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January 03, 1994
Taped 12/13/93 at Mid-Hudson Civic Center in Poughkeepsie, NY

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Christopher Robin Zimmerman
Written by: Christopher Robin Zimmerman

Monday Night RAW, coming to you from the Mid-Hudson Civic Center
in Poughkeepsie, NY 3.1.94 (but taped 13.12.93) and broadcast on
the USA Network.
We open with a Paul Bearer/Undertaker interview, followed by last
weekend's Challenge interview of Cornette and Yokozuna (and Fuji)
by Stan Lane, where we learn that saying the word "casket" puts the
WWF Champion in a frenzy.

Your hosts are Vince McMahon and Johnny Polo, who provide all
commentary. Hearken back to the glory days of the GWF as Polo
does color.

Yokozuna v. Dan Dubiel - I just did some checking...this is the first
time in the one year history of Monday Night RAW that we get a
show this stale (three weeks after the initial taping). What a way to
celebrate the first anniversary of MNR. Yokozuna is unbelievably
brutal with the butt drop.

Let us take you back to Superstars and The Narcissist v. Jacques
Rougeau - Pierre comes in, so Luger pins 'em both, then nails Polo for
good measure. Actually this was a pretty good match, but not
chopped up and given to me on MNR in place of a real match.

Vince McMahon, 'earlier today,' interviews Luger, who thanks the
fans for plunking down their hard earned dollars on the voteline.
Luger implicitly roots for the Undertaker at the Rumble Royale. He
also promises to do his darned best if he is allowed in the Rumble.
Let's see, three spots left. One for the Japanese guy, one for the
Puerto Rican guy...who can we find for that last spot...

Thurman Plugg spiel. Again, I have to point out that although the car
says "Sparkey," the graphic says "Sparky." This is SO annoying.

BBB & BB v. the Smoking Scotsmen -

Promos: ICOPRO (Tatanka), Street Fighter 2: Special Champion
Edition Sega carts

Bigelow and Billy start. Lockup, Bigelow carries Billy, whips him and
clotheslines him. Bigelow with power moves. Billy dropkicks
Bigelow out, amazingly. He goes back in and gets caught in an arm
wringer. Tag to Bart, resume arm wringer. "Booger" chant has
started for no reason. Bigelow comes back with a vicious elbow. Tag
to Booger. Bart gets behind him and promptly gets run into a post.
Booger with whip and clothesline. Out goes Bart, let's take an ad

When we come back, Booger is bulldogged for the save. Double
shoulderblock. Bart rushes Booger, who holds down the rope. Bart
still manages to go under it. Bigelow takes out Bart while referee
"Blind" Dave Hebner is distracted by Booger and Billy. Bigelow works
over Bart. Snap suplex. 2 count. Billy is doing some frenetic
cheerleadin, but all for nought. Tag to Booger. Elbow. Leg drop!!!
It's over now, right? No, only 2. Chop by Booger. Head butt. Whip
and a miss, duh. Bart is reaching for the corner...tag to Bigelow, tag
to Billy. House afire bit while Luna massages Luna's hump. bam
Bam is in all sorts of trouble, and Booger is showing some
appreciation to Luna Tunes. Bam Bam is getting DDT'd. Amazingly,
he's kicking out. Booger is actually KISSING and hugging Tunes. Oh
no, he's in love with her. Meanwhile, Bigelow has finally noticed
what's going on and goes out to defend the honor of his woman.
Somehow, there's a countout while they fight. I guess they won't be
teaming up again any time soon. Gunns by countout.

Todd Pettengill with YOUR RRR. Let's recap those rules. Here's the
participants. B. Hart, Crush, Kamala, O. Hart, Doink, Mabel, S. Steiner,
Michaels, Diesel, Bomb, Bigelow, Savage, the Kid, Fatu, Samu, R.
Steiner, Backlund, Valentine, the Gunns, Martel, Booger, Jannetty, Mo,
Dubba J, B0rga, Tatanka...and three more. Championship Casket
Match, Yokozuna vs. Undertaker. Tag Tilte Match, Harts vs.
Quebecers, IC Title match, Ramon vs. IRS. Tatanka vs. Ludvig B0rga.

Hype for next week's RAW, the "real" One Year Anniversary show.
Vince prmises a special commentator...I'm guessing Fred Blassie. It'll
probably be Lord Alfred Hayes and the Bushwhackers or something.

Jedoublef Jadoubleredoublet v. John Chrystal - Strut. Strut. Strut.

Let us take you back to last week's RAW and the Polo vs. Jannetty vs.
Pierre match. Jannetty fails to complete the sunset flip. Polo fever--
catch it! Vince glowers and Polo gloats. As if on cue, Jannetty and
the "1-2-3" Kid come out and have some words. Jannetty wants a
title shot--him and the Kid against Les Quebecois "next week." Sign
in the crowd: "I CAN TAKE THE 1-2-3 KID"

You konw, when you're the Intercontinental Champion, there's just
nothing like a big lungful of fresh, clean air.

Shawn Michaels v. Brian Walsh - Michaels brings Diesel with him. I
guess someone finally remembered that Diesel was Michaels'
bodyguard once. Oh, good, Jacque's on the phone. He has NO
problem with next week's title match. This match is a little bit better
than you might expect, but fortunately we get back into WWF action
when Michaels throws Walsh outside the ring to Diesel. Diesel just
throws him back in. Vince announces that next week Bam Bam
Bigelow will be taking on Bastion Booger. Polo announces that
today is Jim Ross' birthday. Happy birthday Ross. After half an
hour, Michaels pins Walsh.

Promos: Rage in the Cage Sega CD game, RoboCop 3 Sega carts

Next week: Kid & Jannetty vs. Quebecers for the Titles, Bigelow vs.
Booger. Happy New Year!

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