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Latest News.

[29 May 03] : A400M contract signed

[27 May 03] : RAF thrill huge crowds at Southend Air Show- Full report and pictures.

[23 May 03] : Queen's Birthday Flypast, 14 June 2003.

[22 May 03] : Airborne Stand-Off Radar aircraft (ASTOR) - Entry into Service details. The first details of the entry into service of the RAF's new ASTOR aircarft have been released.

Other Updates.

[20 May 03] : Pilot's details for Jaguar and Strike Command Hawk 2003 display crews.

[16 May 03] : Operation CHASTISE - the 'Dambusters' raid. To mark the 60th Anniversary of this famous mission, a number of official documents and images have been added to the History section.

[09 May 03] : 'New trick for an old dog'. Tornado F3s of No 11 Squadron have recently been modified to carry ALARM missiles. Image gallery with pictures courtesy of Geoffrey H Lee.

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As 617 Squadron celebrate their 60th Anniversary, here is a picture of one of the squadron's old mounts, a  Vulcan, carrying a Blue Steel stand-off missile.