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Monday Night Raw
August 1, 1994
Beeghly Center at Youngstown State University in Youngstown, OH

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Christopher Robin Zimmerman
Written by: Christopher Robin Zimmerman

Hype for tonight's big match: Ramon and Michaels. They have a
history, you know. Big ladder match at WrestleMania, and then we
take you back two weeks to see Michaels and Diesel work over
Ramon as he came to the aid of Lex Luger. Say, isn't that Vince
McMahon's voice?

Monday Night RAW, coming to you "live" from the Beeghly Center at
Youngstown State University in Youngstown, OH 1.8.94 and broadcast
on the USA Network.

Your hosts are Vince McMahon and Randy Savage. Savage
congratulates Vince on pinning the United States Justice System to
the mat 1, 2, 3, and then does an Andres Cantor-like "Not
Guilteeeeeee! Not Guilteeeeeeeee!"

Shawn Michaels v. rRazor rRamon, part II - I'll bet you thought
Savage would stop there. No way, the digs at our fine court system
are still coming. As you might expect, Michaels is accompanied by
WWF Intecontinental Champeen Diesel. Razor comes to the ring with
no one. Staredown, Michaels with a shove. Lockup, go behind, whip,
whip, missed clotheslin, missed hiplock, missed something or
other...and that's in the first ten seconds. Michaels walks down
Ramon's back and showboats, so Razor slugs him and Michaels flies
out of the ring. Diesel stands over him so Razor stays in. Finally,
Michaels tries to come back in, but Razor punches him first, and
Shawn falls out. Repeat. On the third try, Michaels rakes the face.
Michaels climbs to the second rope--and runs into a big fist.
Michaels finally scores some offense with a surprise neckbreaker.
Now it looks like they might slow down enough for me to keep up
with them. Michaels with a knee to the back. Michaels with a punch,
and a face in the turnbuckle. Whip, reverse, Michaels jumps on the
ropes, tries a splash, Razor catches him and slams him for 2. Arm
bar by Ramon. Savage is STILL putting down the justice system.
Michaels with plenty o forearms. Ramon whips him into the corner,
but MIchaels leaps over RAmon and delivers some more punches.
Slam, stomp by Michaels. Michaels with the whip and dropkick for 2.
Michaels with some more jabs, and a big roundhouse (and Ramon
with a nice spit take). Michaels chokes Ramon on the second rope,
then steps aside. While Referee "Blind" Dave Hebner has a few words
with the Heartbreak Kid, Diesel gives Ramon another choke. Michaels
with a headlock. Ramon with some elbows, and Michaels breaks the
hold. They come off the ropes, Michaels tries a hip toss but Ramon
turns it into a backbody drop for 2. Michaels quickly gets another 2
count, and goes back to the headlock. Again, Ramon elbows and
punches out. Off the ropes, Michaels tries a Frankensteiner, but
Ramon stops him, delivering a semipowerbomb and then following it
up with a slingshot which takes Michaels outside and onto Diesel.
Since someone's out of the ring, let's take an ad break.

When we come back, we show you a replay of the
semipowerbomb/slingshot, in case you didn't believe you just saw it.
And now, Michaels has the edge...until he climbs the rope and Ramon
throws him. Razor with his patented abdominal stretch..Michaels has
a counter, the Stooges eyepoke. Michaels with an elbow to the back,
another to the back of the head. Whip, Michaels puts his head down.,
and Ramon drives it into the canvas. Ramon with big back body drop
(I miss Vince singing that out). Ramon with stomps to the back.
Whip into a bearhug. Michaels sells it pretty well. Hebner makes
sure that Michaels can't grab the hair. Finally, Michaels hits some
desperate elbows to the head. He tries to pick up Ramon for a slam,
but his back is hurt. Ramon goes back to the bearhug. Michaels
climbs over Ramon and tries a sunetflip, no. Ramon sits on him for 2.
Michaels reverses for 2. Ramon with another 2. Ramon comes off
the ropes, and gets sent on a free trip outside. Diesel meanders over
to see if he's ok. Hebner, still checking on Michaels, completely
misses the delivered clothesline outside the ring. Let's take another
ad break, since Ramon is outside the ring.

When we come back, Diesel is putting Ramon back in as a courtesy.
Michaels goes out, sets up Ramon on the apron, and delivers an
elbow from the apron to the Bad Guy's head on his way to the floor.
Everybody's back in, and Michaels is doing some boxing. Michaels
then drags Ramon's face across the rope. Flying elbow for 2. 4 count
chokes by Michaels. Razor blocks a punch, and delivers one.
Michales' spit take is even better. Michaels with a sleeper! Razor
goes down, but I bet his arm only falls twice. 1, 2, ...nope. Razor is
finding some adrenaline! Back suplex! And now they're both down.
Ramon is up at 5 and lays an arm across for 2. MIchaels gets up, and
whips Ramon, who kicks him in the gonads. They're both down
again. Michaels gets back up and whips Ramon...and they butt heads.
They're both down again. I guess Michaels better not whip Ramon
any more. This could be a double countout! Just after 9, they stir.
This time it's Razor getting the advatage, delivering a series of blows.
Razor whips Michaels into the turnbuckle. Michaels does his fllip and
runs into a clothesline. 2 count for Ramon. Ramon sets up Michaels
for the superplex, but Michaels elbows him. Michaels with a plancha,
but Ramon rolls it over for 2. Michaels with his superkick for 2.
Michaels makes the "that's it" sign. He's picking him up! He',
Ramon countered and once again they are both down. Michaels
wanted to use the Razor's Edge, but no dice. Finally, Ramon gets up
and gives HIS "that's it" sign. Diesel climbs up on the apron, so Razor
goes over and punches him out. Michaels sneaks up and Ramon
punches HIM out. Michaels grabs the belt, and Ramon punches him
before he can use it. As Hebner turns around and sees a belt in the
ring, he feels it's his duty to remove it from the ring. Again, he fails
to notice Michaels whiping Ramon into Diesel's big boot. Add a little
pull of the tights and we have a 3 coutn for the Heartbreak Kid in his
return match. Just in case you weren't sure there was an angle going
on here, Michaels and Diesel demolish Ramon. Michaels sets up
Ramon for the Razor's Edge...but a bevy of WWF referees show up
and promise heavy fines, so Michaels just drops him in disgust.

