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The Ultimate Tool for Communications: Trillian Pro 1.0
Chat with friends on different networks! Grab the latest news, weather and stock information with our versatile array of plugins, all within one powerful interface. Trillian Pro consolidates the world of IM like nothing before!

Trillian Pro 1.0 is available for a great price of $25 USD. Learn more about Trillian Pro and member benefits today!
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Welcome to Cerulean Studios! 11 February 2003 - AIM/ICQ related issues fixed Two new patches are now available. These will supersede all other patches for 0.74 and 1.0, so you will only need these files.

These patches include several changes to the AIM and ICQ engines within Trillian:
  1. Fixes the AIM connectivity crash that started on 02/11/2003.
  2. Adds ICQ2Go support.
  3. Fixes the issues with AOL 8.0 and Trillian.
  4. Update: If you downloaded 0.74 Patch C and are experiencing connection difficulties, please download the newest 0.74 Patch D below.
You must be running Trillian .74 or Trillian Pro 1.0 before applying these patches! Thanks!

~The Cerulean Studios Team

10 December 2002 - Trillian Pro for the Holidays! Just in time for the Holidays you can now buy Trillian Pro for any friend or by using a check or money order. Give Trillian Pro to your family friend, favorite chat companion or buy one for yourself!

Payment Options:

Click here to pay by Check

Click here to pay using PayPal

~The Cerulean Studios Team

15 November 2002 - Trillian groups! Help bring Team Trillian to the top! Join up with one of the Trillian groups out there and support Trillian. A short list is available here.

~The Cerulean Studios Team

15 October 2002 - Jobs and Patches Cerulean Studios is hiring! Check out our new jobs page for more information on our two new job openings.
Two new patches are now available. These will supersede the original patches released a few weeks back, so you will only need these files.

The patch for 0.74 fixes the recent Yahoo issue, a potential freeze with MSN, and a few remaining IRC vulnerabilities.

The patch for 1.0 fixes the remaining IRC vulnerabilities. Pro was not vulnerable to the recent Yahoo issues.

It is recommended that you download these if you either use IRC or Yahoo, or if you have not gotten the original patch from a few weeks back.

You must be running Trillian .74 or Trillian Pro 1.0 before applying these patches! Thanks!

~The Cerulean Studios Team

26 September 2002 - Security Patches Today we've released security patches for .74 and Pro 1.0 - these patches address recent IRC/AIM vulnerabilities. It is recommended that everyone download these patches.

You must be running Trillian .74 or Trillian Pro 1.0 before applying these patches! Thanks!

~The Cerulean Studios Team

10 September 2002 - Trillian Release Party! Trillian Pro 1.0
Yes, this is the next-generation Trillian we've been working on! Wow!

In response to the growing number of Trillian supporters who have donated and wondered "where all the cool new features" were, we've been hard at work on a premium version of our software, Trillian Pro.

Well, we're done! Details follow:

Learn more about Trillian Pro's powerful featureset.

Read the frequently asked questions about the new pricing scheme.

Trillian 0.74
Not ready to pay for Trillian? Trillian 0.74 has also just been released, and will remain FREE! We are committed to maintaining and supporting a free version of our software for those unable to support our efforts.

We hope you choose to upgrade to Trillian Pro. We look forward to continuing our efforts!

~The Cerulean Studios Team

No Archived News Free Software Download Connect to ICQ®, AIM®, MSN® Messenger, Yahoo!® Messenger and IRC in a single, sleek and slim interface.

Trillian .74 is completely free, with no use limits, no spyware and no ads. 8 Million downloads can't be wrong! What's new in .74? Trillian Bar Interface DirectIM Upgrades IRC Vulnerability Fix and more...
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