4 life!!! lol, ill always be there....
nah....i quit ts though...but ill be back one day........

And own the fuck outta u ppl shitless!!!
ScReeeeaMwhy can he not read it?
his ie gone on strike?
cncsturmso cheap talking about quasar when he cant read this.... dont talk behind ppls back that makes u n00b
aceerm ocne again it aint me postiong on this topic its soem retarded gay so whoever was offended by these fake posts it werent me
DropDaSopI was not dissing Q, he just isn't top 10. Maybe in his prime u could argue, but there are many others better than him now.
DropDaSoplol ray, should have stayed gone newby
dachziegestrange ...
almost anyone posts about himself hehe

"blah blah is good but i beat him so often"

"well if he is top 10 im top5"

"well im 5:4 againbst him im better"

cant you just close this topic?
Maxpovveronly reason germans r in final is cause they had easiest fucking games, and this nod guy u on about is prob Orblivion
Raybtw... i came home yesterday(finally) and went on ts, wtf is up no1 talks and all i see is some newbs where is every1, or does every1 not play ne more... explain!!
RayAgree's with ace's last post

and dont be dissing Q, drop ive seen him play in his prime he was super ts'r rape'r

Best 2v2 player in my opinion is def. k2 or suw

k2 is 1 of those players where u have to be awesome to play with him because he doesnt send help he rapes and is a total pressure keeper,

suw is the same but doesnt speak english , great pressure keeper and owns with titans

best nod 2v2 goes to umm this 1 guy i forgot what his name was in this 1 clan which i forgot the name of also... he did some man rush into 4 banshees and engies cc he was good and then went 0395809385 fucking bans it hink it was schaf
darki think if anyone includes ism as a top 10 player, Q should be also..

jism dont play much anymore and hes not even close to what he was 6+ months...

gab hasnt played in forever also..

q was pretty good when he was with fro
Lo0kaLikeDarn, why my name isn't in top 10 :(

Ok, one freewin 4 puttin me in ur top 10

Lo0kaLike1 v 1 / 2 v 2 Gdi or Nod best Crate racer ever : Cncsturm,

I mean you always been this young don, n/m where u come from (f�ckin germans in final). Much respect for winning all them races ur untouchable.
acethats cuz u suck at ts drop, dont u understand if u get dropped from clans it means u suck
DropDaSopWho is all getting war3? I've been ditched for clans so many times I'm starting to get tired of ts. Anyone switching or going to be spending time on war3?
Lo0kaLikeGdi : Stefor

Nod: Maxpower
Hileya Baf = top player but he is a bit of a smartass LoL
HileWTF is going on i Never wrote that shit WTF ?
DropDaSopI think baf is a top player. Quasarr you are not, same with mattguck, no offense to you guys. Anyways have fun all, I'll be playing in 2 days again. GG dest.
tibpandabombu, ive submitted alot of news and you have YET to let one of mine post, jackass.
ScReeeeaMsure whatever cnc
atombombuim not bringing it up, but right now everyone else doesnt know what to make so its not a bad idea
cncsturmscreeam u own what coming out of my asshole.. our stats are like cncsturm XXXX : baf 3 or something.....
dan3157lol tib, I agree you. This thread has been "recycled" around 7 times so far.
GalacticXI think we should get a international 1v1 like mola said and get the true top ten playas cause there are many diff players that could have a shot at top 10 no
jEsTeR939nah dog... q aint shit and he dont belong in top 50 lol jp faggot, but for real i dont think he does... i dont know what the top 10 would be but it probly would be something close to what everyone elses lol peace stefor you bitch ass nigga... ps. post my god damn pic
tibpandawhy do you keep bringing this extremely gay post up, it was good for awhile, but its gone bombu, give up.
odom7wtf odom copy maxpower bo and rape like sharks wtf odom = 1 of top best nods nugga

suw(only from bl)

matixxtc no offense to mattguck but he doenst belong top 10.
odom7no offense q...but ur not that good...i bet i could beat u now..lol and strum and foxer own ur long and short game
odom7best top 10

1. bombu
2. schaf
3. stefor
4. maxpovver
5. dachziege
6. cncstrum
7. destroyr
8. unionism (will be good...hes just catching up to old performance)
9. megaforce
10. bluefoxer
ScReeeeaMwhy should i list a top 10?
im just lol'n @ q's list being so crap
and explain cnc, why not?
do i own ur ass..yes
xtcforyouoh yes & ace plays sometimes v nice
xtcforyoubest 1vs1

1.)dachzige (4:0 vs me)
2.)dachschaf (8:0 vs me)
3.)stefor (10:1 vs me)
4.) dest (lol 35:9 or so)
5.)maxpovver (15:4 vs me)
6.) insectsx (6:0 vs me)
7.) NewBelief (2:1 vs me)
8.) Alex0019 (10:5 or so)
9.) kobe (3:0 vs me)
10.) mattguck (3:3 or so)

cncsturmscreeaam ur not on any list and i think nobody expect ur assbudys would put u in a top10 list
darkbaf list your top 10 than

ScReeeeaMhow are you top 10 q?
ScReeeeaMwhat a crap top 10 q
Destroy3rrofl @someone faking me
quasar15ok...right now top 10....
AphrodLteyall gon' suffer this year , were here to put that bug in ya ear.... ON MY MOMMA!
AphrodLteand what Nick did i use when u "beat" me secretly on? was it a clan match? and what clan was tis i used????
AphrodLtelol? i havent play nod 1v1 in like 10 months and i never played drako 1v1 in my life on tis game or played you as sayin u were drako...so u probly played some1 who said they were me cause i never played DrakoKgb 1v1
Destroy3ri agree.
Improved Playertip for everyone:use minimap
hileto be a top 10 player, the most important requirement is PLAY FAIR. most people u guys list at your top 10 list are cheaters. i should deserve one spot on the top 10 list
DropDaSopthnx dest for putting me, very few have. I think max and dest are the 2 most improved players. I haven't had a chance to play much lately because I am fixing my comp, but I would like a tryout to someones clan, any offers?
Destroy3rerr i sneaky u and said that i was drako and u said 'OMFG im dlte' and at the end i won in a few mins np and u said i was lucky.~~ be gdi next time and im sure u will see ure luck evaporate
AphrodLteso u cannot honestly say u beat me 1v1 cause i havent 1v1'ed in like 4 months and last time we 1v1'ed u beat me like once and i got like 2 off u
AphrodLtelol? u didnt beat me? i didnt 1v1 u in KGB* all i rem was me owning u 2v2 like 3 times
Destroy3ru remember our last game dlte?
when i was on drakokgb?~~~
AphrodLte$5 says i can still own ne1 of those players 1v1
getatthlsIn the last couple months I think the people who have done the best for clans in 1v1 and are becoming the best are :
Dest(improved tons)

Max(improved tons)

2v2: Bombu and mega and Ziege and schaf
odom7nasa 5 days ago..."i quit ts" LOL
odom7first i'd like to say...mola = reconned me 2wice...i got pics the 2nd time

cncstrum = best 1v1 gdi and best 1v1 nod...old and current...TOP TS PLAYER = CNCSTRUM
nasai used to be the best gdi. i am trying to catch up the skills i got when i was the best gdi.
molajatxy0 stefor : i sugest a international 1v1 ^^ on two maps not just 1--- like evt terra.. make it set then like ff+terra or so on^^(vote for it)--

best nod sex4king lolz.. he is good but i belive im better^^

max good yes...but dunno

well i dunno who best ts player..... i just play for fun and no my skillz
observationhile + Anonymous = hile + hile. LMAO.
hileanonymous, i will train you if u want. if u want to be at my level which of course is hard to reach, u need to play more, play fair, and play smartly.
Anonymousbest 1 v 1 gdi: hile
best 1 v 1 nod: sex4king
best 2 v 2: hile + anyone
u may think i am hile but u r wrong. i am someone who always got owned by hile very bad. he's a legend. i hope i will play as good as him one day.
Destroy3rthats why i said 1v1 gdi cos schaf isnt v good vs nod compared to his vs gdi but i 2v2 has to be mega and bombu
huhwhat are those 3 teams then ziege
Maxpovvernot being a twat ziege but me n matze r 6-5 to me
dachziegethere is one number 1 in 1on1... thats dachschaf.....
tell me anyone whos better than him and able to win a best of 3 or best oof 5 ....
2on2 there r also not that many teams which are really really good... i think all know the teams... at least some of them i think there are... 3 teams..
Destroy3rI would say my top players are with gdi 1v1:

Dropdasop and Getathis:

There are many more and ofcourse my name if for others to put among the list:

For Nod:


Above i have shown my views mainly on my 1v1 as mainly i am a 1v1 player but i have had to expand and now i believe that the best 2v2 team are whoever is on form at the time. U want to prove ure the best u need to practise and prove it to me i know bombu mega, newbel cnc, etc etc are good teams but they need a bit more confidence to say there the best
f1ref0xnobody needs to make site.. we can just use it here
just make new topic eg "ts tourny" and everyone just post who won/lost/washed once they've played, then tally up their own score or whatever.
steforTo the people who are faking in here: ever tried acting like an asshole while looking in ur mirror? If u never did that in ur daily life dont do it on a msg board either k? Very annoying k, thx.
steforCorrect fire, but that's nothing new; point is: Who can make the site and maintain it posting results and stuff when its started.
f1ref0xboth...it's not that difficult.
everyone can just state they want to take part here, then someone works out who vs who (which really wont take much time). round robin/knockout/...? players can then arrange when to play each other & just report win/loss/wash here.
steforsnake has no time to organise it this time, so if anyone here can and wants to do it, please give me a ring. Btw: what do you guys prefer; an international 1v1 or 2v2 tourny/?
f1ref0xthat's not the first time someone has suggested that...but it never happens
molajatxomg some of didnt come..grr
why dont u guys set a tourni we c who make it
could be cool tought :P
molajatxok peeps.. dunno wanna be rude.. but cncstrum u suck lol!
ok roster aint good more maybe.. he dont ts more so understandble...he plays onces or twice every 2nd week rarely.. but roster was good lol especcily on ff when he owned and yall called him cheat for evt money and mapper lol "oldays" when he used "S" lol
steforAllright let me try to adjust my earlier list to recent standings of best 2v2 players;

1) Megaf0rce
2) Atombombu
3) Bluefoxer
4) Dachschaf
5) Suworow25
6) Maxpovver
7) Thechron1
8) Quasar15
9) Getatthls
DropDaSopI wish I could make a list
RaffeltiFor a while(at first year of TS, 2000) Mattguck and Perfectus were unbeatable on Forestfires !
cnscheueri beat roster like 5-6 times in maybe 8 games.. in 4 he reconned me, still got screens of his reconns :)
but ok :)
cncsturmi own y00 mola ur an idiot y00
molajatxBest 10 ts players on my list:
Old top 10

1. r0sterx (my bro) he won all 100%sure, havent seen player who won him fairly yet

2. then me mola
foxeryet people like sturm and newbelief i include also somewhere in the "top 10" it's hard to say alright he's #5 and he's #6...there's quite a few good players who could also go up there

6)mega (once he returns)
7)chron (once he returns)
9)suw (once he returns from rustyness)
10)dest (1v1 ability not 2v2 yet)
acetake the 0 off the 10 and u get 1, of course im 1st
newbeliefthat list is fucked up, cnc sucks!
heartfullback to the subject
top 10 CURRENT players on my list are...
1. bombu
2. sturm
3. max
4. stef
5. schaf
6. foxer
7. ziege
8. des
9. king
10. newbel/ ace1/ insectsx
tibshadowfastest player ever is scar ( of niet josje)
always wanted to be as fast as he was but just couldnt do it :)
Destroy3ri know that was why i was laughing when i got d/.c cos i knew the outcome. But dude think of the game u really think u had the win or even an advatage. u had used bans and missile and had emped my 4 titans which u coudnt kill and u would have had all my titans at u then so no more exp etc for u while i was in midle.
DropDaSoplol dest are you trying to say now that you didn't d/c me 2 x? Because I got the free wins from you for it. And you admitted it to all, but you had "reasons" And you left ton2 when you said lets see who did the r/c, then you logged off and came back on. everyone saw, but you said you had 2hr d/c, how convenient.
insectsxehh lets just leave it aphro hehe:)
AphrodLtewe never played loads in the past....i wasnt good at 1v1'in till like July.2001 and i just rem that one game we played
Destroy3rdrop ok i dont even have a recon trainer on my comp thats why in 2v2 i must d/c i cant wash and in that game there is no way u were winning. U had just failed ure missile and bans and emped 4 of mine so were in for a big titan counter. Anyhow that aside i can rape u check recent moons tats. gl hf and dont think ure anything special
atombombuyeah US was a good clan, thanks ace, i loved it but maybe i went wrong with lettin some peeps in at end of month things i guess fell apart, like kill2wice quit and stuff and ....just not sure somethin went wrong at the end, but things were great and it was an awsome month,i couldnt have as many good friends in a clan who didnt argue, i think i had about 16 members which is hard to keep peace between ppl, but there was some magic in it, thanks for makin US fun guys!
atombombuace cant u c the '?' isnt that a question formated statement, theres the "think with ur head not with ur arse"
DropDaSopRead below about 40 posts where I asked everyone for 1 v 1 . Up a couple dest says sure I'll 1 v 1 clan you but not at gay hours. The truth is. We played 2 times b4 that and he d/c cheat me and he finally gave me my pts 2 weeks later. After that I said nothing because I thought it was cool. Then I find out in ton2 he is telling everyone he can own me and I am a newb so I ask him to play on my IC-GUN nic which is just me and my main "clan". He wouldn't play on Moon nic, but he says he can rape me? I gave him a hard time about that then finally I just played him on his -Mist nic. 30 mins into the game I was nod and he was gdi things started to change. I was killing his refs/ and 2 wars with cc and he couldn't touch me. Then he r/c's me. Dest= one of the biggest cheaters/poor sports on ts now. Those that respect him or put him in your top10 players you are either ignorant, blind, or foolish.
acep.s this site is fucked it jst happened again ^^
acefor soem reason the rest of my post decided not to come up, basically what i said was i didnt mean to imply i thought uw ere cheatign but merely meant surely its dumb to play VS the best clan U ever set up as u put it and beat it when it is u who had worked hard to set it up, man it sounded so much better 1st time but dumb thing dont,

