Operating Systems Project Information

Current Operating Systems Projects and OS-related research

This page contains pointers to all sorts of neat operating system projects scattered across the world-wide web. I've categorized all of the systems into all sorts of broad, inappropriate categories to make it easier to sort through. The full list is also of course available if you're a masochist. Feel free to mail corrections, additions, or various comments to me.

I still have some work to do, especially on commercial operating systems and real-time operating systems.

These following sub-pages were generated by a program written using the Icon Programming Language, a powerful, high-level programming language that makes it easy to manipulate strings, lists, tables, sets, and other high-level constructs.

Full Alphabetical List of OS Projects

New Entries in these Pages

Categorized Operating Systems Projects

Other Operating System Lists

Also, one final note: Taken any performance numbers cited in papers you find with a grain of salt. After all, this is computer science, not real science.


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