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18-31.06.03 | MAB 'To Be A Muslim. Think Globally, Act Locally' Campaign

With the successes of the recent rallies against the war and injustice in Palestine, the Muslim community in the UK is now asking itself 'What next?'

Aiming to shed some light on the current situation, the theme of the conferences addresses the vision and strategy of the Muslim community in Brtiain. Most relevant and inspiring is to focus on the return and revival of the Islamic Civilisation and the role of Muslims in the UK - as individuals and communities - in working for this revival.

The conferences are followed by short intensive courses on saviours of the Islamic spirit. Focussing on personalities in the past who have traversed the path of revival, we are fulfilling many important goals –
connecting our efforts to history, gaining confidence and hope, learning from the past how to proceed and what pitfalls to avoid and providing role-models and exemplars.

Following the intensive courses, the participants will be invited to join the London Seminars – a series of intensive 1-day seminars to be run every 6 – 8 weeks to cover two areas: Deep Knowledge of the Essentials and Developing Critical Thinking and Understanding.

Also as part of this series, the youth and campus section have organised an outdoor youth camp in July which will focus on great Muslim personalities and the task facing the youth today.

The 'To Be A Muslim' Tour is part of MAB's ‘Knowing Islam’ campaign.

Speaker Profiles Below

A Series Of Lectures, Presentations, Videos Shows On The Following Topics:
- ‘Our Vision – Khalifat-ul-allah’
- ‘Muslim Heritage’
- ‘Where Are We From Our Aspirations’
- ‘Can We Get Back Our Glory’
- Steps To Success
- ‘ What Next …?’
And Much, Much More...

Campaign Schedule:
18.06.03 | A Day To Remember. Muslim Students... The Remaking of A Great Nation
Presenting Imam Anwar Al-Awlaqi. Organised By: SOAS, Imperial College, LSE, and Kings Islamic Societies in association with The Muslim Association of Britain (MAB). A charity Dinner for the people of Iraq. Includes a THREE course meal from the splendid Khan's Resteraunt of Bayswater
19. 06.03 | London Ilford Seminar, "The times we are living in.."
Presenting Imam Anwar Al-Awlaqi. A series of lectures on the individual role of a Muslim in the local community. Bazaars, videos presentation etc. A family day out.
20-21.06.03 | FOSIS Annual Conference
The FOSIS Annual Conference is the biggest Muslim student event of the year. This year it is set to run from 19th to 22nd June (Thursday to Sunday) at the University of Nottingham (Insha'Allah).
22.06.03 | MAB Birmingham Conference, Saviours of the Islamic Spirit
Presenting Imam Anwar Al-Awlaqi. A series of lectures detailing the lives and lessons from the most famous names in Islamic History, from Abu Hanifa to Imam Hassan Al-Banna.

23.06.03 |
Birmingham course on Saviours of the Islamic Spirit

24-27.06.03 | Scottish Tour, MAB 'To Be A Muslim. Think Globally, Act Locally'
Presenting Imam Anwar Al-Awlaqi. A series of lectures on the individual role of a Muslim in the local community and touching upon lessons from the most famous names in Islamic history. Bazaars, videos presentation etc. A family day out. 24 June Edinburgh, 25 June Dundee, 26 June Aberdeen, 27 June Glasgow.
28.06.03 | MAB London Conference, To Be A Muslim, Think Globally, Act Locally
Presenting Imam Anwar Al-Awlaqi. A series of lectures on the individual role of a Muslim in the local community ...

29-39.06.03 | London course ' Saviours of the Islamic Spirit'
18.07.03 | OUT DOOR CAMP - Saviours Of The Islamic Spirit, Glory Redeemed
A brothers only outdoor weekend camp dedicated to reviving the spirit of Islam. Special Features: Islamic Studies, Forest Hiking, Sports, Lectures .

Speaker Profiles

Imam Anwar Al Awlaki
Dar Al-Hijra Mosque, Falls Church, Virginia.

Imam Anwar Al Awlaki is currently an Imam at the Dar Al-Hijra Mousque in Falls Church, Virginia. Born and raised in the US, Sh. Awlaki obtained BS in Civil Engineering from Colorado State University, MA in Education Leadership from San Diego State University and is currently doing a PhD in Human Resource Development at George Washington University.

He is the author of a series of Audio lectures on the "Lives of the Prophets", covering the stories of the Prophets from Adam to Jesus (pbut) of which over 20,000 copies have been published. The series is drawn from Imam Ibn Kathir's "Al-Bidayah wa An-Nihayah".

He is currently involved in the ongoing study of Shariah in Yemen. His shuyukh include prominent scholars in Yemen.

Profile Provided by Usra Productions.

Rizwan Macwan
Born in 1975 in Britain, he grew up in the Islamic Movement, a member of the Young Muslims UK for eight years he then went on and has been a member of the Muslim Association of Britain (MAB) for two years. He graduated in Geography from Kings College, University of London, he then went on to complete a diploma in Arabic from the renowned Chateaux Chineaux institute in France. Currently working as a database administrator for W H Smith, he is single, and planning on going to Egypt for a couple of years to further his studies. He is known for his down-to earth approach when given talks, which are always positively responded to by youth and students.

Dr. Farid Elshayyal
Born in 1945 in Alexandria, he was brought up in an academic enviroment, his father being the dean of the University of Cairo for some years. He intially graduated in Chemical engineering from the University of Alexandria, but then decided to follow his fathers footsteps and graduated in History from the same University. He gained a Phd.in Islamic History from the University of Edinbrugh where he was also the imam of the local mosque. He is now a Senior Lecturer in Islamic Studies at the Markfield Institute of Higher Education (MIHE). He is married with five children. Having been on both sides of student activism, he offers the insight into the role the studens had and have to play in Islamic revival.

Dr. Azzam Tamimi
Born in Hebron, Palestine in 1955, he grew up actively campaigning for the rights of Palestinians, and Palestine as well as Human rights generally. He gained a Bsc. in combined sciences from the University of Sunderland UK, and also completed his Phd. in Political Thought from The University of Westminister in 1998. He is married with three children. Havibg experienced the suffering and plight of the Palestinans as a first hand experience, he speaks from the heart when he tells of their suffering. Growing up in the Islamic Movement he offers to listeners his views and aspirations of Muslim students and the role they have to play in the destiney of this world.

Abdul Rahman Helbawi
Information coming soon...


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