anyway jst seems v dumb to me am i the only 1 who sees this,

acelol bombu think with ur head not ur arse, "so ace u sayin we cheat?:P?????"
atombombudid i ever say u said i cheated, i asked if u were sayin i cheated bcos thats what i thought from what u wrote, and btw i just began a 1v1 clan this week, last time i 1v1 before that was months ago(other then 1v1 ffg's,), and why would u even mention us playin US, what r u tryin to say then??!i cant possibly think of n e thing else why someone post us playin our own clan as if we took free wins or somthin?Mr chef
acedude i ddint say u cheated did i, jesus dude u urself told me u jst 1 vs 1 ffg the other day so dont gimme this crap, if ur 1 vs 1 clannign i shall like 1 vs sharks, ty
but we have played loads aphro in ze past and i can't remember u ever beating me...:P
aceyea i am a bad chef... i cant even make toast
Oldtimapost no. 441
'Insect' not realising that most of the posts where ATM best players at the moment btw he types but dun read
APhrod-hite : blah
atombombuso ace u sayin we cheat?:P?????thats idea im gettin, oh btw get this ace maybe u might wanna read thigns earlier bcos i posted that about 1 week ago and the 1v1s i played were for higher rank do to end of month, gj tryin to stir trouble ur a bad chef
AphrodLtei dont 1v1 and i still play 1v1's???? wtf is so wrong with tat? i just dont really play like 20 1v1's i play maybe 1 every 2 weeks?
acebombu u make me laugh ur such a god damn liar "i dont 1 vs 1 clan i only 1 vs 1 ffg", blatently this is total horseshit since u 1 on 1 clan all the time for warun?? oh and u playing vs ur own clan thats bright as well lol
heartfulldes spoke to soon..
acestop faking my name u fuckers
AphrodLtekinda late reply.... better late then never
AphrodLtelol insectsx i just read your thing the reasn you beat me not to be a excuse or something but u rem i was talking to u when i had the middle my bombrs laided on the ground , mk ect... when i was typing u emped them all... it was a ffg and i was talkin .... but yeah i guess u beat me...
acelooks like moons getting their first month victory dang sharks hehe
dachziegemoon win the month?
f1ref0xwhat happened before is u were winning - yes. but newbelief dc and it isn't our problem. just too sad (for u) that his isp sucks or whatever.
subsequently we all agreed to dc on the next game, even newbelief clicked cancel, but only u were lame (and untrustworthy) enough to stay there for 6 entire minutes.
cncsturmanyway 2nd. thing i dont argue with you anymore ur not even a player i have to respect and when u open ur mouth only shit comes out

GG , go play with Hileman and other shittys
cncsturmk if you say so, i just want to remember what happend before. when we beat u i had expand from TR to BL and TL and owned u both my mate got dc and u didnt give win whats more cheating i ask? when i cancel but ww count it as a win or if u lose and u get no - pts because of luck and dont give a freewin ?
insectsxah haha:P
f1ref0xdidn't u? we all agreed to dc together to prevent double loss. but u stayed there for 3 X 120 seconds just to get the points.
cncsturmf1ref0ck u getting bored
f1ref0xhe cheated me too
cncsturma 1v1
NEWBELIEFwhat game are we talking about drop?
crown666wins me ????
DropDaSopyeah cnc we gotta rematch. if i wasn't doing that , i would have fought for map, but you had a quick jump on me gg.
sex4kinginsectx wins crown gg
i got my ts working again but its pointless playing, i played a few games won them. Both sides lost pts wtf is the point in that!
Also wtf some newbies really are stupid with their top 10.
the list is a dispute over players like stefor,xtrm,scar,tank,me,del,gab,BDT,dachschaf,ajw,bombu,warlogin, etc
These are just some examples of the top of my head, these players being Legends not shitty players like kill2wice or dropdasop or whatever ur fucking gay name is, I can't believe u really put urself as top 10 over these players i mean take sharks for example we won at least 3 months (probably 4 or 5) and we were pretty much top for about 75% of the time in those 6 months. Wtf are your clans ? just the clans that we easily own 6 or 7 times a month to get us to our deserved top spot.
And i know some of you newbies will say "oh we i beat him this guy in 1v1 and me and yak yak beat him 2v2" But overall they have probably beaten u about 5X's the amount you have beaten them.
Damn i hate this topic
ehhehe Wolfenstein 0wnnz j00 by the way ;)
cncsturmif i* would have...
cncsturmnow that pisses me of Drop , if u wud have see ur bombers u would have one more warf or mcv. i owned map and that was kinda a wash. i want a rematch... some ppl overate themself atm and this is just gay
atombombu oh
Maxpovverty stands 4 thank you
atombombuace1 ur ty? ty as in wse? or no?sorry maybe im dumb
aceyes put me down for a 1 on 1 clan while ur there drop


mammy2k1angel was a good player/tite chick
mammy2k1btw, plumbers rock like mario gg
mammy2k1wasnt drdru a good player?
Destroy3ryes drop i will 1v1 clan u but not at gay hours at reasonable hours for both
atombombusure drop ill 1v1 ffg u sometime, as of now im not clanning ive been 1v1ffg alot lately, last time i 1v1 clanned was months ago
DropDaSopLol Foxer, you just said " you didn't play me" or whatever.. I've seen your 2 v 2 when you with my br0. When you guys lost. Oh well. I guess we 2 v 2 sometime. Anyone for some 1 v 1 ? Bombu you playin some 1 v 1 right now?
foxerim not much for 1v1..2v2 sure
AphrodLteAPH ATTACK !!!!!!! whahahhaahahah
Raythe worst player is one who considers himself on "the top level".... GG
DropDaSopDon't think so foxer, lets do it, when u on page me and we 1 v 1. Anyone else wants to 1 v 1, let me know here.
bigmom420elitefox1 = in my top 10 list
atombombuyeah: D i said i was wrong i didnt know how long lol
scarabatombombu u have been playing TS for 2 years and 7 months.
It's only been out that long.
atombombusorry fire i didnt know i was suppose to know all that "when u consider someone's respect ability u mean u don't consider his humility?"info. by a sinlge statment like that i guess i was suppose to know who?how?when?where?and even what it meant right(which i did):P, so maybe instead of critizing other ppl u should be more explicit bcos right now i am finding ur statemtns rather offensive, so if i were u i'd rethink ur unified thoughts(big saracasm)
foxerdrop ever beating me? ;) no
DlEFierceDestroy3r has improved a lot and he is highly respected by all. I remember him first playin tourny, then clanning with matix, then beating suw many times in 1 vs 1. As a clan m8 of des I lmfao when someone says he cheats. Des is a very good player now and he keeps striving to be elite. Gg
f1ref0xthen why u talking about getting humiliated? what i meant was destroyer kept insisting that he is better than so and so and he should be in top 10 (which many incl me disagree) i wouldn't respect someone like that
atombombufirefox u r english right?
atombombuhumility:The quality or condition of being humble.
what r u talkin about?
Maxpovverfirefox i need a word with u, if u on aim im dbnntt5, or msn lvlaxpovver@hotmail.com, or whisper me next time u online
what u talking about u know what humility means?
DropDaSopI just read the forum for the 1st time since my post. I think you are right Dest I did forget a lot of people and maybe I am not top 10 now that I think of it. I think however I am on the top level. Some of the top players I haven't played because they are not on as the same time as me. TO respond though... I just beat cnc and I think I can beat most of the players on ts. I had a close game with mamy i thought i won he thought he won, but that's over with. With all good players I usually do well and do not lose much. You are not better then me when you put yourself ahead of me. I have beat you 2 x recently and both under 20 mins with ease. Maybe you just play bad against me. Ah wellz, we let our game do the talking. This month i got IC-GUN which is just me to see what i can do. Have fun guys.
foxerim known des 4 a long time ...i can say he has improved a great great deal from months ago when i remember first seeing him around etc...not sure if he can beat me in 2v2 noe ;) but des has nuttin 2 be ashamed of..he's a v respectable player
Destroy3rwhy would someone get humiliated by being beaten by a good player. The game is a challenge and people get better and it isnt a humiliation to be beaten by good players. Being beaten is the nature and competitiveness of the game. I respect the players who i play against but only a bad loser gets humiliated by a loss
Destroy3rthanx bombu
atombombuWell fire if you think being recognized for being respective is humiliating , then go ahead:P, i have no comment on someone who thinks being notice as respected as "humility"
f1ref0xwhen u consider someone's respectability u mean u don't consider his humility?
atombombui would have to say i respect everyone that i play (assuming they dont cheat), most ppl who play vs me say'gg' in a good sense, and when i loose there still good to it. i dont think i could hit ppl incinvidually though bcos iknow so many ppl but i dont wanna make a humungus list of names, but just about everyone has had a lot of respect one person that id think would stick out to me for respect, hes come along way to being pretty good and has made several posts so far on this foum, he has 1v1 everytime never really backed down when he was challenged and he played the game all pretty much the way through, his name: Destroy3r, congrats des
atombombuHow about the most respected players(wouldnt say fairest, but most respected)??????????
mammybah dle no props to mah huh even tho i practicaly trained u to play terrace and shiett heh
mammydont u guys remeber those old guys like xMMk2x???? and *ISC* should be in top ten of clans(old).......
mammy2k1who put im gay as my name..fruits...anyways best player was Froside end of story..
atombombuwell, i let in those "extras" bcos theres no "extras" clans yet
Destroy3rthat isnt a us clan its us clan with a few added extras~
Maxpovverif u want 2 determine best of best, dont have knockout, perhaps have tables or every1 plays every1 else in tourny, and then u can determine pts they get say +1 or +3 from each win
atombombuive already made a US clan
foxerluv u to gl hf Gg ... let it go have fun ~
f1ref0xi think terrace cup will be a great idea and so is the country clans. but reason why it never happened first time and country clans doesn't seem like it's going to happen is that no one is stepping up to actually organise it. someone has to figure out rules, format of competition (round robin, knockout etc) and have participants register through him. seems like everyone is too busy / lazy to do anything.
if we have a terrace cup that really goes through maybe we can determine once and for all who the best are and end all the disputes?
CAUTION (the real one)thanks bombu hopefully no one shall fake my name. It's pissing me off. God bluefoxer I still think ur a fag, u getathis, kobe suck hardcore now i hope yal die. dumb focks. Gg
atombombuactually im just starting to play 1v1 again hehe, its kinda fun
atombombuill ask snake for the IP of the name who keeps faking, ill post it in here if it happens again, have to ask snake what it is
TS FANy not have a terrace cup, this time make sure it works
getatthlsEveryone has put Bombu, stefor, dachshaf pretty much as top players o teh top 3. I want to see them have a lil tourney! You guys up for it?
HileHi Yawns!!!
CAUTl0N= quits Ts, good bye all Gg
CAUTl0Nlol this is funny
CAUTl0N(the real caution)hmm, blue that isnt me BtW, its someone faking my name u idiot. btw i think its kobe or get
BLUEfoxercautlon u fucking dick roach..HOW CAN I USE A CHEAT..I HAVE WINDOWS XP U MORON i can not and i will never use a cheat...even if i wanted to it would be impossible since noone of that shit works on xp...

ps u notice how no1 on here likes u...and all u do is cause trouble..so why dont u go annoy some other people..>>>n00b
atombombuoops guess i was right 1st time hehe
steforwith all respect pal, ur probably an 'ok' player, but do u really expect me to respond to what u've said? In the old days; scar didn't had a life, mooooo didn't had a life, bdt was on 24/7 and sucked, o12 had no life etc etc.

Now I'm the victim to be the one with no life, right? I like to play the game and trust me, there are a lot of other things I do in my life but TS. It's just that when I start doing something new what I like, I like to do it the best I can or can reach, this is the case with TS, as well as my playing music, social contacts and school. Frequently Playing TS is fun and it keeps me sharp as well. Now does that bother u?

