The Lower Lights BBS

Please take a moment to fill out the survey below. So far it seems that there is a lot of support for bringing Lower Lights back. Tell all your friends that this website is back up and ask them to put in their vote.

The survey is not currently available. I haven't figured out what went wrong.

Lower Lights was an important part of the BBS community of the 1990s (click here for the original "What is Lower Lights" page). The BBS was online for over ten years, starting as a two-line modem system running DLX chat software. In its heyday, it had 64 modems and 32 telnet lines, and there were times of the day that every line was in use.

Back when the BBS was producing a profit and usage was high, the LightKeeper built an ISP called Western Online Services, run by the co-sysops of Lower Lights. The last ISP administrator in that line was elyograg -- me.

On the ten year anniversary of the BBS, subscriptions were at an all-time low - though the system had a fairly significant chunk of old hands that would connect on a very regular basis, its usage would never be like it was at its prime. LightKeeper called an end to his management and passed it on to Xanic, junior admin at Western Online and a co-sysop at the time. Shortly after that, there was a technical glitch which resulted in the BBS crashing. LightKeeper decided at that time that the BBS was finished, not having the energy or time to rebuild it. The old computers it was running on were scrapped.

In the spring of 2003, LightKeeper sold all interest in Western Online Services to a third party, and I took ownership of the "" domain. I have been tossing around the idea of bringing the system back. The original TBBS software and the system it ran on are not available, so we have a few other choices. The most appealing is to get a BBS program that will run in Linux and put that online with ssh and telnet access. Web-based chat, IRC server, and MUD (MultiUser Dungeon) are some other ideas that have been proposed.

If you wish to elaborate on your voting choice, have suggestions, or want to comment in any way, open your email program and enter the email address equivalent of "sysadmin at lowerlights dot com" in the "To" box. Please include your Lower Lights alias if you write. Also indicate whether you would be willing to help financially support the new system.