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6/25/01 Man falls from train and dies


Railran reports injury accident in San Antonio

6/16/01 Catching train on the fly causes Fatality in Benson Minnesota

(article includes fresh road kill picture!)

Freight train hopping kids busted at testical fest

Fundamentals:Climbing down a ladder

Nurse Cares for Crippled Child

Story from 1978-Spike's train derails

Reported December 2000, newbie tells 1993 story of the face plant dismount technique

Reported November 4th 2000

Goat Man Dan

July 12 2,000 17 year old Santos's Leg lost in Chico

May 13th 2000, 25 year old female involved in derailment

C.C. Bent 1901

Story of Nasdaq Fred

1938 Meridian Mississippi:Bulls kicked my daddys ass!

April 2000: Some fresh road kill picts!

Kids almost killed now face year in jail?

added 10/4/99 Freight train hopping girls elude rapists

T.J flores, lost legs trying to jump on train january 2000

12/31/99 Frog (hoax)

12/17/99 Captain Sensible in Dead

12/17/99 Husband Killed by Bulls

Joseph John Genenskey 1960's derailment story

july 1999 Safety tips for female riders

June 6th 1999:Buffalo New York Girl's Legs cut of and she is killed

April 1999:Khrom

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virtual rainbow bridge

Order: hopping freight trains in America