Btw; I really consider ur top10 as a joke. Dropdasop ur best man? Scar not on it? Moooocoww not on it? X not on it? Where's tank?

dan3157TS came out in late August 1999. Atom, that makes the game just over 2 and a half years old.
atombombui take that back its been 4 yrs since ive played 35 months is only like 3 yrs, ive been playing four....
atombombuive been playin for about 35 months, 1st day of ts:Psuck that time heheheeee
Destroy3rmy problem is that i am at a level not the top one but the level just just below that and so everygame a lose to the top players and its so hard to get up to this level cos they are improvig also. Good people always ask me for 1v1 etc and say they have improved but what they dont understand is everyone else is improving also. Like only 1 month ago i used to put my war on the right of my mcv now i put it on left with rpg. 5000000 times better and improves my defence so much. And in tr exp with silos and place a sam so that dissys etc have to attack from certain positions and it i believe it helps alot. Ive played for about 13-14 months now and im still improving every week. I agree d1e kujo is a good player but gets underestimates cos now there are soo many v good players who are always improving in 1v1 and 2v2 that can just beat him. So he neevr has the chance to shine through.
Bah i keep losing to stefor also which is frustrating me
CAUTlON (the real one)y does everyone think stefor is so good. I mean hes decent but yet hes gay and he thinks hes the best. Stefor should get a life i mean he plays ts 24/7 and thinks ts. I bet he even wrote down all the bos "he made" u mean copied. Anyway i think u should quit and do other things with ur life. And Maxpovver has cheated me in the past I think bluefoxer sux also. I heard from my m8s that blue used map reveal.
DlEFierceMy ts career has been a total of 8 months. I recently came back bout 4 days ago after takin a 2 month break. I consider myself a good player for the amount of time I've played. But people who have been playin for 3 years give me a break they should be elite and if they r not then stick to mod maps. I believe kujo14 is one of most underestimated players. At one point people actually thought he was hod because of their similar game play and skills. Oh ya Ray is the king of the dude dorm, and des is teh owner.
Destroy3rhi;le i have nothing against u im just saying that u cant count everyevery ffg and say yeah i beat des. U think u have improved? well so have i so play me in a clan match and see the outcome. Comone dude i was messing whole game u had unteched war and u had 2 dissy and mk2 at u. In clan i would have killed ure mcv but i went for everything cos its just ffg.
Hileam i newbie ? Dest dont fucking lie u was NEVER afk o maybe for 1 sec but ur a cock ur good but ur such a smartass to me and many others.
Raybest 2v2 m8 atm for me is cncsturm although he kicked me from rap-1 and newbelief who told sturm to kick me from rap-1

also to kujo14 he r teh god
Raybest 1v1 my opinion..

1) k2- funnest/boringest person to play... funnest cuz hes a bitch to kill and boringest cuz well.. hes a bitch to kill

2)bombu- kinda sad watching him pull same rush on u 3 refs when u go 2 =( bad ass player

3)stefor- played him twice raped in 10

4)destroy3- i love his 1v1 gdi especially from bl

5)maxpovver- 5 ref man rush nod v nod = illeagle

6)heartfull- hes a newbar(jk) but i cant beat him=( EVERY FUCKING GAME HE GETS LUCKY WIH BULL SHIT SHIT FOR INSTANCES 12 banshees not killing a war 1 go WTF mother gay whore ass gg

7)- bill94 best crate chaser

8-10) theres alot of great 1v1's out there like suw kg drop and more but these guys are my favorite to play mainly becuz i can fuck up and lose and no that if i woulda tried id lose ne way GG
BLUEfoxersee things like these just plain piss me off...ur all entitled to ur opinions but come on guys...look at some of the people you're putting at the top of your lists..dropda..getat..dle...etc etc..i have nothing against n e of these players//hell i've 2v2 many times with and against for with all ggs...but...really...they are a step under
CAUTl0Ngood choice stefor :) "For the record; Reaper is still a shark"
Newbeliefmy gdi will never be as good as jim299105
acenewbel if you wanna post on this site can you please use ur own name insyder sucks ass
acemy nod will never be as good as insyder's
Destroy3rpff dude u beat me in a ffg when i was afk for ages and didnt even pay any attention. Urs just joining the ugly banwagon as per usualy hile ull never get anywere in this game cos ure so newbie
HileLMAO dest go fuck yoself u think ur so good LoL and u got beat by me when i FUCKED up my BO hahaha craig and Jason OWN u BTW
Hileyea i was in GNE with Ice
acelol that tsreaper shit is a cheating mother fucking piece of crap, caution dont gimme this bs that he was good i probed him from tr as nod and he gives it, "blah u think i dont know u tech cheat" when i blatently sold tech centre right infront of his man rush lol, then he goes gg and rc comes i upload ss l8r i cant be arsed now
Destroy3rand i forgot about rap-1 cnc stefros and newbelief who are also v good
AnonymousAnyone remember a guy named ICEjeremy? I always though he was one of the best in his day.
i would love to see bombu and dach 1v1 acually
dach vs bombu would be a really good game
atombombuno is perfect sorry to say, ppl do loose, and u pay for it when u do, thats the truth;)
Hileso u say u could beat Ajw ? or K2 ? or killerkg (when he was AWSOME) or qqjjjpp ?
Destroy3rdropdasop do u know anything about this game?
How can u put dach at the bottom of the list and u and getatthis above him. thats the biggest joke ive seen yet. U guys would get analled by him. And if this is 1v1 ure list is completely wrong if its all over play u and get are good but no way top 7.

in no order

stefor, dachschaf, bombu, chron, mega, kill2wice, maxpovver
are ALL better ive played with most of them and against all of them. Thats not even including sex4king suworow and me in the list. And im sure there are a couple of korians that are hella good
Maxpovverunless ur a few sannies short of a picnic, then i think u can spot it urself
f1ref0xso it's official that racrdy is reconner clan?
MaxpovverLOOOOOOOOOOOOL where do i start, i was w8in 4 ur next comment cautl0n, so u can start 2 stfu, with ur fucking cheating rank 1 clan racrdy, going around reconning ppl when u lose, and dont tell "but they reconned, or they dc" cause its written all over ur stats u cheating fucking twat, defending cheats here ? and cheating urself
DropDaSopCan peeps please put their top 10 in as of now?
1. stefor
2. xf
3. bombu
4. mega
5. Me
6. GetatThis
7. Dach
8-10 Too many peeps to choose from.
steforFor the record; Reaper is still a shark
CAUTl0NOK max, ive about had it with ur dumbshit excusses, TSReaper1 = better then u, im srry ur sad ur not on anyones top ten list, and btw. i heard trillons of storys of u reconing and mapping. l dont care if tsreaper1 reconned u or me. he is still better then us both. ok? u understand now? thats y i gave him the rank l did. okokokokokok
HileLoL yea craig u would be top 10 bro
atombombuim begining 1v1 up some
Maxpovveryeah thx

mine prob is

1 stefor he beat me 1 or 2 times this month, i got him back
2 k2 he beat me this month i beat him last month
3 schaf aint played him this month, but still a good 1v1er


outlaw gave me a good 1v1
dest i played 2wice 2nd game was fun went long
Destroy3rmy top ten atm would be
1) Dachschaf
2) stefor
3) kill2wice
4) maxpovver

thats the people that i regard as good 1v1 players and have beaten me alot.

Best long game is still i reckon dachschaf then stefor.

They are very efficient and gay me on many occasions.

Gl Hf guys
DropDaSopLol Hile, I am not 1, but top 10 fa sho
Maxpovverplease dont give me the sympathy story that "he use to do this" "he use to do that", he clearly reconned everytime he lost in the T$G month in 1v1, u need more s/s 2 make it conclusive ? and he can rape me ? thats y he was the 1 who felt the need 2 r/c when he lost
mammysup insects havent seenya in a while..dropdasop aint that good i beat him from tr with my long game BO
mammyshut up david,(shen, my brother) u are gay and the best player is me they all know that..KAKAK!!na the best player = mot!
CAUTl0Nwell, that may be true i wasnt around in them days, but iplayed him and his br0 and i think they both r very good. i also would bet 1 millon$ he would rape uin 1v1.

tsreaper1 was already one of the best ts players when this game was relatively cheat-free. Even though he reconned one or more games, I doubt it has affected his reputation much. Heck, reconning never affected xtrmforce's rep.
atombombur u talking about y0ram?
HileMax lol u noobism u lost to Fightdog6 twice as unknown nick and fight u call him newb when he owned u and u call Neglector a newb who clans with stefor in there 2 man clan Bronze u call him newb ? our 3mc is me Neg and fight -K@H-
Maxpovverbtw cautl0n whoever u r, no i didnt get caught using map, and tsr doesnt own ne1 ne day with his recon, insect + ajw had a 3mc with him called T$G, and they left due to him reconning all time he lost in 1v1 clans, so if that aint conclusive enuff 4 u, ask them, also even ace1gold got r/c by him, he has a ss and baynes got r.c by him while ago but got pts, theres some1 else 2 ask
Hileand no 1 thinks i am any good so lolol
HileLMAO R0sters a Noob cheat drop lol how can u get him as 1 no offence craig but dood how can u be 1 when i have CLOSE ass games with u and last time i should of won but didnt think so.... wtf ?
CAUTl0NBtw, max didnt u get caught using map???
CAUTl0Nlol max, tsr owns uany day 1v1, last iremb i washed u n blue w/out a mate
Maxpovvertsreaper1 still in ur top 10 ?

getatthlsScrew who is the "best" and everyone start playing for their Country clan :P
CAUTl0NOh and btw r0tersx doesnt deserve a place in top 10, i never play most of the old players so i didnt put any of them down,i just put down ppli have played
CAUTl0N best 1v1
2 kill2wce
3 stefor
4 insectsx
5 atombomu
6 kg
7 united20
8 tsreaper1
9 wunda
10 mega

DropDaSopCan I get my name on one of these lists? At least for gdi. Half the players you put on there without acknoledging me, I will beat and have beat
f1ref0xgogogo? u mean that sgn newb he just reconned me that day cos i was attacking his harvs
insectsxtarres do you even play ts?
r0ster = #1 4 sure
PasMaNNiI think ppl who have played ts for such a long time and still enjoy them selves with it have made ts how it was/is (where talking here about the fair/good players not the mod map $#@!#)so.. and the best player i dont i proberbly know them cause i spended to many time on euro serv
tarreSoh, sorry Dan, only was an opinion, not the absoluty true, , why tell me "fuckin retard"? Not understand
sex4kingtarreas ar you restarted we all know rosterx is #1
dan3157lol, 4=R0sterx.
Tarres must be a fucking retard.
tarreSOh, sorry i forgot......
11 : tarreS
Odom7ace better as insect? LMAO!!
kill2wiceim obviously jewish and i mistake myself for a good player
la de da Xtrmforce lets have bum sex ok?:)
by the way im gay and i like to have sex with sheep especially fat ones with sloppy arses
(real) tibpandaits true
tibpandak I lied i love big black dildoes
kill2wicebest 2 vs 2 teams....either Mot and gab XtrmForce,Me(all though we play badly alot.)

Stefor, Suw..and MegaForce,bombu
acei love ray
lets have fun bum sexxx You beasst ohh !
acewho evers faking my name in here plz get a life dont be such a gay faggot
Raythat hurt
aceRay himself
Oldtimawhose no.100 then ray?
(real) tibpandaOk whoever posted i like black dildo's is partially true, i like big purple ones... SO DONT LIE PEOPLE, IF U POSE ME GET IT RIGHT
tibpandaI like Big black dildoes
kill2wice(late reply) your right mega icejeremy didnt teach you, i did :) jk mega chill, dont get abusive like u do to bombu.
APHRODlTElol well,i kinda blow now.... not as good as i was,.SoS. was about the best i played,now i stopped,kinda
play shitty.ppl say im newb now lol but oh well? i had my time in Spotlight 4-5 month period lol.... im not as good ne more
heartfulllol yea but u rape me now np

cherry was 19 and 0 .. i asked for tryout, beat u and didnt get in :P

APHRODlTELOL? wtf i didnt write tat lol 11.aphrodite
heartfull u beat me?!?!?! lol heh i dont know i started my highest 1v1 gaming and winning was like for since,.SoS. heh u might have beaten me not sure...
aceok thanks ray
Rayk i fix list i take u out of nod list and put u on newbar 100th list as 99 happy?
acesadly ray u havent got a clue what goes on, for start u only ever seen what goes on in the us of a, dont blatently insult ppl by publishing a list that is so god damn wrong
Rayace i put u on it cuz i couldnt think of any other nodders and didnt wanna seem big headed so i slapped ur name and the 1v1 gdi'rs are my opinion i never played fro and kill2 better then X 1v1 from what ive seen u guys are all wrong
hi=]best 1v1 alltime:
1: united20
2: scarab0
3: pshan3/minegirl/spdmouse
4: XtrmForce
5: Unleash3
6: stefor
7: moooocoww
8: warlogin
9: dachshaf
10: rommel444

That is, if eveyrone played from beginning till end, without quiting.
OldtimaYeah ur list blows its a joke ha,
Allow me to sort your top 1v1 gdiers out for u

1+2, Stefor/Insects (never much between stefor/ins 1v1)
3, Xtrmforce (not as good as ins 1v1! vs stef?..dunno)
4, Dachschaf (i'd say the no.1 1v1 now though)
5, Froside (real fast disrs + could beat anyone bar top 4)

hmmmmmmm can't be arsed with the rest but in last 2 years when i been around and upto when the ladders crashed, i never noticed mega/bombu/wunder 1v1ing vs top clans + and im sure they never played vs my brother. 2v2ing though omg yes eh
er wait a minute stefor (great gdi also) and Xtrm as GDI? omg ur list blows ray step outside
On the other hand its just a matter of opinion because like im basing my list on after scar (and many others like deleader) had quit and maybe daschscaf has reached a better standard than these 5 ever got to^^
aceand secondly me and u have never played..... so how can u put me on ur list, o well nm its ur opinion
aceray lol i never lost to kill2 and there is no way on this sweet heaven of earth he is better than x ur list is fauld jst on that 1 misfit
heartfulli beat dlte .. 1 and 0 vs him lol (in tryout for cherry) and i didnt get in :P

but hes way betta play now

kill2wiceaphro, honestly from what ive seen ur a very good plyaer, i just thought you were all about the 1 vs 1s..:)
APHRODlTElol,k2 i can own 2v2 u rem clan .SoS.? that clan was all 2v2's me and jism we had like 2 1v1 games at the most i can play 2v2
RayBest 1v1's

