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Space Holding Corp.

Space Holdings is the first multimedia company dedicated to space and space related content. Space Holdings publishes Starry Night, the world's leading family of astronomy software, Space News, the premier business-to-business international newsweekly dedicated entirely to space and aerospace business, and the web site that offers rich and compelling content, including space business news, information, education, and entertainment.

Space Holdings is headquartered in New York City with offices and news bureaus in Washington, D.C., Port Canaveral, Florida, Toronto, Canada, and Paris, France.

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Traffic Stats:

  • Total Page Views: 20+ Million/month
  • Total Unique Visitors: 1.4+ Million
  • Overall Click Rate: 1.58%


  • 72% Male
  • 76% are 25-54
  • 62% have a HHI of $73,000+
  • 41% are Professional/Manager level
  • 44% are Upper Management, Web Designer, MIS Engineering

Audience Profile provides an audience of early adopters who are wired and tech savvy. Over half the audience was online before 1995. They are heavy purchasers of a variety of high-tech products and services on the Internet, including equipment and services; computer hardware and software; and electronics. This is an audience eager to try technologically innovative products that enhance business productivity. Nearly 65% of the audience uses the Internet more than 8+ hours per week. They are employed in technology fields with top occupations including Web Developing, Information Systems Managing, Industrial Technology and Programming/Engineering.

Sources: Doubleclick/Dart
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Formats Accepted:
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  • JPEG
  • HTML
  • Java
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Additional formats are generally accepted, but these require technical testing and approval are: Eyeblaster, Enliven, InterVU, FLASH/Shockwave, Thinking Media and DHTML.

When submitting Third Party Served ads, send the ad placement with the tags so that specs can be tested.

Third Party Served ads: Please send the ad placement with the tags so that specs can be tested.

Advertisers are expected to test their content on all browsers and platforms before submitting them to

Additional sizes and formats may be available. Ask our Advertising Team for more information.


Standard banners and buttons: 3 working days prior to posting

Rich media creative: 5 working days prior to posting

All ads subject to approval. Third Party Served campaigns must send ad placements along with redirect links so that the specs can be tested prior to launch.

Rich Media/FLASH:

FLASH/Shockwave and Java ad placement must be accompanied by a backup 468 x 60 GIF. This backup GIF will be used for display on browsers that do not support these technologies. ADVERTISING CONTACT INFORMATION

Gary Strauss
Advertising Director
330 Madison Avenue, 6th Floor
New York, NY 10022
Tel: 212-703-5820

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