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November 15, 1993
Taped 11/08/93 at the Fernwood Resort, Bushkill, PA

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Christopher Robin Zimmerman
Written by: Christopher Robin Zimmerman

Other news: Kiss Joe Fowler goodbye. Not even ten weeks and the man is
gone from the ranks of WWF host/interviewers, no doubt a result of the
cost-cutting moves made lately in that department by the WWF. Vince McMahon
subbed as host of "All-American Wrestling" yesterday, with yet another host
for the show next Sunday.

WWF Monday Night RAW, coming to you 15.11.93 from the Fernwood Resort in
Bushkill, PA (but taped 8.11) and broadcast on the USA Network.

Recap of last week's fracas between the Macho Man Randy Savage and Crush. I
think it must be a lot of fun for someone to keep replaying that shot of Vince
McMahon getting tossed to the ground.

Your hosts are Vince McMahon and Bobby 'the Brain' Heenan. Vince annoucnes
that WWF President Jack "Solomon" Tunney has suspended Savage from
commentary until further notice, undoubtedly an unexpected bonus from all
those WWF cutbacks. Well gang, it took us ten months, but finally Bartlett
and Savage are out, and Heenan is in.

rRazor rRamon v. The Brooklyn Brawler - Now that they're off camera and can
dub some commentary, Vince informs us that Jerry Lawler is having some legal
problems and Tunney has reinstated Shawn Michaels so that he can take on
'his old nemesis, Bret Hart' along with the Knights at the Survivor Series.
Quickly, some heat is built for the 'Who is the Intercontinental Champion?'
angle, and quickly, last year's SS Main Event of Michaels/Hart is reminisced
over. Quickly, Ramon saves us from all this excitement with a quick Razor's
Edge over the MVP (Whatever happened to...). Oh by the way, the name 'Jerry
Lawler' is not mentioned the rest of the night.

Pre-taped Crush interview. Well, at least his hair has been unbleached.

SS Hotline plug. Vote for the WWF Superstar of the Year!

Hype for the Survivor Series Showdown. 4 April 1993, Hart loses the WWF
Championship thanks to Fuji's interference. 21 November 1993, the return
match. This Sunday!

The Head Shrinkers v. Mike Bucci & Mike Maraldo

Promos: ICOPRO (New, Ramon), "New" WWF Figures, Electronic Hot Shot

The commentators discuss Rio Rogers, Vince's new cohost on "Superstars," and
casually mention that Bret Hart is taking on IRS this weekend on the same
show. Geez, they really pull out Hart for sweeps month, don't they? Bucci
& Maraldo have an interesting sequence of near falls, but unfortunately they
don't know that "you jump over my shoulders while I stand here and do
nothing" move.

Let us take you back to last week's "Superstars," where the Narcissist and
the Steiners introduce the fourth member of the All-Americans--the
Undertaker. Lawler is already dubbed out and replaced with Heenan.

Quebecer Pierre v. The Narcissist - Is it just me, or does that picture of
Luger look like his head is grafted onto someone else's body? Anyway,
before Luger's entrance, we take an ad break (1). While Luger starts early,
Vince announces that West Coast voters will receive a special refund...hmm,
I wonder who WE voted for for this match. Pierre goes outside after being
dominated. Luger follows. Polo jabs Luger with his polo stick thing,
distracting him and turning him around. Pierre sees an opportunity,
forgetting that the American Original has eyes in the back of his
head...Luger turns it into a back body drop on the mats. We take an ad
break (2). When we come back, Luger is covering Pierre for 2. Arm bar,
good thing we got back in time for this exciting action! Pierre wakes up
and clotheslines Luger. General pounding on the part of the Quebecer.
Luger powers out and clotheslines Pierre. Resume arm bar, and I'm starting
to remember why we only see this guy once every five months. Polo *again*
distracts Luger so Pierre can axehandle him from behind. Luger is run
roughshod over with various STEEL components of the ring while Polo
threatens to use his polo mallet doohickey on Luger. Back in, Pierre for 2.
Pierre with *another* 2 count, then a reverse chinlock. Pierre (to crowd):
"US WHAT?" We take an ad break (3) as Luger powers out by putting even more
pressure on his back. When we come back, we're back to the submission hold.
Again Luger stands up, impossibly, and falls backward onto Pierre.
Piledriver by Pierre for 2. Pierre drops a leg from the top rope for 2.
Side suplex by Pierre, and AGAIN he climbs the ropes (he misses). Luger
tries to shake the cobwebs, but Pierre comes to first. He drives Luger's
head into the turnbuckle. Luger fails to do a wardance. Pierre decides to
take Luger to the opposite corner, trouble is Luger puts on the brakes while
Pierre continues, slamming his own head into the corner. They trade blows
for about half an hour until it's only Luger. Referee "Blind" Danny Davis
stands mute regarding the hundred closed fist shots he's seeing. Luger
comes alive and back body drops the Quebecer twice. Luger with powerslam
for 2. Luger sits Pierre on the ropes for a superplex, but Pierre hits him
in the head instead. Luger picks up Pierre and throws him across the ring.
Polo steps up on the apron, so Luger waffles him. Finally, with a flash of
brilliance, Luger remembers that he has a steel plate in his forearm and
nails Pierre with it. Pierre is out, 1, 2, 3. Heenan is livid.

Promos: GI Joe, Electronic Talking Battleship ("Yeah!"), WWF Royal Rumble
games carts (It's Perfect!)

Jacques is out to help Polo try to revive the unconscious Quebecer.

Survivor Series ad.

The stretcher is out to take Pierre away. Could the plan to eliminate Luger
have backfired, eliminating Pierre instead?

SSS ad, again. Vince tells us that the first Rio Rogers Roundup will
feature Shawn Michaels and Stu & Helen Hart, for some quick heat no doubt.

Diesel v. Sid Garrison - Diesel, Shawn Michaels' former bodyguard, takes on
Marty Jannetty, Shawn Michaels' former tag team partner, this weekend on
"Challenge." Funny how they can not mention Shawn Michaels' name every ten
seconds all of a sudden.

Todd Pettengill with *your* SSR, brought to you by the Program, which is
guaranteed chock full o' errors. Pierre has a he out? We
don't know yet. Well, anyway, let's run down as much of the card as we can.
All-Americans (minus one, plus one) vs. Foreign Fanatics (maybe minus one).
Perfect, Ramon, Kid, Jannetty vs. Bomb, Diesel, Schyster, Martel.
Shrinkers, Booger, Bigelow vs. Doinks. Let us take you back to "Superstars"
where THREE Doinks take over the video wall. Gee, I bet we see FOUR next
week! Family Feud is NOT mentioned, although the SMW Tag Team Title match
is. SS Hotline plug for good measure.

An in-depth look into Jeff Jarrett's private recording studio. Yaaaaawn...

Huh, that's it. Next week: The Survivor Series Showdown! Sunday, 21
November at 7pm on the USA Network. Featuring the return matchup from
WrestleMania IX, if you can remember back that far.

Christopher Robin Zimmerman, that RAW guy

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