1, atombombu
10, cant think of ne1 else so il put Ray101284 =)

best 2v2 gdi + gdi duo = dach + dach, bombu + mega, killerkg + bakzui, and INSECTS AND RAY!

best 2v2 Gdi + nod = stefor/bombu/mega/wunder/insects/blah blah , gab + ajw/mot/wunder/bombu blah blah

insyder + newbelief, hod + outlaw, kill2wice + XtrmForce/megaf0rce/bombu

best tr gdi = sudone
best fake korean = bombu
best gdi and nod player = bombu,dachschaf,kill2wice,stef
best defenderd = insectsx
fastest builder = kill2wice/stefor
funniest ts player = tib/atom panda
Maxpovver4-3 muahahahha
kill2wicestefor, how many loses does champ REALLY have..?
insectsxuhh wtfar im so lost lol
aceeactly smd my big fat dick insecticide beat u as many times u beat him
Maxpovverme n schaf r 3-3 on tez
steforace: "it was last month and yet u beat stef ever other game u played so whats that all about, also dach wld rape half of them 1 on 1 and u know it, thats jst why ur list is dumb"

ehhh? insect beat me every other game? heh; ok.....gg
kill2wicei didnt mis read, just asking why he thinks hes a top player when he cant play 2 vs 2.
insectsxlol@how many times aphrodite says how he shud be in the top 1v1 list and kill2wice then says " how can u say u shud be in the list if all u can do is 1v1?" all of aphrodites paragraph is about 1v1 how can u misread it that bad wtf?lol
sex4kingdachshaf can play all maps gdi and nod and he rapes good players, i raraley see a 1v1 loose to dachshaf nuff said.
kill2wicelol aphrodite , you cant be one of the best player if all u can do is 1 vs 1, 2 vs 2 is part of the game also.
kill2wiceinsectsx, was one of my hardest opponents when he played...I wonder how his 1 vs 1 is now..:)
aceyes ok im dumb i didnt c second list but sitll its a bit stupid havign him down at number 8 when he still wld have been top 3....
aceinsect ude ur list is total horse crap jst by fatc u got dach near bottom, dach owned u 3 games in a row or whatever it was last month and yet u beat stef ever other game u played so whats that all about, also dach wld rape half of them 1 on 1 and u know it, thats jst why ur list is dumb
phatmousewunder/mot didn't 1v1 really in clan games or anything but i know they 1v1 alot of ppl in thoses lists and have beaten them (and prob been beaten by some of them) so they should be included in the lists.
XXXi wanna to say this anonymous so as not to sound big headed.
But i know aphrodite you never beat me or my name isn't insectsx! + i even beat u after i came back to ts when i was nowhere near as good as b4 i quit and from tr^^
that=answer ur question?:P
APHRODlTEits true?!??! i think there hasnt been ne1 who i havent beat..not to sound concieded but currently i think i've been "1" of the best 1v1'ers, most clans with jism,twig,me consisted on my 1v1's there's been lots of players i played 1v1 some that are "good" and now mentioned in top 1v1's ,but im not?...
aphrodite = BIG EGO!!!!!?!?!
kill2wiceand i heard aphrodite is amazing 1 vs 1...but ive onkly played him once. some1 fill me in with info.
kill2wicenowadays i still agree with
4.me/insectsx (if ur stil lthe smae)

ive 1 vs 1 ed everyone of those players, and i still think Froside is best, no offence :)
insectsxehh kill2wice u r teh wrong:P
i wud say top 10 1v1 when i was playing properly was

And then since i returned to ts(not properly tho:P)


then RAYY somewhere yea SUPER RAY ^^
this is only 1v1's btw
acelol it only take me 10 mins to set pc up and goofy isnt my hero lols, max im sorry but u r totally wrong obi was on all the time ,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,, i remeber playing agaisnt him all time and i know this cuz i was in alive for a spell and he was playign as imdamstr all time. on miltd0wnx all time, im sorry but ur wrong im 100%
kill2wicemy opinion..for best 1 vs 1..not inculding me.(from what ve seen)
7.MegaForce (who never 1 vs 1, in fact hates it but is actually V good)
Maxpovverbtw ur a fast bugger 2 get ur comp set up etc... from yesterday lol, also i beat hydrodoc (rank 19) and ur ordos hero goofy2me again... lol
Maxpovverim sorry but he wasnt, he hardly played like 3-4 games a week, maybe he played some tourny but thats hardly competitive. ne way i was reading the paragraph preceeding the posts about this thread, who ever wrote it mentioned best american,german,uk,holland players etc...

but ppl 4got 2 put it
so how about we do that ?

top 5-10 depending on how many ppl from each country, still playing, and past from each of main countries, eg, canada,usa,holland,germany,uk,korea
acemax obi was on all the time up until the ladders went down what r u talking about
About halfway down this page, you can see that *BD* clan won the month of November 1999 with a huge point margin.

175 wins/11 losses, not too shabby!
Maxpovverobi aint been playing competitive since around november/december 2001, as he only played odd few games per week, and hardly plays even more now

Is a nice site heh but i can't get to see the pictures cos theydont work :(
blazhey ray if you dont like my post then lets see yours
kainp blaz keke^^
blazthnx kai
kairay calm down its his opinion shh.....
blaz4lifesorry guys i forgot about ins here is my new 1
Raylaughs at blaz's post no way is X ranked 8. no fucking way and suw and bak before insects what u on man
Destroy3rsome of these lists are bs i raped ob1 4 times in a row in tourny on my lutra2ooo nick so i dont think hes all that and its all on peoples opinions
Maxpowerbaf never owned with jenya, since jenya carried him + baf keeps saying they woulda got rank 1, i remember that insectsx asked him 4 1v1 end of that month, and baf faked afk, lol so kod wouldnt of deserved 2 be rank 1
EzuOMG i forgot to add the best old schoolers


TheZodiac = owned wit -APU- heh
Spdmouse = my nig, i loved tat korean style

only guys i rem back then b4 i quit
steforI gave a list of old top10 players and a list of CURRENT players. Are u and outlaw playing TS at this moment? No, so make a wild guess why ur not on the 'current' top 10 list.
Outlaw17I forgot to mention MOT and Atombombu in the best team list. I even think they are hardly ever been beaten
hod (better late than never)I don't really care to much for 1 on 1, I've been cheated to many times with it (d/c cheat, r/c cheat, and feinds my respect to anyone who can play through that)... 2 on 2 to me is the real competition, it involes not only skill but good communication. so here's some of my favorite 2 on 2 teams. (btw $#@! u to anyone who says i have a TEMPER!!!)

1)abu/arestotle (both helped me out in the beg.)
2)angel/gotenks33(angel helped me out the most)
3)j0hn/nixx (tought me the mk rush)
1)mot/gab (great nod gdi team, i really get up for playing vs them)
2)mega/bombu (solid players, had some really good games with them, and there hidden names)
3)wunder/xtrm (not sure if x is back he just renistalled ts!! lol so i thought i would add him)
4)stefor/insect (I can't stand stefor but he's a good player, i'm slightly anyoed by the fact that he couldn't mention me and law in his top 10 perhaps a personal problem)
5)dach/dazh (two cool guys joining moon was a good decision i've enjoyed playing with both phil and matze)

Outlaw17Dont know why the backslahses didnt show up
Outlaw17Best teams

6)SteforScarab0 or Insectsx

Steforbaf is gay...
Megaf0rce??????????? Icejeremy didnt teach me
LmaoOMFG dont u guys remember icejeremy leader of GNE he taught MegaF0rce
APHRODlTEok, i gotta set a few things str8 ,first off i owned almost every1 1v1 and yet i get no reconization of ne of it i beat stefor 4-0 i get nuttin? then me , jism and twig owned months non-stop when we acually gamed , Since , Cherry , .SoS. , Morgue and .SEX. AND we not even mentioned in this whole page wtf kinda shit is tat, baf gets mentioned for owning with jenya for 1 month? me , jism and twig owned for like 5 months str8 and we dont get shit , lol tats lame...

Top players now in my opinion is
4.dach,obi,ziege:The MOONERS they always been on top rank
thats all jus top 5 players

the best duo's recently were tat i think


jismhmmm i never thought i was the best or that im better than anybody..but there is no way atompanda is better than me, possibly as good but in no way better than me..the past month ive averaged 1 game every 2-3 weeks if im lucky and ive still beaten apanda w/o the practice...shouldnt he be advancing if im not playing?
getatthisI can't believe the people who didn't rank wunder or talked bad bout him. He's one of the best all around gdi players.
Here is my list of current top ten 1v1:
1)Bomu (btw gg the other day as i was on BARCARDl :P)
ArchangilTalk bout good clans...there was good a clan (think it was like 2 years ago) called *sky* clan with real good players in it..they ownend for a while then dissapeared like the way the came..dunno who they were, but they were good also. Maybe ne1 know them?
1) Scar
2) Xtrmforce
3) Moooocoww
4) Froside
5) Tonynbigi
6) Gotenks33
7) Bluepanda
8) Battltank
9) Drako
1) Stefor
2) Bombu
3) Baf
4) Megaforce
5) Wunder
6) Insectx
7) Dach
8) killerkeg
9) matze
10) Phatmouse
atompandano offense to ism and twig but when me and quas were owning it up with -2mc- (of course before quas got REALLY good and started teaming with fro)

Ism and twig were our main point source

They are more than halfway decent but I don't think that they deserve to be top 10
Capt/Twigmot n gab were soooooooooooooooooo not the best 2v2r's, they would use hidden nicks to make you think they were bluto and stuff for revels lol, then when you would beat their wussy 100 man fury and blue hb, thye would just send you like 10000 IM'z on aim to give the game an internal!! RIGHT GAB? LOL, jk....gab didnt mean to internal that game...so he says....lol
Maxpovverlolz who is ice ? more like wtf is gay i mean ray, on seconds i mean gay oh yeah he is that newb who always gets anally probed
BLUEfoxerme and max look forawrd to reaming ur ass next month capt/ism kakakekekek =)
capt/twigRAYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYyYyyyyyyyyYYyyYYyYYyyY. Wassup!? heh thx for the props man, ur a gr8 m8 also. And l0rdy, u were a big part of union when it was an older clan, but the first 2-3 months union was around noboty was in it but ism's newbish buds like fox and buzz and me, so thats why i say it was really just ism and i
Raywho the hell is ice? ..... wtf twiggy no hi?

and wtf is thi shit max still posting go fix ur head u imbred whore
ice4002 & fuxHi all my best friends here is my top-10

1) TDE (raped obi, stefor, stefros and phil 4 on 1!!)
2) Mariocar
3) Juk19
4) rubber112
6) fdnl2001 (his stats are just great)
7) stefor
8) H0lland
9) Fux29
10) me ofcourse

Best team: Fux29 and Ice4002
Best TS thinker: Stefor (he nearly thinks ts whole day!)
Best medic rusher: defenetly fux29
Best ff team: Ice and fux again (raped champ in 11 mins OMFG)

greetz, Kim and my best friend fux
tibpandai just wanted to post to 200th post! YAY for tib!
ace1sorry i was right the 1st time wouldnt* and wtf lol i didnt right that last post
cappyout = our
Capt/TwigWell, its offical now. Me and ism decided last night that from out lack of respect in the TS community, we are making a clan next month and were going to show all these new guys on TS how me and ism used to rape a year ago. B.t.w i sent a few pics of me to have posted....whenever these bitches update their site..lol
p.s. stef....you need to get some new friends man, you look like your bitter cuz you hang out with fat ugly chix. I know i would be pissed if i had to sit in a pic. with those ppl. lol!
eeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee2v2 and 1v1 are totally different someone could suck at 2v2 and be good at 1v1 doesnt change n e thing i agree with bombu being best nod/ and gdi 2v2 maybe 1v1 i havnt seen his 1v1 dach nod suck ass, i played him he made tick tanks from rofl @ ppl think that kinda nod is good!!!!
ace1top gdi/nod doesnt just put 1v1 its 2v2 as well
Raymax.... = good looking il get my pic posted as soon as i get to kinkos ..... il show u my living room and how u need an internal designner cuz ur home is fucking ugly... like they say ugly like room like head ... w8 nm i made that up but who cares do ur parents screem " take off that hidious mask" when ever u walk in cuz dude ur just damn ape'ish
tibpanda1ya i agree, stefor is ugly!!! smake you wit an ugly stick to make you look better boy, your momma fixes washing machines
sex4kingHi mom : D
phatmouseace1 i said matze would lose "my money on stefor" why would i bet on the person i think would lose.. either you read what isaid wrong or you = wrote your statement wrong.
Maxpovverhm heres 1 ray, wheres ur pic? u scared 2 post it, did it scare the roaches away or summat
then again i spose u "aint got a scanner", ud rather sit on ur lard arse behind ur keyboard and talk shit lol,it must be that bad ray, ah well least u got an extra 364 halloween days to dress up 4
Rayya i would deff include twig in my 10 list ism no because hes a cock sucker but twig is always nice knows his colours and is a great m8.... newbelief and insyder were pretty good when they played for hod an law LAW fucking reconed me and we5t for that jewish clan jamica that stupid whore max u cant post ne more cuz ur just to ugly
ace1hmm ill wait till i c it
Maxpovverlmfao ace,
as i remember i owned carbonatx in a tourny game 4 fun, under atomnukeu nick and he r/c it, gj i pressed continue and still got pts not that i cared but it just shows that he can r/c some1 irrespect whether he thinks they are newb
"gj with ur homework there ace"
acewouldnt* arghhhh
acequid* p.s this post is too long
aceyeah agree with ziege schaf has definately gotta be up there top/gdi nod current, as for max not cheating nice 1 alc do ur homework. ajw ud be suprised dude i bet u 50 qid matze would lose and i can tell u this from losing to both lol.
BishForcei dont see sub as a top 10 current player, or even an old top 10, but
revels = best clan overall
even tho the rank has been shite this month and last month, despite me and chron wining some, revels is still best clan ever
yrs old and still playing
especially since a lot of the top 10 players u keep naming came from revels, or were indeed in it at one point

