A Little About M and J Audio Theatre

Chet Chetter
"Please join me for a story - it gets so lonely here at the morgue!" - Chet Chetter
M and J Audio Theatre was officially formed in 1989 by Mark Sawyer and Jay Reel as a way of pursuing their interest in radio drama and in the hopes of creating a like interest in others for this re-emerging form of story-telling. The team has been influenced by old time radio shows. Some of their favorites are X-Minus One, Lum and Abner, and Lights Out.

M and J's first effort was a program entitled Chet Chetter's TALES FROM THE MORGUE. It was a short story as told by an old obliging morgue attendent named Chet Chetter to a passing stranger of the night. This off-beat program put a southern small-town person with a supernatural happening. The show began with the sound of a creaking door, which the authors offer as a tribute to the radio programs of the 30s, 40s and 50s. National Public Radio picked up TALES and ordered three more shows for distributions in 1990. In the following year, nine more installments were produced to create a 13 episode series. It aired complete on NPR in 1992. M and J have a vast archive beyond the shows available. These programs will be listed if any demand for new programs comes about. Mark and Jay produced the shows with a small self-assembled 8-track studio with a limited budget. They both co-wrote, directed and produced the shows. They perfected distinct characters that are heard throughout the series. Both hope that others will see the value in this art form and be entertained by their efforts.

Jay currently runs his bookstore Busy Bees Books at Lake Mexia. At times he's been known to act. Mark is a filmmaker, his last film called "A Subjective state of Being" showed at a few festivals and starred his radio theater buddy Jay. It's theater of the mind here, as spun into motion by old time radio. It seems to be reemerging as the flame is building by people like yourself who support, listen to, or even MAKE new radio shows.

Samples of our shows are available in RealAudio format - click here for M & J Audio's Cassette World.

For more information, please email reel@glade.net.
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