Wyvern Contributors


Lots of people have contributed to make Wyvern the game that it is today: artists, programmers, game designers. If you think you would like to help work on the game, let us know! You can send email to wyvern@cabochon.com.

Contributor Roles Notes
Steve Yegge Founder, Project Lead, Principal Engineer Steve (Rhialto) started this project in 1996!
Stephanie Chang Founder, Business Development, Programmer Steph has worked tirelessly for years to sponsor and promote our game, and even wrote some of the code in her "spare time".

Frank Sronce, Jr. Lead Game Designer, Contributing Artist, Contributing Programmer Kiz the Wiz joined us from Darker Realms LP Mud in 1997. He has been instrumental in the creation and balancing of the Wyvern platform. We're lucky to have him on board.
Eric Weber Programmer, Architect Eric has contributed much to the design of the game. Among other things, he's the original author of the Wyvern Map Editor.
Gene Anderson Arch Wizard Gene (Legolas) has contributed thousands of images and maps. He's been mentoring, testing, and adding content tirelessly since the game was in alpha test. You'll find his influence everywhere, from New Verden to the website itself.
Janica Elder Wizard Janica is one of our most active contributors. She has pushed the game programming framework to its absolute limits (and sometimes beyond!), and she has a penchant for making truly unique game extensions.
Chris Thomas Programmer, Architect Chris has been a participating architect since the beginning of the project. He also wrote the production version of the game's lighting and visibility model.
Dave Wrigley Contributing Artist Dave Wrigley has been on the project almost from the beginning, and has waited for a long time to see this game get launched!
Kevin Raz Contributing Artist Kevin contributed hundreds of images over several years.
Ryan Heavner Game Designer Ryan was one of the early contributors to the game. His main claim to fame is that he designed the Moon Quest, Wyvern's first quest.
Peter Spotts Music, Sound Effects Peter wrote some very nice music and clever sound effects.
Jody Hansen Contributing Artist, Original Art Design Jody deserves credit for much of the original art design, and contributed lots of the core game artwork.
Jacob Gabrielson Contributing Programmer Jacob contributed to the server architecture design and wrote some of the very first Wizard code.
Stuart Dempster Contributing Artist Stuart is a talented artist and did a few nice pictures for us.
Mike Yegge Tester Mike was Wyvern's first alpha tester, and played the game for many weeks back before it was even playable.
Dave Yegge Contributing Artist, Game Designer Dave spent lots of energy giving shape to this game. Dave passed away in December 1998, and Wyvern is dedicated to him.

A few other people deserve some credit for this game, not because they worked on it (or even know anything about it), but because they wrote free software that was invaluable in the creation of Wyvern:

  1. Guido Van Rossum, Jim Hugunin, Barry Warsaw and Finn Bock, for the creation and maintenance of Jython, the coolest extension language in the world, and one of the coolest languages in its own right.

  2. Nathan Fiedler, for his JSwat Debugger, the only Java debugger that has ever been able to debug the Wyvern game server successfully.

Several other engineers contributed to the Wyvern project but have not yet decided whether they want to be in this page or not. :)

Finally, I want to thank the Crossfire Team for the inspiration for many elements of Wyvern. Crossfire was one of the primary influences for Wyvern, and deserves recognition and credit for this.


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