and my apolgies to the tree branch
i forgot ism and twig, they fit in my list of 2on2'rs right above me and jenya i spose, since they played together longer than we did
after hod and law go newbelief and insy btw (new is good, but i never ever rated insy, and his same bo every game tactic)
phatmousecarbonateX vs stefor 2 gdi vs gdi 2 nod vs nod... clan games.. =)

my money is on stefor

l0rdy2kerm twiggy?? .... union was pretty much only u and ism>?>?>?>? excuse me *COUGH COUGH*
alcohlboyHEy scar u Fooking newb... do u have aim I don't have ICQ any more... talk to you later... p.s. Star craft sucks =-P
steforhmm bombu; I guess so......but I would keep subzero out of that story heh
dachziegecarbonatx aka dachschaf is best nod/gdi at the moment...
if any1 thinks another one is... so let them play 4 games on terace...
2 games nod and 2 games gdi ... and u will c who wins
atombombui have alota respect for revels cause they play anyone ivce never had a porblem with revels once old clan honest respectful to gamers all the way revels:)
atombombusub is goodhes been playin long time, SUB IS one my list for good players
atombombuYeah, there ae some players who had gotten left out capt ur right, but theres alot players online and ppl nomrally just think of the ones that are active online the most good and play thats how i would think of it i guess..... soo......But yeah they are good i agree guess who i gotta boost from revels:)I got in by beating sub and machinez hhehee
Captn/TwigI'm kinda pissed off at everyone here man, i know that me/n ism were never the best players on ts, (We probably could have been if ism wasn't always talking to his bitch of a gf on the phone while we gamed, but i cant complain i did that alot too lol). But in may/june when unity was just out right raping everybody, union was right behind them in the #2 spot. Me-n-ism were pretty much undefeated in june besides to blue/x and stef/x. But most ppl dont remember that since union only had 920 pts and unity would end up with 1045 pts at the end of the month. (Only because they were stacked with top 10 players, union was pretty much just me and ism for the first few months). And what about revels? I also remember in april/may when unity was just dominating everything, they ended up with about 4 losses at the end of the month, and 3 of them were usually to revels. Sub is a VERY underrated player for back in the day. Revels is the oldest clan on TS that was actually good back in the day. Yet sub gets no mention here? Why? Because he wasnt in unity with all the other big name guys? And after unity died off, what clan started to own everything that hasnt been mentioned at all here? Gate, sip, ect. these are the clans that made most of the top players of right now. Such as bombu, mot, gab...I remember my favorite game i've ever played on ts was vs. gate. It was me n ism vs. mot and bombu, mot=tl bombu=bl me=br ism=tr. The game had been going on for about an hour. I had died and mot had died, and bombu had a cy in tl and was protecting mot's LAST SAM, his ONLY building. It was about 4 layers thick with fs, concrete wall, pavement, rpgs, sams, pretty much anything you can name was protecting that sam. Ism tried his damn'dst to get that fuckin sam. But it jUST WOULDNT DIE, harv bomb after harv bomb after bomber after bomber and always mot would repair it just as it got in red. I was soo pissed, and it make it better, we played them like the very next day, and the EXACT same thing happened, lol. To this day i cant chat with mot without him bringing up that game. Some other ppl i think deserve to have there name mentioned here and havent are like this...kilu4ever (he was in gate, sip, alot of mots and bombu's clans after unity pretty much died off) not to mention him helping with the coining of the phrase WE ALL USE on ts, the pfffffffff. With his clan the pffffs which im sure none of you new guys remember. What about hammy too? I havent seen him mentioned around here, he was a badass back in the day too. As far as a list....i dont know, it would be hard to make a list and rank the 10 ten players....i think everyone has their moments where they shine. "You cant say your better than someboty until you can beat them atleast 8 games out of 10 in 1v1 and 2v2"-Del
phatmouseyo jos, nice to hear from you= ~)
insectsxHI SCAR!!
wtf this topic is heroic the amount of posts my godddd
LoL i actually agree with baf for once on summink!
hehe personally i wud have to say that at the moment i think stefor is best player around.
And overall in all the time of TS i think scar best player but i wasn't here in the first few years so maybe im wrong hehe.
eyy ppl relax it isn't max's fault he is ugly. Only jking maxy waxy
Scarabnobody said Hi back to me! :(
steforI think his 1st pic would have more chance of winning the ugly people contest than his 2nd =)
Ray ( last critisim)btw max i sent ur pic to ugly people.com il post link some time soon GUESS WHAT u got a 4 star rating for being just damn right ugly props to u chap
Raymax go get some1 to sand paper ur head smooth and normal.. cuz ive seen asses betterlooking then u
RAybaf, ive been reading ur posts... and a few others who claim there good Yes, u might have ts skills but ur attitude fucking stinks... i think a true ts player is some1 who is good and doesnt tell/brag about beating some1 ie baf ( i played killerkg a month back in 1v1 i owned him but was truly blahb lah imopressded.) and a few others
Ray101284No disrespect , but dropdasop isent that good.. he fucks up numerous times and just feels in a way newbish to me.....

my opinion of course
Maxpovverbest of the rest
i think some ppl u left out who aint even been mentioned deserve mentioning 4 some attributes such as best 2ref dis rushes around maybe im wrong maybe im right, who cares every1s opinion has some meaning

ne way
newbelief = good dis rusher
stefros = good dis rusher
^^ these 2 i mean good dis rushes when they 2 ref cause they can sustain a counter well
aphrodite, ive played him a fair few times in 2v2 and its been good battles and a challenge
dropdasop i remember playing a few month ago, and he was with barcardl, and it was scary game cause i didnt know wot 2 expect, and they like 10 titan attacked baf and other guy had 2 dis, but they fucked it up and got dick but it was good attack so ppl 2 look out 4 in future.
hmmm some1 else i was gonna mention oh yeah skywolfe he is good dis rusher dunno who he is, matix is good rusher
DropDaSopOld players
1-10 N/A wasn't around way back
1) Bombu Incredible in the few games i've seen him.
2) Stefor Who can argue he isn't one of the best? Is he the best? My experiences with him put him 2nd. I have not played him or bombu enough to determine, but I'd say bombu so far.
3) Wunder how to describe him? Teacher, Destroyer, Owner, Creative, Massive... The list goes on. My m8
4) Mega Can get owned at times, but is a very good player.
5) Chr0n His game style is neat.
6) Suww Who's seen him play? Then why Question me.
7) Ins good , of course?
8) Cns good, dont' know too much.
9) Ob1/Hod/ Obi is good from what i've heard but vulnerble. Hod is my m8, does get mad easy but doesn't stay mad, has his good and bad games.
10) Drop My skill keeps improving. Killerkg isnt' as good as you guys think. but he does deserve top 15 rank.
now for 2/2s
1) Why rank theM? Of course Sharks/*Champ has the top pairs.

Other notable 2 v 2 ers..
BishForcewell, whenever i have played wunda, he has always does 3 things
either 2 ref disr, tits or inf
and each time i beaten him
i even remember raping wunda and stef with l0rdy (you remember that rob, just before we lost our 1st ever game to suw and stef like 10mins later)
he didnt seem anything special then, nor in any of the games we played
dont get me wrong hes a good player, but he always seems to play with a player better than him, ie stef or bombu, so that makes him look better

i rememebr once a comp me rob wunda and fro had
like 1on1 thing, me vs wunda, fro vs rob
fro beat rob in a 1 sided game, then my turn to play wunda
i get bl, he gets tr, and 2 ref tits
i eng - its a viable tactic, BO to perfection
i send eng get the mcv
his 5 titans and men get completely raped by the time they got there i had 6 tits and 20men - as i sed, perfection bo
he then just sent tits and men tits and men
but got nothing, so he got annoyed and buggered off, fro was laughing, i was annoyed he just quit and left in a "huff"
u may say "eng" is newb, but its easy to stop - ask stef in the 2on2 clan i played with drop lol, gay eng pff
eng is just another tactic, sometimes it works, sometimes it dont
(btw, i beat killerkg in 1on1 ffg btw last month, from TR in a long game, like 2hrs almost, good game(i was impressed, i normally suck from TR) but he beat me the next time eh)

i gotta say
from say um
november '00 (when i came to ton2)
what have been the best 2on2 teams around (without saying the same player twice - ie bombu stef is invalid due to stef trix and bombu mega)
the order i think is:

me/jenya (due to our ownage in june)

i cant really think of any more eh

noddz ...my last post hehi agree 100% with hwd...they have always maintained a top 30 rank and one month should of got number 1....they r normally left out when ppl mention great clans...but i would like to say dan always did a great job maintainin and keepin hwd alive,,,he also turned me into a decent player and let me in hwd...so thanks dan and hwd = great clan
Noddz ..again sorryFor my past top 10 i was a newb for all those years on ts so i cant judge ne one... but for now..
1.stefor...Mainly because he is the person i would like to be compared with if i ever get decent with my nod
2.Atom...i have seen him play a few times and i agree is he for sure in the top 2
3.wunder...How could i leave out Glenn heh
4.kg and his korean buddies...i always find they rape me wit there titans and bomberz,,
6.chr0n becuz of his kewl defence
8.ism...his gdi rocked and he was always kool and even tho i am kinda newb he treats me the same as everyone else unlike some players who think because some one isnt a great player they aren't a good person..
9.Ajw i have only seem him play a few times but fro, what i hear he is v good
10.DropDaSop and Getatthis...My 2 m8's ...in a few months time you will al know there names....and hpefully mine
NoddzHi people....
i would just like to kno ..even though ts seems to not have much of a future...do u see any players online now becoming v good in a few months e.g. DropDaSop.Getatthis ?
HeyICEjeremy was VERY good dont u remember ?
HeyBTW Kg = Mk control is PERFECTION
EnemyNr1A little comment bout what i have read on this site..me and ash beated all good "teams" and most of the games were super our games vs mirage always fun..me and gotensk were also good team, but there were soooo many good teams around..and most of them were in 'secret clans' like me and ash for example..we were Wrath* (2-man gang) beating all good clans (and yes..we lost some too)..when i left i was on my top and ash stayed for several months i think..and..those who kept gaming became real good.

I know some peeps dont like stefor , but he kept gaming since he got TS cd..and worked up to the level he now is..and for that he's my Nr. 1 all time..he was old TS (maybe newbie, but ok..he was there) and he is new TS...all the efford he gave TS should be respected and if u look he;s stats of honour...i know lots of peeps cant say they have same stats
L0rdy2kand as for ur wunder comment baf ..... what planet do u live on, he is by far one of the most varied ts players i have had the pleasure of playing with or against and in my opinion well up there in the standings for best top 10 of all time.
L0rdy2kwell fistly i would like to show my dissapointment of not being mentioned, lol j/k, most of u guys are in a different class to me. However i think alot of ppl have been overlooked. there are old bS and sealls members who i would also include ..... i seem to remember QED being a gr8 player back in the day, and some of u will laugh when i say this but rommel and sheepbomb where a kickass team back in those days.
As for current days i see bafs top 10 and would instantly remove baf for aj. Aj = always has been good, never really lost it that much and is 1 kick ass player. Apart from that i would say his top 10 nowadays is pretty accurate. As for back in the day its hard to say .... so many good players and teams, its really to hard to judge.
sex4kingkillerkeg is by far the best 1v1'er. Prob the best 1v1 gdi player. No one can argue with that becasue he can beat anyone on ts atm. if you ever look at FILA some months they will be like 34-0. all 1v1'ed by killerkeg and vs good players too.
sex4kingbest players ever and froside aint on it? I must say the only two players i can agaisnt or with and learn something new EVERY game is froside and xtrmforce. The fact that they do the same bo all the time and still beat you when you know whast coming makes them great. I'm insulted that froside isnt on it he teach me alot about ts: scouting/attacking/defending. Hi : D
atombombuWunder is underated with some people. He has my props big time.I was in many clans with him and he was actually very good. His attacks are annoying lol. Me and stefor played him and xtrm wunder fsed my bobmeres and stefs banhess long time ago fun fun game>hell admit it was his best game ever funnest
phatmouseok sorry baf, wunder is my friend yes and even tho you make think im being biast trust me im not... Wunder has been good since just before unity but he quit fo r a month so i had the pleasure of playing with him in ALOT of 2 man clans he is one of the best stratitions i konw and he has a VERY diverse game he is so up there with the best of the gdi's beside having as good unit control as ppl l;ike bombu etc he is also fucking smart enough to play every situation to full advantage... 1 style my ass you are WAY WAY wrong on this... stefor/bombu plz back me up here cos wtf baf is insanly wrong.
i think stefor left himself out so we would say hes in
instead, i think he shouldnt be in
since he left himself out, i believe he has a case of low selfesteem / low confidence
and in my mind, no confidence, no good (ie ur not very good)

