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Publication date: 01/23/2003

Head Code

Of The Examiner Staff

    Amber and Shane unveiled the new Code Version 2.0 two weeks ago at the DNA, and let me tell you, Thursdays haven't tasted this good in a long time. The Sister SF rezzie and her Cloud Factory accomplice are dishing out the full-spectrum future funk again this Thursday and every second & fourth Thursday. There are two rooms of techno, dark electro, filthy breakbeats and plenty of da' boom to jump-start your weekend. Two weeks ago, Cybrid dished out the booty bass while the Cloud Factory Design Collective sent its new collection of far out fashions down the runway. This week Amber and Shane present a special evening of jungle and dark trip-hop with live laptop PAs in the main room by Idiom Creak, Fruitbat, The Management, Disflex 6 and Dusty Brown. Those Sleeveless chicks present D&B; up in the lounge with Abstract (he's back from L.A.), Star Eyes, UltraViolet, Femmes Fatales, Dominatrix and MC Audio Angel. Go to for more info.

    Cheap and Tricky

    Judging by the sizable turnout last Friday night at Cheap Trick, the new party presented by Reform Skool dons Jeff & Gary at The Stud, it appears gay clubbers really are hungry for sump'n a little different. While wide-eyed club cuties were dancing to hands-in-the-air house down the street at the EndUp, left-of-center queers were double-fisted drinking and whooping it up at Cheap Trick to residents Jeff Chandler, Pinky Ring and Solar's sleazy mix of electro-indie-funk-punk. This Friday, Jeff & Gary welcome SF-based electronic conspirators Drew Daniel and Martin Schmidt aka Matmos spinning an exclusive DJ set of god-only-knows-what for the early birds. They'll be opening the night starting at 10 p.m. Don't miss it! Go to for more info.

    Disco-very channel

    Been down to the Red Eye yet? Neither had I until last week. I too am a creature of club habit, I'll admit. I tend to hit the same old haunts night after night and often pass up a fledgling party in favor of a sure thing. So I decided to break out of my club rut last weekend and check out this new-ish little DJ bar just across the street and down the block from Toph One's favorite brunch spot, King's Diner. It doesn't look like much from the outside, sort of a converted storefront, but the alleyway entrance on Washburn gives it a cool underground feel. Inside, the dark, cozy little box of a space feels like the converted basement of your best friend's parents' house, with a long bar to one side, some mismatched couches to lounge about or make out on and a sizable concrete dance floor. On its own, it's got as much (or as little) of a vibe as Liquid does, only without the scary 16th Street riffraff milling about outside. But the sound system is absolutely kick-ass and the nightly DJ lineup is rockin', mostly with a hip-hop bent but also with a few house parties every Tuesday, Friday and, beginning this weekend, the last Saturday of every month, when the Beatfarm and Electrogusto crews take over and rock this pretty desolate strip of Mission Street with sweet San Frandisco. The cover's cheap, so are the drinks, there's plenty of parking in the area and the music's good. What more could you ask for? I'm adding Red Eye to my list of sure things.

    Indiefest fest

    Also on Saturday, TL party spot Jezebel's Joint is hosting a special benefit for SF Indiefest. For a week-plus every February, SF Indiefest takes over The City's smaller movie houses to showcase the work of independent filmmakers. Putting on an event of this size takes money so Jezebel's Joint is donating the door from Saturday's party to the festival. For just $10, you can preview a few of this year's short films in the micro-cinema, dance to house and funky breaks generously donated by Jeno (Wicked), Joe Rice (Friends & Family), Smoove and Syd Gris (Opel/Radiance) or hang out in the Shane (Death Rock Booty Call) and Pandora's rock 'n' roll lounge. There'll also be food and plenty of drink specials. Go to for details.

    Cellar wars

    Sunday night, bassists go head to head to find out who's the king (or queen) of the jungle. That's right, it's Asindee time once again. N'awlins (that's Southern for New Orleans) supergal Summer and her hoochified Hot Girl Mafia are infiltrating The Cellar for the 4th almost-annual jungle battle. Three-time Asindee champion Megatron will lube the ears of this skills-savvy crowd and then hand them off to this year's competitors -- Compression regulators Ivry, Havoc, Mal and Sharp, Groundscore sirens Star Eyes and Qzen (Groundscore's answer to the waning boy-band craze), Mikey J, and old school basshead and one-half of production powerhouse Atlantiq, Method One, plus a few SoCal bass slingers flying in to square off against our city's finest, the lovely Sinseer from the Sleeveless LA crew and scruffy Vibeflow pinup Phear. Vocalist supreme/Asindee referee Audio Angel is the night's shot-calla' and each of this year's hopefuls gets 20 minutes to wow both the judges and the extremely hard-to-please drunks who turn out every year for this near-capacity event. For a mere $5, you can watch 10 turntable wrestlers put the audio smackdown on each other. Don't miss it! It's one of the most fun nights of the year. I'm telling you that now because you'll probably be too tanked to remember more than a few seconds here and there.

    Hot sauced

    Next Tuesday, SF-Vibe and the Green Gorilla guys celebrate the 1-year anniversary of Taco Tuesdays down at Border Cantina. Every Tuesday evening for the last year, M3, Anthony Garlic, Chulada and guests have been spinning disco-ey house for just-sprung, underpaid office types looking for low-cost fun and fare. The kitchen serves up tasty $2 tacos and quesadillas to wash down with the discount intoxicant of your choice (they mix a mean margarita, by the way). The party usually goes from 5 to 10 p.m., but next week, they're kicking it off at 6 and going till 2 in the morning with happy hour prices ALL NIGHT LONG! The Taco rezzies will be joined by a virtual who's who of the SF house scene -- JZ (Red Melon), Seven (Lo-Rise), Garth (Wicked), PacificSound DJs Solar & Galen, Moody Eva (Freebeats), Teresa, Smoove (Space Cowboys), Cindy, Tal M. Klein, Miss Julip and N8 Castro (ESDJCO). I'll be there. Will you? For more info, visit


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