Todd Pettengill with *your* SSR, delivered to you by Domino's Pizza.
It's four weeks away! Tickets are still available via TicketMaster.
The new match is Lex Luger v. Tatanka. You may recall that last
week Tatanka made the challenege right here on Monday Night Raw.
That big double main event is Undertaker/Undertaker and in a steel
cage match, Hart/Hart for the WWF Title. The Intercontinental Title
will be on the line when Diesel takes on Razor. Todd suggests that
Ramon needs a little backup for this match. Duh.

Bull Nakano v. Alundra Blayze - you read right, this match is NOT for
the WWF Women's title. Bull has the Orient Express theme (and I
actually thought Kato was coming out...sigh) and a manager in Luna
Tunes (trivia: Luna's theme used to be Tito Santana's years ago). We
take an ad break. Gee, Bull has a pretty face. Bull with slap, and
throw into the ropes. Bull with missed clothesline, Balyze with kicks.
Bull with a punch to the gut off the roeps. Bull with big spinning
hairpull. Bull with another big spinning hairpull. Blayze with some
punches to the gut. Blayze with a flying head scissors for 2. Blayze
with another kick, a missed kick, and Bull with a choke into a
clothesline. Bull with another hairpull into a slam. Repeat. 2 count.
Bull with a headlock, and then some nice hair wrenching. Blayze gets
up and they trade slaps..Blayze loses that one. Bull chokes her on
the ropes and snaps her to the canvas. Bull with a vicious piledriver.
1, 2, she pulls up her head (even though her foot is on the rope). Bull
with a big powerbomb, but only 2. Blayze counters something with
something else for 2. Blayze climbs the ropes and tries a flying head
scissors, but completely misses. Bull with a scoop and a slam. Bull to
the ropes, but misses a butt drop. Alundra hits her German
suplex...and BULL KICKS OUT! Bull tries to slam Blayze, but she rolls
into a bridge for 2. She climbs the ropes, BUll grabs her hair and
thrws her, and SHE climbs the ropes. Alundra dropkicks her and she
falss from the corner to the floor. Blayze follows and delivers a
plancha (or is it a tope?) Bull recovers and whips Blayze into the
post (no noise). Well, they're brawling pretty nicely, and that ref
looks like he's made it to ten...double countout. Luna sneaks up on
Blayze and delivers some weak double axehandles. Blayze whips
Luna into Bull and they both go flying. Cue Alundra's music.

Promos: ICOPRO (Ramon), GI Joe, Super Street Fighter 2

Hype for next week's big match: Bam Bam Bigelow & IRS vs. Doink &

You might think it's time for the King's Court, but the King doesn't.
He's going out into the audience. Instantly, you KNOW there's a
marriage proposal coming up. The King introduces us to Mike Boyle,
who pops the question to his girlfriend Andrea. We'll get her answer
after this ad break.

When we come back, Lawler is asking Andrea if she's pregnant.
Nope. Finally, she says "Yes." Lawler: "Love your husband, honor
your husband, but get as much as you can in your name." Savage: "I
have to agree with him..." Anyway, Lawler makes some pretty good
jokes and then kisses her (or did he bite her nose?) and off she goes.
After that, Lawler brings out Bob Backlund. For those of you that
missed it, Backlund was pinned in his big title match with Hart.
When Hart tried to shake his hand a second time, Backlund
"snapped" and put Hart in a chicken wing. Backlund still makes
triangles with his hands. Backlund makes a confusing interview...
"You people have changed in the last ten weak you are!...I
was never pinned, and I did not submit!" Vince starts talking over
Backlund, which means he really DOESN'T make any sense. Lawler:
"Bret Hart claims to be a part of the New Generation...what do you
say to that?" Backlund: "Bret Hart is part of a society that I want
nothing to do with! They're not disciplined enough, they don't work
hard enough, and they don't pay the price!" And there's some more
shouting, and Lawler takes over. As we fade out, Backlund shakes
hands with Lawler...

The Smoking Scotsmen v. George Anderson & Tom Bennett

Promos: Spiderman Venom: Maximum Carnage, Slim Jim (Savage),
Mortal Kombat II

This match is so exciting, we take an ad break in the middle of
it...and the match is only five minutes long! Savage makes some
more inside jokes about the trial. As we fade out, the Gunns get the
three count.

See ya next week!

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