blue is right, it could be 1 of many in this game
TS at the top is all team work now
those who have the team that has been going for yrs has the advantage
you very rarely see 1on1's being played nowadays, as very few ppl 1on1 now because of the cheats

teams vary, you may be very good with 1 person, but not very good with another
ie for example
Quas and fro good
me and fro good
me and Quas bad
does that mean we are bad players?
while q and fro wud rape ppl, me and q might not, but me and fro would etc
players are based on who they play with nowadays
and what clans are winning
not who they beat
cos the top 50 players
can beat each other
the top 10 win more than lose, but the 40-50 players can beat the top 10
yet they aint in top 10 even tho they can beat them - why?
cos its likely they wont be in a *Champ or a -MOON- clan

and tell me one thing
when you say "current" players
do you mean the players who play now, and all their history that goes with it ? (ie tibpanda was in mirage, but hes shite nowadays)
or do u mean their skill and playing abilty now

if its based on the players who play now and all their history, then ajw and trix are top 10 yes
but if u take their skill and playing ability now, then they aint
you see my point?
atombombuThats one thing i admire about stefor he knows when hes right but he ignores what he thinks and puts other ppl he knows infront of him even though he knows hes there.
foxer1-10currenct--stefor bombu bakzui mega suw insec alc foxer max killerkg obi matze gab etc etc etc..it could b one of a million...there's no real # 1 bc well..every1 of those people up there i've beat..and been beaten by..and heard of other beating..and seen others beat...if ur going for consistancy bombu has that...i've played many w him for and against and he usually v good..stefor could be # 1..u want top 10 i think im in it..least now a days..me and max should be..but just about every1 mentioned on this 150 comments could be in top 10..it's all some'1 opinion...no 1 can ever tell me who's "the best" ts player..bc they're human..and they can be beat..and have been beat....if you're fair and good, you should be regarded highly, and respected
phatmousestef you = def top 2 players of now with bombu
BishForceerm ajw
i cant agree with ur list sorry :(
in the old days, before you quit, yes you were at the top, i heard a lot of stories about "ajw"
and same with trix
i remember playing with trix a lot when we were still on Uk server, he had played for months before me, but we clanned for clans like Upurs* (classic name), *ToNe*, Gen-X etc, and i also remember his "1 game per reboot pc"
he got good before he quit also, my reaconing, top 3, better than stef, and in those times, about same as scar
but he quit, and so did u
and u lost ur skill, timing etc and it takes a while to get it back
ok u been playing a few weeks on TS now, but u still aint at that level
i remember me and max playing u 2 2on2 clan
i was br gdi, and for the last month, my gdi has been really really shite, and br prob my worst 2on2 place eh
but we owned you easy, ok i died, i had FS, but i built it too late, and didnt see trix's last 2 bombers, which made all the difference. i sat there thought, ref or fs, ref or fs, got ref cos he only had "3" when actually he had 5
either way u never attacked max, and if i hadnt had made spare of FS earlier, it wudda been easy win
u lost a lot, and to some newbs as well
therefore currently, on skill today, you aint top 10
in a few more weeks, if u get back to like u played before maybe u get top 10 then, but since u quit, players got better, so u need to be better than u were before - and at the moment, you are showing no signs of that at all
no offense, ur good players, but at the moment, not THAT good
btw, wunda aint that good, and i never see him on much nowadays, i played with him 2on2 clan, and with all the ppl i seen in that list, and i gotta say outlaw is better clan mate than wunda
he has 1 style, and thats it, whereas say law can play a lot of styles, 2 come to mind, a) newbish, b) decent (lala)
and i gotta say suw is better than wunda lol

matze is better than phil (Ziege) i played with em both, matze is by far the best german now

as for the top 10 of all time, its hard to really comment, since i wasnt around then
i have to say tho, you shud be there, and botess too.
steforOld: (looking at the first year of TS)

1) battltank
2) scarab0
3) moooocoww
4) spdmouse
5) ven0mX
6) xtrmforce
7) deleader
8) drako24
9) bdt684

current: (looking at current standings)

1) atombombu/killerkgmegaf0rce
4) insectsx
5) dachschaf
6) suworow25
7) afwunder
8) ajw26
9) cnscheuer
Destroy3rThere are so many good players i agree on one thing though and that is that stefor is no1 nod. I have beaten suworow last 5 games weve had hes not all that as he has no variety. I admit bombu is v good 1v1 gdi weve played a few times and theyve been gg's and ob1 is v good 1v1 but he has super titans so he doesnt count^^. Ive only played like 1 year but i remember people doing bo's that i was like wtf like bl men, titans mk2 and gs i was like wtf u cheat but now its the norm.. it gets raped on the counter.. i can only talk about the present i wasnt around at the beginning, somneone said ton2 had 50 people gj :) anyhow ill stop boring u,
Laters Des
phatmouseok here is my list... old players tho is basically impossible cos so many good ppl in the past...
1)Xtrm (because of his buildorder it's still around today)
2)moo (when he was on ts he was easy the best)
3)Scarab0 (scarab was just pure evil in my opinion i loved his titan / dissr move he = invented that and it owned)
4) abu123456
5) gotenks
6) venomx
7) alc (for beating tenks/venom/doom all 1v1 and basically winning month for botess)
8)warlogin ( no one has mentioned daniel yet =( he was easly best german player)
9)mot (because he dont' play any more so they can't go in current)
10)gab (same as above)
8)killerkg (i only played him once but ever one else seems to think he's good)
9)(suw only played him once as well but he can't be to shit if he's in champ)
10)My Self (i really can't think of any one else i don't want to be conceited but i think my game is on the same level as insectsx)
alcohlboybish are u a retard ajw is #7 on opinion verison he's not in his.... I htink u should probably make sure to read right before u say something dumb.... and start a gay fight
alcohlboywarlogin as one of best oldtimers I forgot about him he was really good and fun to play with
atombombuOne of the oldest and most well respected clan im happy to say thats still is around would be HWD they maintain a good rank on avg have pretty decent players and maintain a highly respected reputation doing it all at once.Just commenting on one clan not the other so and so thats out there such as champ and moon for instance
BishForceJeez, soo much to read when u dont read it until now
i got like 1/3 way down and got bored pffffff

i read some wierd things at the top
ajw #7 in ajw's version, lol
and obi better than matze ?
however there is some things i gotta agree with
bombu current #1 gdi
stef current #1 nod (his gdi sux)

its hard to give a list of old times, since i read scars thingy, with the months, i wasnt even playing in july '00

but delly, moo, ajw, etc have to be there
but hmm, top 10 now
you cant really put it into order as few people 1on1 now, either cos ppl wont play em of cos they dont like it (cheats etc)
2on2 is hard to make a list as people play with different partners

by rights, bombu and stef shud be best team, being top players in their indivual teams, but they aint (sorry)
best overall 2on2 team wud have to be mot+gab, good team, until they lost to hod and law, (in june 01 i think) at which point they started losing shit loads of games (loss #2 to me and jenya :) )

mhmm, top 10 current
stef bombu mega matze have to be there
bazkui maybe, as long as he aint Ongo clan - cos if he is he reconned me and matze :(
law and hod top 10 as well, mainly as a team.
i spose i have to be there since i can beat them all, lose to them as well, with the right mate tho its a gg, but when it comes to those not in top 10, i rape em with a "lesser" (for want of a better word) mate
i spose sex4king has to be in there, nurtured by me (a little)in aughust, when he was kingshyt, and sucked badly in july, he left as kingnotsoshyt end of aughust (month jenya quit)
his nod is ok, but dies to tits and inf everytime

and last place goes to
dum dum dummmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmm
killerkg (u cant just have 1 korean - they do come in pairs)
the list, its a lot harder

it has to start with
#1 bombu - great all round player, iratic, has bad games, but usually plays with the players who can make up for that
#2 stefor (it pains me to say - but hes a good player) annoying, loses a lot, wins more
#3 matze - 2nd best gdi in the game yoyo
#4 hod - decent player, gets pissed off easy tho :)
#5 law (better player than hod in a way but...) surrenders at a whim when his refs get owned (grr)
#6 mega - only good cos bombu and gab took pity on him and trained him up - who can believe he was once that newbi dkizlude
#7 bazkui - korean, plays korean style, gets owned with 1 ref disr, nice long game
#8 killerkg - korean - not as good as baz
#9 MEEEEE - i wont comment, dont want to sound bias
#10 sex4king - used to be higher (better nod than stefor end of aughust) - but left me to play with Q, who jewed his nod style to a) gayness and b) any other normal nod player - just too predictable

sorry for those who i left out
ie ziege obi cns wunda - but put em with a newb mate and they do shit

best 2on2 team - mega bombu (When bombu goes nod)
best 1on1 player - since like none of em play 1on1 cept stef, guess he has to take it
best nod 2on2 - stef
best gdi 2on2 - bombu
most annoying player who calls cheat all the time when he loses to me (yes you know who you are) - stefor
worst english speakers - them damn koreans
best clan page scroller - sex4newbiking
best tantrums - hod
best moony style nod - me
worst cannons player - law (private joke)
worst clan leader - stef
player on the most - stef

most likely really good player for the future - dropdasop - BUT HANDS OFF, HES MINE !

if u disagree with me...
you can kma, im right

alcohlboyexotic as well forgot them...
1) Moo
2) XF
3) Scar
4) Fro
5) Battltank
6) Mot
7) bombu
8) deleader
9) Enemynr1
1) Stef
2) bombu
3) Mega
4) Suwor
5) killerkg
6) Wunder
7) insectsx
8) Matze
9) Ajw
10) Bill94
alcohlboybest clans....
botess,mirage,bd, unity*, mutany, I guess sharks won alot when I wasn't around, enigma, jast,
EnemyNr1What about best clan?? i mean..not best clan cuz of good players, but best clan cuz of their achievements..like how many times ended rank 1 clan etc etc...
1) xtm (we all use his bo's and e lasted longer then moo)
2) mooo
3) scar
4) rommel
5) afterbrth (he won it for jast/enigma so on
6) J0hn/nexx can u really seperate them?
7) Deadlyfat/riverrat
8) redsharky
9) abu/bigched
10) alcohlboy (yes me believe it or not I owned at one point back then)
1) bombu
2) stef
3) mooon guys seriously I can't tell them apart or know them but they do have the best 2 clans right now... (highest ranked anyways)
4) Maxpower.... and no he doesn't cheat u newbs
5) afwunder
6) mega
7) I don't even know who any one is these days...
8) ins
9) ajw
10) foxer
tibpanda (another list)Old
2) enemynr1
3) afterbirth
4) arostotle
5) ven0mx
6) gotenks
7) BDT
8) j0hn
9) nexx
10) un1b0mb
1) fuck the current
oh yea both lists not in order, all of them elite at there time
phatmousei got d/c before i could finsih that post bombu..i was about to say i know he (foxer) said he's got nothing against me.. but saying i aint nothing = no need.. foxer is hardly ts god.
atombombuok u 2 said ur peace now dont say n e more pls its 1 msg to 1 msg now
atombombutalking to foxer ajw?
phatmouseim not saying where i thinki should be cos thats coneited and gay, foxer tho me and gab = owned u and max me and ins owned you and max ajw26 2 foxer 0 eat my ass..i don't mind u saying your opinion but insult don't be a faggot just cos u can't even stop 4 dissrs 30 mins into game retard
1) mooocoww
2) xtrm
3) doomjudge
4) botess
5) battltank
6) scar
7) jingo
8) abu123456
9) havoc7777
1) bombu
2) mega
3) stefor
4) wunder
5) ajw
6) insect
7) suw
8) killerkg
9) bill94
10) atompanda
thats my list, love it, or hate it, get use to it
atombombucurrent = like after ra2 Thats when most ppl started to change and all, most ppl quit ts got dead while some ppl got better etc
sex4kingIn order of best
1- moocow
2- Xtrforce (changed nod forever)
3- Froside (wtf he rocked people froget him?)
8-chron (good long game he by up there if he play lots more)
9-killerkeg ( rocks 1v1 his 2v2 is too korean)

current=? stefor is old player and still plays? and when was the cut off line for current?

atombombupost ur top 10 here!!!! copy and paste on comment screen and itll show up just like it is

atombombustefor is good at 1v1's and 2v2 btoh ways hes not Ok hes been elite for along time . Some ppl just look at it differently.
LOLi agree with "an opionion" on some bombu defintly #1 he probably the best ts player ive ever fucking seen, HEs AWSeOME!!!!But there some dip shits i dont agree on with him and those gay d/cing moon germans i dont like them mega is good yeah and stef is Ok but i dont think hes better than mega.....YEAH WHERES WUNDEA
he use to own alot of people including battltank, also your forgeting abu123456 and Aftrforce, Havoc7777 was good and rommel had his momments. Tenks was better than jingo and nexx and j0hnwild, when u got j0hn and nexx apart from each other they sucked!
atombombubtw i agree with atombombu being #1
atombombuajw26 was pretty good back than still is
foxernice 6 7 8 9 and 10..considering they should all b deleted---lol guys that's just funny..bombu yes he's up there..stefor i guess so...mega..top 10..yes....3rd? no..what dumb ass put ajw26 on top 10? come on guys..be realistic..i dont care what he did a year ago or so..he's aint nothing now..im not saying i've got anything against ajw but..come on guys..ajw top10? lmao...as far as Suworow..he can b good in some games...however i rmember owning his entire base with 1 disr bc he tends to play like a dipfuck and spread ttians like a dumb ass--not 2 brag but it's not like any1 up there i havent beat..not saying they aint beat me...but pff guys..learn 2 pick better
phatmouseno wunder? he's better than me + the ppl below me in that list.. but tnx for the compliment...also what about insectsx
an opionionOld
1) moo
2) stef
3) xtrm
4) scar
5) bombu
6) spd
7) jingo
8) nexx
9) john
10) tank
1) atombombu
2) stefor
3) meagf0rce
4) SUW
5) KILLerkg
6) Bakzui
7) Ajw26
8) OBI
9) dach
10) matze
phatmousebill = wins best chat award hands down he = owns all at chating in ton2
matixi nominate bill94. for his excellent valor in combat...gg
matixummm dont forget this is top 10... im hearing all this about the best. when are u gonna make 2-10?
Gabsnip3 / gLnntonicsmartest player = unionism. He just lacked the game practice/ dedication to be elite.

