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There are no American Infidels in Baghdad...NEVER

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New Tee Shirt design is up! Check out the pictures and pick them up when you check out the store.
Buy a Baghdad Bob Poster for your bedroom, office, wife, mother, kids, whoever! These are one of a kind, only offered through a few select websites on the internet. The producers of this poster, have agreed to also donate a portion of their money to TAPS, so rest assured that your money is still going to a good place. CLICK HERE for more details on how you can own this poster.

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Tragedy Assistance Program for Survivors
TAPS provides many services for the survivors of those who have given their life in any kind of active duty for all branches of the U.S. military. They offer peer support, grief support, case worker assistance and are involved with the kids left behind. TAPS supports a resource room designed with materials to assist in coping and healing after the loss of a loved one. They also maintain a virtual memorial dedicated to the service personnel who have died during sevice for our country.
If you would like more information you can go to their home page or for more specific areas, the following links will take you directly to that page.

TAPS Home Page Our Mission Kids Center Crisis Center
Virtual Memorial Case Worker Assistance Resource Room Peer Support Grief Support

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Peace Through Superior Firepower - This guy sells some pretty cool pins, I would be proud to wear one while foccusing through my sniper scope. Check them out. Even if you don't buy one, the site sill looks pretty cool.

Operation Iraqi Freedom - THE Unofficial-Official web site of Operation Iraqi Freedom

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