"If your looking for a patriotic program, this is it!"

Vane Scott's "Many Faces of Old Glory"


For; Local, State, Regional
& National Meetings
"The finest after dinner program
you'll ever book."


Fund Raisers
School Assemblies
You can open with an hour of local talent to this one hour show like, chorus, band, veterans, patriotic music, students read best essay on "Why I'm lucky to be an American."

Can furnish huge US stage flags,
15'x25' or 20'x38'

Performing Coast to Coast...
Theaters, Auditoriums, Opera Houses, Hotels
Retirment Communities, Conference Centers

If you want to take your audience on a rollercoaster ride of emotions.

If you want your students to learn why grandpa and grandma stand and salute when our flag goes by.

This is the show for you!
"You'll rermember it the rest of your life!"

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