Trust me on this
scarabHi all my friends, I haven't spoke to a lot of you in a while. Ok where do i start =]

September '99:
Everyone played ladder. Competetion was intense, I don't think I ever remember being cheated, but had a lot of good games. Best GDI : United20
Best Nod: Scorpi0n1 -.-v

November '99: Pretty much the same story. But at the end of november the first cheats came out such as Disconnection cheat. Best GDI : united20
Best Nod: a fairly unknown player, he played only on the Korean server and you guys will probably not know him, although he is very famous in korea on other games such as BW and Ra2, i remember him playing TS for 1 month and he was unbelievably good, Ssamjang.

December '99 : Ladder was a cheat party. Everyone cheated, Clanning got big, I enjoyed clanning way more than ladder these days. GNE and Mirage fought for #1, TNBZ and *BD* were good too, but they didn't play Enough.
Best GDI : TKFCaTiaN aka minegirl.
Best NOD : Dogbites

January '00: Clanning was awesome, Mirage A*TEAM and Botess were struggling very hard for the 1 position. I was in Mirage myself and we had some REALLY good players such as mooocoww and XtrmForce. Botess had Abuseall/abu/Venom/Tenks.
Although these 4 guys switched a lot between Mirage and Botess i think they were botess for most of the time this month and in february. A*TEAM won the month, probably cuz they were on Europe so much beating all those high ranked german FF teams =].
Best GDI : Moooocoww
Best NOD : Moooocoww

February '00: Still Botess vs Mirage, A*Team gone. It was this month that Xtrm and Moo quit, and abu and totle started to play a lot less as well, At the end of the month.
Botess vs Mirage was Great, I think Mirage had the better team, but they a LOT of back luck with ppl stealings wins and such things, that's why botess won the month =].
Best GDI : Venomx
Best NOD : arestotle

March '00: With some of the awesome players gone, some new players dominted the top ranks in clanning now. battletank,
BluePanda,CLOOOWN, stefor getting good at this point, Inacurate and RedSharky still playing, Nimixes getting good, BDT, TonyNBigi. This month was a messy month if I remember right. No real clans played the whole month. It was switching between teams. Botess-Mirage-T-Clan-Exodus towards the end. Mirage still played constantly, and I think they won this month =]. May was more Interesting. Best players were koreans, owning the ladder.
Best GDI : pshan3
Best NOD :anipop who played NOD during this time.

May '00 : T-Clan vs Exodus!! Great players on both sides, what a great matchup =]. This was probably the coolest month I ever played. At this point Xtrm was coming back, he was playing on and off and the next few months me him and war and blue would be playing a lot together, or against each other, great games. Anyway, Exodus vs T-Clan, T-Clan won. I had a great time with blue battle and everyone playing the Smurf BlakFire, and Redsharky&Inacurate, and everyone else on that team. =]
Best GDI : BluePanda
Best NOD : Inacurate.

April-August '00: A lot of hopping by me, i regret this =[. Everyone was just joining and leaving clans making new clans and leaving old clans, there were no more epic Clan fights such as Botess vs Mirage and everybody missed them. From this period till like June a few people just OWNED TS, with Deleader the new good player and stefor getting good at this point. they were all in the same clan(Just different clanname every 2 weeks), so the same group of people, with a few exceptions, won the clan thropy every month, such as Stefor being stubborn a few months and staying with DEUCE. Like i said these months were kinda sad , cuz everyone missed the clan battle=[. It was still fun playing though. had fun!!
Best GDI player : DeLeader.
Best NOD player : Stefor.

August-September '00 : I hooked up with bakzui and killerkg. I played so much with them these months, and that resulted in all of us Joing WpK, which was a great period of TS!! playing these 2v2 games with mass bombers titans and great mk2 control was great, and it's really cool to see the koreans perfect this style. =] This was really fun me, bakzui, killerkg clanned a lot. It was so much fun playing with them vs clans like Del's clan, Mort*(not sure) i think, with MOT and some other guys in it. Bakzui and Killerkg are my friends for life!!
Best GDI : Killerkg
Best NOD : Stefor
After this TS Died from me, I went on to RA2, and made a *FEW* comebacks here and then, for like 3 weeks. I was kinda sad these times though so i like to forget them =]
Sorry everyone for my bad manner during those times guys!
Now im playing BW and having a lot of fun.

Ok time for overall best players:
GDI : XtrmForce (Proved himself whenever, wherever)
NOD : Stefor ( he is an EXTREMELY good NOD, not being one of the best NODs untill he was in DEUCE., from then on he was always top3 NOD, and now he is the #1.)
Of course all my opinions are argueable, it's just an opinion. Thanks for reading this, It's just my opinion.
Everyone who says im the best player, thanks!!

Props to everyone I enjoyed playing with during TS, you know who you are=].
Take care


steforbombu: j0hn was one of the best at the real beginning of TS.
Mooooocoww will tell u the same

urdead: Team Anti Rush = legendary clan
ATOMBOMBUMe ans subzero32 played nexx and john l v r, sub got disked i was tr sub br and titans veerthing to sub, i attack john alot yet he was still attacking and i attacked nexx somewhat as well nexx went bombers... ienededup protecting sub with fs and killing john with bomberes than i mutilized nexx's base but u c they never xpanded they just built refs near main base and harvys then they let harvys go out and harvest, sub did good on defnse, they attacked a bunch but died cause of it i belive
pretvlek3remember t*a*r or whatever it was called? we had like 20/0/0 there
steforI liked our few games in Mirage urdead =)
we lose 1 or 2 games though @)$(@#)%(
pretvlek3man those god damn fucking discs were so fucking annoying they were all over the map
atombombuunbevliveable 2.5 hours not scouted jeeze lol
pretvlek3they needed all their tits n discs to rape us but we stood our ground, it was just a miracle :)
and why would they need d if they were unscouted for like 2,5 hours? my 593498498489234st scout buggy got trough his tits n discs which gave us the upperhand
atombombuhard to do that as in johna nd nexx no defnse for 2.5 houras...
PretVlek3cant we make this topic dutch since dutch folks own all ?

and ajw: we are probally the only ones who used the best tactic ever out there: apc rush xtrm, stefor or scar: no prob at all
ATOMBOMBUnice pret sounds hard to do that these days though without someone actually attacking..
PretVlek3Omg my english sucks, i typed too fast heh.
PretVlek3probally my best game ever:
me n tibshadow vs j0hnwild n nexx
terrace: i was tr tib br/ j0hn tl nexx bl
i was nod others were gdi
after getting disc and titan rushed for 2,5 hours without even gettin' close to scouting them and me dying like a billion times (god thank for the hijacker). De kinda pushed them back with 34232923932032 vulcans rpgs lasers n light inf (we didnt get to expand yet) and we actually killed them. j0hn had no D and my cc just raped him he just had 1 wf and cy though he had middle. nexx had like a billion bombers but my sams and tibs fs saved our ass once more. that game was soooooooooooooooooooooooooooo hard, but surviving 2,5 hrs to discs n titans was a miracle. and we won Too bad tib left TS soon after that, that my best time being in botess mirage etc.
phatmouseyes pret unity* was best clan =)

bombu that question is almost impossible to answer alot of ppl are gonna say koreans just cos they go for long game and hardly ever rush, but i think there where alot of other good players with great long game... scar/war etc had great long game
PretVlek3i was in pretty much clans and quiet agree on enemynr1: the smallest country owns the most
i dont know to tell whos best, to many players out there, but i have to mention xtrmforce, scar and stefor, they were so good (my apc rush worked on all of them, though )
unity* is best clan in my opinion.
worst on ts = westwood for not patching

grtz pretvlek3/xsublime1/urdeadman and lots more crappy names (damn passw guessers)
atombombuhow about the best reaction player OH no a disr and hit the wekest units? or who is the fastest clicker online who do you think is best overall player online!?How about someone who rushes with alot and stops with basically 1/2 used on them...Just somethings to think about
Maxpovver+ as long as u got like at least 1 sam, then they cant piss around moving dis all over place in air over ur base, so ur d is gonna be better

as 4 gdi id say it be prob easier 2 stop with rpgs tits, as long as u got an eng or 2 2 send in2 say ref or war if they 1 shot it
Maxpovveri remember playing with baf few month ago vs sturm n stefros newbs and all they would play was tvb, so we were reluctant but we played from top, me tr baf tl, baf anally probed sturms inf and raped his mcv early on so sturm got gangbanged, then stefros and my inf was a draw

ne way
back 2 question

later in game i remember i had like 5 inf and 2 refs no d
and 1 sam
stefros sends 1 dis 2 me im tr from br
so i make like 4rmen 2 lasers an eng and 2 bikes by time dis arrived
and i fucked around with putting laser under dis so wastes more time
he got nothing, i thought it was hilarious how i had 0 d and then piss all d and he gets nothing
from then on stefros just built up d and as sturm got arse raped again they kept demanding who we were which was funny, how they got ordasity 2 play from bottom then talk bs after we own em then demand who we were
phatmousethats a hard question bombu...alot of the good players could do that stop alot with little.. comes down to unit control tho so prob someone like mot would of been best
atombombuWhos the smartest ts player when it comes time to stop something that threy didnt csuch as:A disr iscoming all i hasve is inf What do i do as nod or gdi?
phatmousetony had very strong all round game.. i agree tank was prob the better dissr rush, however i played with them both alot and i think he was over all the stronger player ( although both where vgood)
steforgab: no1 mentioned tank?

ajw: I don't think so, Tony had a good offense, but tank was ahead of him, definitely. Tank was the fastest disr rusher for a long long time. Me n him r unbeaten. And him n blue were great as well.
phatmousegab : yes battl was really good 2v2
phatmouseinsectx = one of the best 'new' ts players 1v1 and 2v2 he some how got left out =)

Hmm stefor best 2v2 gdi of battltanks time of ts, was prob tonynbigi
EnemyNr1Like i said stef..i might forget some peeps..they are added
insectsxWTF! this is a fucking joke it aint putting all my msg on
it keeps cuttng me out after i say best 1v1
Whichim trying to say is ME!! ff and terrace lol BDT2000 always good partner also
insectsxWTF 1v1 best
insectsxwtf it didn't all go on that end bit is supposed to say
best 1v1
what a topic hehe
wtf only seen my name once!!
lol scar did make mistakes hehe me and him were playing 2v2 clanner and after 20 secs he says "surrender i made medic"
best 1v1
Gabsnip3 / gLnntonicwas battltank as good as people said he was?

i know he was elite but why has no one mentioned him?
steforbtw enemy; add tibshadow and outlaw17 to that list =)
atombombuhopefully thisll help ppl on what they need to work if they wanna get better
atombombuThat was really brave tight4lif.That took some guts to say dont worry though everyone in this titleed area is throwing there opionion Omg is some kid who dont know what to do other than talk trash.
steforGreat topic - gj bombu heh!


best nod in 1v1: me/xtrm
best nod in 2v2: me/xtrmgab

best gdi-rusher in 1v1: scar
best gdi-long gamer in 1v1: scar/spdmouse
best gdi in 2v2: tank
best with bombers + best comedian in games: drako24


best gdi overall rusher: bombu
best titan rusher: wunder
best gdi long-gamer: killerkg/megabombu (+ chron if he's not 2 lazy to practise :P)
best post on this topic: thechron1


EnemyNr1The weird thing is..i only read few names every time, you need 2 split TS in three parts

1. begin of TS(ownend by havoc777..icejeremy etc etc) and some korean guyz wich i forget the name of

2. midlle of TS (scar, jingo, venomx, moo, xtrm, ash,Gotensk me keke etc etc) in this time there were lots of good players..everyone won vs everyone, cuz there was lots of players..for example botess and mirage clan both wich like 15 or 12 members (all very good, so u have like 30 real good players) and some other good players on several clans (like wunder, stefor, mot..beginning to be very good)

3. New TS(like u guyz love to say ) All the old-skoolers who kept gaming, wich back in the days werent that good..are'like 'GODS'now and new peeps stood up to take over the empty spaces wich the old-skoolers left when they quited TS, for the best players of new TS..i really dont know, cuz i dont play that much anymore to know that and there are less peeps every day who game..so its hard to say

I know that everyone hates the koreans, but to be honoust they were awsome, like spdmouse psan3 etc etc..cuz they left ts for ra2 we dont see them much anymore...otherwise they would own this game..whenever u like it or not..most of the old skoolers will agree with me on this.

