Houdini, the first man in the World to make a successful Airplane flight in Australia!  Location: - Diggers Rest

Houdini once said that if he was ever forgotten as a great magician,  he would always be remembered as a pioneer in Aviation History.


Without a doubt, Houdini was proud of this feat.  

He purchased a Voisin Biplane in Hamburg Germany for
$5000 dollars.  Just six years after the first Wright Brothers flight at Kitty Hawk, Houdini was an owner
of a "state of the Art" Voisin Airplane.  He crated it up and put it on a steamship headed for Australia. Among things taken along for the Journey to Australia was a huge load of extra parts and even a Mechanic to be sure nothing went amiss unpacking and flying the machine by  Houdini.

Would you like to see what Diggers Rest in Australia looks like? 

Click here for a Satellite view of Diggers Rest!        

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Notice on the tail section part of the Words Houdini.

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Houdini at the controls
Rolling the Voison out of the $300 Tent.
Houdini in the cockpit, looking.
The aircraft in sustained flight
Diagonal Under carriage view of aircraft in flight
Cockpit Photo of Houdini looking into camera
Front nose of the aircraft off of the ground
Bess and Houdini in Cockpit, posed photo
Very steep attitude of aircraft nose high in the air, main on ground
Flying over group of people
Crowd gathering in front of Aircraft
Aircraft 25 feet over crowd, cheering with hats in hand.

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