Helen's Top 40 or so

Overwhelmed by all this information? Brand new to Borderline Personality Disorder? Go no further!
Here are some quick answers to your most pressing questions.

What's BPD in a nutshell? Where does the confusing name 'Borderline' come from? What is a "NonBP"? What are all the acronyms on these BPD web sites?
Where can I find an OFF-line regional support group as a NonBPD? Which national organizations provide education & support? What online support groups are available for me as a NonBP? I've been diagnosed with BPD and stumbled across this site: where's MY support?!
What are the "DSM" and "Axis II Disorders"? My loved one was diagnosed with Bipolar Disorder, but fits the BPD behavior patterns exactly-- huh?! I can't tell if my loved one has BPD, NPD, APD, HPD or the whole schmear! I've heard that BPD is seldom diagnosed alone ... why?
How can I help the Borderline in my life if they deny there's anything wrong?! My child has been diagnosed with BPD -- where can I turn as a parent? I realize one of my parents has BPD -- can anyone understand?! Is there any information & support for co-workers of those with BPD?
What are the origins of BPD? What are the best books on this disorder for me to read as a NonBP? What can I give the Borderline in my life to read about their disorder?
What are good concise articles to give my lawyer/doctor to help them understand BPD?
Article One ~ Article Two
What does it really feel like to suffer from BPD? Don't studies show that Borderlines spontaneously "cool off" in their 40's? "Splitting", "projection": what are psychological defense mechanisms and how do they work? I know that BPD is more often diagnosed in women -- what about the male BPD voices?
Is it really helpful to get an official diagnosis of BPD? My main concern right now is just learning a technique to cope with the abusive rages of my Borderline loved one. How do I cope with my loved one's self-injury? How do I cope with my loved one's eating disorder?
I've heard there's a grim prognosis. Can people 'recover' from this disorder? What therapy works best for BPD? What medications work best for BPD? I need to talk to someone who's taken the same medications prescribed to the Borderline in my life.
Why all this talk of abusive relationships? How do I recognize verbal/emotional abuse? What are "boundaries"? How do I even begin considering my options in this unhappy relationship?
Has anyone else ever been through this kind of relationship hell?!
Heterosexual Men
Heterosexual Women
Gay Men
Lesbian Women
How do I leave this relationship with the least amount of damage to me/my partner/our kids? How do I get help to fairly fight for custody against a mentally ill co-parent? Help! I'm being stalked/harassed by an ex with BPD! What can I do?

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Borderline Personality Disorder.

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