I rest my case with that there were sooooo many good players...you cant really pick 1 being the best, cuz of time periods..for me personal..i think SPDMOUSE..was best..this guy had diff. bo's..he's tits were awsome..deadly long game..knows how to use mk2 and bombers and that for a korean lol..and i dont know many peeps who can say 'i beated spdmouse'

PS: Oh yeah, you were foking lucky we dutch guyz didnt had 1 clan with the best dutch players ( we had dkf, but werent the best dutch players in 1 clan and the leader was gay keke mastertje aka nl84power)
Otherwise a dream team of dutch TS gamers:

Stefor, Ashraf99, Scarab, Chrodarc, EnemyNr1, Mastertje, Urdeadman, cvb6, Maverixx hmm maybe i forgot few peeps, but they will let me know when they read this keke


phatmouseFuniest ts player = gab, he has the best jokes by far.
phatmousegab is right no one mentioned tenks/ven0mX they where fucking evil in messiah.
Gabsnip3 / gLnntonicYou just have to know how to play vs suw

I beat him 1 vs 1, 3 times in a row with stef watching (twice from tl) Nod each time.

And i cannot 1 vs 1 to save my life.

(matix15 beat me 1 vs 1, that is how much sux0ring there is)
Maxpovversuw = scariest player 2v2 !!! no shit
Gabsnip3 / gLnntoniclol

I laugh because i havent read Angel63, Red, Inac, Warlogin, Zod, Tenks + a lot more who were very good.

And people like Deleader have only been mentioned once.


Mot and I were unbeaten for 5/6 months notching up about 200 + wins easily and 0 Losses. Stef + Scar have VERY few losses. Moo + X were frightening to play. Mot + Bombu have 1 or 2 losses, Bombu + Mega are good

etc etc

Dont forget TNBZ who raped moo + x in like 3 minutes on secret names, as well as *BD* Players.

Id say best Disr / Carryall control was MOT easily.
Best Mammy / Carryall control goes to a Korean
Titan control id say AJW (he = wins titan wars with 10 less titans)
Best Overall TS player (1 vs 1, 2 vs 2, etc) = Scar
Best GDI = Scar (1 vs 1)/ Mot (2 vs 2)
Best Nod = Xtrmforce (MAYBE Stef) (1 vs 1) / Me (2 vs 2 yes i know i rowx j00)
Best inf rusher = Tony
Best plane control = EEaFatguy
People who changed the game = Inac, Xtrmforce, MOT, Me (in a small way ^^), Angel63 + others

Most BO innovation = Xtrmforce (X BO = what modern TS is based on)
Most bug finds/ game innovation = Me again (carryall bug, suicide planes, suicide missile etc)

Best CC control = Stefor easily. So evil with the CC
Best Q = Froside. He had the best Q control EASILY. send disr in, Q, use bomber also.
Best Engs = me (sorry but it has to be said =) )
Best team = *BD* / X + Moo / Stef + Scar / Me + Mot (heh). Other great teams include stef + wunder, bombu + anyone, Outlaw + Hod (even though they are ghey!!1), Mega + Most people.

Best Tourny rush = MOT (20 disc 20 inf 8 titans 2 disr mammy/ ghost)

anyway give more categories and you shall have more answers

I know i am a bit biased including myself but i believe it is true in the areas i have said it ;)
OmgGo to Partys get STONED Smoke some A-Grade get HIGH Red Bull N Vodka :) :) DONT PLAY NERDISH GAMES
Thechron1Best at getting owned with titans = stefor
Best at picking cotton = megaforce
Best missile shot = stefor's "missile hack"
And the dumbest thing done by a player goes to megaforce, for selling his mcv on repair when his deployed mcv, wars were getting killed. :)
OmgTight aka Joe LMFAO dude saying im sorry to stefor ITS JUST A GAME GET OVER IT
Omgim ASHAMED in u Joe
k I have to say that despite our differences, Bombu probably is current best gdi on ts. Stefor has good nod... and I'm not sucking up to him but I want to say I'm sorry
Omghaha u all nerds Hmmm let me think go fuck y0 mother guys u all play TS if its like ur life all u do is say Look @ me im so good hahaha ur all a fucking joke i bet if i seen ur pics u would all look like fat fucks with TONS of pimpels all of u prolly cant get any chicks u all A+ students and suck dick for a living
tight4lifk I have to say that despite our differences, Bombu probably is current best gdi on ts. Stefor has good nod... and I'm not sucking up to him but I want to say I'm sorry.. I was calling stefor all kinds of shit then he wished me good luck with my clan and wasn't even mean... and I understand why he thought I cheat. just makes me mad.
I think Unionism got left out on list also.. he was once best long gamer from my point of view
dan3157best players i played way back in January 2000 were deleader and spdmouse.
Odom7lol @ panda...u acyz bluefoxer...tear it up at 13..AND BLUTO7 he owns too lmfao
atompandaall in favor of me being best 13 yr old on ts press 1
atombombulol yeah i was in dels clan he did some weird stuff it worked to that was funyn part
MstrofTmeg0g0 deleader
atombombuill post my opionion about other ppl soon itll take awhile for me to make it cause ill do it on every single person i think of off the top oof my head sorry if i forget you let me know and ill pot somehting about you later
Rayhopes mot reads this because i cant talk to him ne other way TAKE ME OFF IGNORE ON AIM FFS PLZ
Best PlayersXtrmforce, chorn, mooo, bombu,stefor,wunder,mot,gab,.ajw,

Best players in new ts:bombu stefor wunder ajw mega
Best dutch/germans:obi dach matze stefo pret cns cnc stefr0s
best old school players:bombu xtrm moo stefor botess scar doomjudge jingo cloown
Best gdi's:xtrm obi bombu dach matze megaforce
best unit control:megaforce
best nod:stefor
Best gdi:bombu
All of them r fucking good players but the one thats got alota combos tucked in his shirt is probably atombombu
Odom7every1...we all know odom is the best dont worry bout mooo,scar,stefor,mega,bombu, and whoever else..odom = best nod/gdi we all no it..honestly quit ur bitching
RayAnonmousy or what ever are u german cuz ur english plane sucks "hooked on phonics worked for me"
sex4king "omg" is the best ts player i think
AnonymousI think the greatest ts players of all time are stefor bombu xtrmforce mega is good now mot gab scar was good in the old days but bombu really improved over years , so i think bombu has my vote on this one his gdi in perspective is very good , his nod is well rounded off with much knoledge of stuff, xtrmforce made the nod bo and used nod and gdi well but he wasnt very good for "The new" ts where ppl began to be good stefor mega wunder all of them ajw26 even hes pretty good became pretty good and stuck with there game and never gave up, thats why there so good, but i think bombu is best over all well reounded player, mega also stepped up to the plate also with his skills in ts hes good , wunder was in mutiny and many clans he use to play much with xtrmforce until X left, now he hangs out with stefor, and plays some ith him, ajw26 was in unity with bombu X chron blue and a few others tony was in unity as well stefor made his seperate coutner clan deeuce scar was pretty good and still is OK but in the old days he was said to be on of the bestall though i dont think he was PERFECT but he did have good games and bad, But overall bombu has my vote
Rayfunniest duo on ts = Atompanda/Tibpanda ..... always count on them to get slapped/laugh
raywhat a faggit "omg" " dont live life on ts" wtf u doing on champs website u obviously were on ts to find out u dumb hypocrtpyt
i think that scar was definietly the best ever...
I gotta give credit to bombu i always thought he was awsome all around....
mot/gab were awsome together and were like unbeatble for a few months there
Anyone in unity really changed the game, by making rushing a thing that everyone does
After unity left stefor and his clans were always up there i have to say...

bah that's my 2 cents
atombombufunny guy Omg whoever you are:)This is expression of opionns doesnt mean all of them r truegetting on with the topic not getting off hand
phatmouseif you're so care free why are you posting 'omg' your wasting your time go live life to the max.
phatmousejingo was only good with moo heh
Omgu all r nerd LoL hahah Trying to start an convo saying whos the best what FREAKS go to partys and GETS FUCKING STONED LIVE LIFE 2 DA MAX dont live it on the Computer
omgfuck sake hey guys is TS ur life or something Mot Gab bombu stefor and many more... ur all fucking nerds who have no life come on who the fuck Perfetcs a game and lives on the comp and plays TS to perfection it only takes a nerd 2 do that
tibpandajingo was a good 1on1er cause of his lag!!!
same with DOOMJUDGE he was hella good when he played.
sex4kingwtf mot korean long games owns all ah ha dont be jelous of their long game pimpp styles
sex4kingkillerkeg=best 1v1 he plays nod right smart with dis. vs gdi he goes mass D no way to touch him he doestn like fs just 56 sams. Xtrmforce=best nod. huhu best team=mot+gab not many 2v2's can go without a loss for that long and not loose that much. Hi : D
phatmousefirst time i played mooo i didn't know hwo he was and i got raped so bad.
Ray101284 whatrs the worst raping ne1 has ever had?? hopefully this will start a new topic.

for me... is when i played stefors gdi 1v1.... med inf to me i bl he tr i nod he gdi im here pumped up

for that inf
i teched
inf get there
and a fucking disr comes and totally ass rapes me

game over game duration 5 min 35 seconds =(
phatmouseabu12345/arestotle = good team
phatmouseScar was so fucking EVIL he would hardly ever make a single mistake.
atombombuscar use to have a good gdi, i remeber alot of goodgames i played with and VS him, i remember playing one game with mooocoow they won t v b but he was bl he put fs above cy right where u normally deploy cy off the start like far away from all everything else he had 2 refs 4 harvys nothing much...
Ray101284....... f u? !
phatmouseray you enjoy playing with 'it' ? HUHUHU
Ray101284wtf odom.... my gdi ant that bad when id ont fuck around normally i do weird bo's just to fuck around...... i tried stefs gay gdi bo how the fuck do u do it only main problem i have is defending and no good m8........ btw sex4king's gdi is pretty good i enjoy playing with it
odom7ray = worst gdi...to set the records straight him and king = woorst gdi
Ray101284 captnkii and i play well together set aside from ajw hes currently one of my fav m8's.... me an odom used to have a streak going on raped moon pretty damn funny
Ray101284hehe i do agree with bombu being current best gdi/nod

but bombu u doush bag! when we play for ngu sometimes u go all korean an shit and pffffff and blah and !! grr
phatmousethe average nod player apart from like 2 ppl i know = ref/ref/war/ref etc (xtrm bo) so basically thre is 2 thins noramly do...whoever i next to gdi = inf other = 2 ref dissr or 1 ref titans fakes ot nod so it goes defence then double gdi.. if i had 2 ref dissr that game your prtner would of been fucked c os he teched like 30 seconds before meand he did 2 ref i did 4 ref... cos ins inf'd him
odom7what would u of done different..maybe 1 more titan?
scout man scout..actually u could of saw nod when game started not my fault...bah o well its a wash..first game was luck vs nebula that game was owned by me and panda
phatmousethis sin't the place to bitch, you read the title... and i dunno about other game vs nebula, but u didn't win it washed it came close maybe, cos we messed our strat up cos you switced sides and w edidn't know till to late.
odom7best player now is odom fer sher
odom7blue..baby dick
odom7ray...err i better now ask ajw how my nod is...and uhh i washed nebula 2iwce both wins but stupid mistakes vs insec both games..insec = very fuckng good bah
phatmousesorry got it mixed up =)
Ray101284 Best tank control: is tankspy omg he ownsss with titans my 10 titans vs his 6 dmged ones and he wins by 1 tit..... either my tit control blows or his is awesome
MstrofTmeand that's mot/bombu = xxx/1
phatmousespdmouse = good 1v1
MstrofTmekoreans = gh3yest long game which never wins
ray101284lol... koreans are shitty gdi'ers beside bazkui or what ever his name is bakzui blah blah..... they go 100000000000000 titans.......

scariest team i think is Afwunder + stefor stupid tits and engies best gdi m8 ive had is ajw cuz he can attack and defend and doesnt sit there when u get doubled like mad cough cough ( odom )
Ray101284i disagree on fastest builder for Xtrm.... a while back i 1v1ed him and beat him on speed to engies 3 games in a row...... but of course his gay def and attack raped me in the end
phatmouseBest Dissr control: Mot
Fastest builder: Xtrm
Best defence: Chron (wtf 1000000 component towers)
Best eng:Gab
Best cc control : stefor
Best random map/tt player: Nl84power
Scariest team to play vs: moo/xtrm
Best win/loss ratio: gab/mot xxx/1
Best 1v1: Scarab/xtrm
Best bomber control: TonyNBigi

Best old school teams : *bd*,TNBz

lalalaOdom = JEWBAR Nod LMFAO
lalalalalBaf is very good Player both NOD and GDI but those koreans r fucking good GDIers
BLUEfoxerodom = newb at both nod and gdi
Odom7odom7 = best for switching to nod now ajw is pissed..lala ODOM = best nodder
Maxpovvernod/gdi as in meaning the best player which is good with both gdi and nod, not the best of both.
Maxpovverscar yes prob best gdi, but bombu is prob best current nod/gdi player and some good korean players around like lovetree etc...
phatmousejesus christ i can't fucking spell today...Through out*
phatmousethough out*
phatmousebest player of all time hmm...so hard to say, Xtrm changed how nod was played so much and made it good.. so he has to get respect for that, However i think gab was definitly best 2v2 nod later on. My fav gdi player of all time hmm...i think scarab he wsa always such a strong player.

However there was a shit load of great ts players throught ts history...They are my choices tho =)
GdiNOd76I think cheesehut is the best tiberainsun player there ever was!!!!!!! He built these things that looked like pigs anyone got that cheat?
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