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    Crocheted Skull    

  Yes, this is THE getcrafty spinning skull!!! Each skull is unique. They are not made from a pattern, so size and shape are slightly variable. Some days I feel like making the left eye larger, some have more teeth than others and some look meaner than others. They make excellent car rearview mirror ornaments and christmas tree ornaments or you can just enjoy them as a spooky little object.

skull One Skull= $40.00

By Diane Bromberg
Diane is a sculptor and she has found that crochet is like any other addictive way of building. With every stich there are infinite possiblilities of where to go next.
Make It!
(For personal use only)

Materials: yarn and crochet hook, plus some watered down glue.

Note: I let the size of the stitch dictate the size of the teeth, which then dictates the size of the skull. So do a test and see how big your skull will need to be for the teeth to look good.

Start at the top of the head and work your way down
  1. Begin by making a round bowl shape (think of this as a little skull cap)

  2. When you get to location for eyes chain approx 10 and attach approx 4 stiches over. For the second eye do the same (chain 10 and attach 4 stiches over.) Continue around the bowl attaching the eye chains as you go.

  3. When you are at the edge of where you want the nose to be chain 6 attaching chain to where the far side of nose should go. Continue around bowl.

  4. Once back around to the front make upper teeth, chain 2 or 3 and attach to base of chain. Slip stitch between teeth.

  5. Taper bowl in and where you want jaw bone to go chain approximately 22 stitches. Attach end of chain to where you want other side of jawbone to go. Slip stitch across jawbone, skipping a stich where you want to make an angle and do lower teeth same as upper teeth.

  6. Close off bottom of bowl to make it a skulll shaped sphere.

  7. Sew in a single piece of yarn in the nose cavity to seperate nostrils

  8. Stuff the skull into the shape you like and using a paint brush coat it with some watered down white glue (elmers/sobo).

  9. Once dry pull out stuffing
Ordering It
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