The Papacy and Infallibility

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The Papacy and Infallibility: "Keys of the Kingdom" (BIBLICAL TREATISE:  now included only in my book A Biblical Defense of Catholicism) 63K
50 New Testament Proofs for Petrine Primacy and the Papacy 14K
Reply to a Critique of my 50 New Testament Proofs for Petrine Primacy and the Papacy (Dave Armstrong vs. Jason Engwer) 97K
Dialogue With an Anglican on the Papacy and Roman Primacy (particularly, the Keys of the Kingdom) (Dave Armstrong vs. Jon Jacobson) 117K
Dialogue with a Lutheran on Papal Supremacy and Succession, the Keys of the Kingdom, and the Filioque (Dave Armstrong vs. Eric Phillips) 50K
Monophysitism, Montanism, and Historic Roman and Papal Opposition to Heresy
(Dave Armstrong vs. Eric Phillips) 29K
The Witness of the Church Fathers With Regard to Catholic Distinctives (With Examples of Protestant Corroboration of Catholic Doctrines or Clear Contradiction of Patristic Consensus) 205K (contains very extensive documentation of the views of the early Church on the papacy)
Dialogue on the Nature of Development of Doctrine (Particularly With Regard to the Papacy) (Dave Armstrong vs. Jason Engwer) 167K
Reply to a Protestant Counter-Response on Development of Doctrine (Particularly With Regard to the New Testament Canon and the Papacy) (Dave Armstrong vs. Jason Engwer) 143K
The Metaphor of Peter as "Rock" 3K
Refutation of William Webster's Fundamental Misunderstanding of Development of
Doctrine (with particular reference to the papacy, Vatican I, Pope Leo XIII, St. Vincent of Lerins, and Venerable John Henry Cardinal Newman) 76K
On the Nature of Ecumenism, Dogma, and Christian Unity 35K
The Development of the Papacy (John Henry Cardinal Newman) 7K
On the Papacy and Councils (John Henry Cardinal Newman) 8K
Pope Silvester and the Council of Nicaea 12K
Papal Infallibility and the First Vatican Council (John Henry Cardinal Newman) 7K
Pope St. Leo the Great (r. 440-461) and Papal Supremacy 30K
Pope St. Gregory the Great (r. 590-604) and the Universal Papacy 6K
Papal Infallibility (David Palm) 10K
Dialogue on (Supposedly Fallible) Pope Honorius 28K
Catholic-Orthodox Dialogue on Papal Infallibility 11K
Dialogue on Papal Jurisdiction 18K
Dialogue: Is St. Paul Superior to St. Peter? 10K
Dialogue on Peter's Marriage, and Why it Doesn't Disprove Catholicism 21K
"Why Doesn't Pope John Paul II DO Something About the Modernist Dissenters in the Catholic Church?" 39K
Laymen Advising and Rebuking Popes 6K
Are All Catholic Laymen and Non-Theologians Qualified to Freely and Frequently Criticize the Pope's Opinions and Prudential Judgment? 72K
Conciliar Infallibility: Church Documents 23K
Dialogue on Vatican II, Conciliar Infallibility, and the SSPX 43K
Debate: Catholicism vs. Anti-Catholicism (with particular emphasis on Petrine
Primacy) (Mark McNeil vs. Dr. James White) 89K
Protestant Contra-Catholic Revisionist History: Pope St. Pius X and Cardinal Newman's Alleged "Modernism" (Dave Armstrong vs. David T. King) 85K

St. Peter

Peter's Primacy (William G. Most)
Was St. Peter Ever in Rome? (Phil Porvaznik)
Was Peter the First Pope? (Art Kelly)
Was Peter the First Pope? PART II (Art Kelly)
Primacy of Peter  (Joseph Cardinal Ratzinger)
Protestant Scholars Agree: Peter is the Rock (Gary Hoge)
On Peter (Church Fathers; ed. Joe Gallegos)
Peter in Rome (Church Fathers; ed. Joe Gallegos)
The Two Pillars of Rome (Do Paul and Peter Contradict?) (John Moran)
Catholic Encyclopedia: ST. PETER, PRINCE OF THE APOSTLES
Catholic Encyclopedia: MAJORDOMO
The Pope: Holy Father (Scott Hahn)
The Papacy: God's Gift to the Church (James Akin)
Objections Regarding the Pope (Gary Hoge)
Debate: On the Papacy and the Ancient Church (Joe Gallegos vs. James White)
Answer to James White on the Early Papacy  (Mark Bonocore)
Debate on the Early Papacy(Mark Bonocore vs. Jason Engwer)
St. Augustine, St. Peter, and the Papacy  (Steve Ray and Joe Gallegos, contra William Webster)
Dialogue on Development of Doctrine and the Papacy (Phil Porvaznik vs. William Webster)
The Ante-Nicene Development of Papal Primacy (I. Shawn McElhinney)
Pope St Leo--Pray to God for us! (website: Dave Brown)
Papacy Debate (Joe Gallegos vs. Pedro Vega {Orthodox} )
On the Primacy of Rome (Church Fathers; ed. Joe Gallegos)
The Roman Primacy and the Spiritual Life (Fr. John A. Hardon, S.J.)
The Primacy of the Successor of Peter in the Mystery of the Church (Joseph Cardinal Ratzinger)
Byzantium and the Roman Primacy  (Francis Dvornik)
The Eastern Church Defends Petrine Primacy and the Papacy! (Fathers; compiled by Antoine Valentim)
Anti-Popes (Warren H. Carroll)
A Response to William Webster Concerning the False Decretals and Donation of Constantine Accusation  (Scott Windsor)
Popes Through the Ages (Joseph Brusher; 720K)
Love For the Popes  (Mary Ann Sullivan)
Catholic Dossier (Entire Issue on the Papacy)
Pope Leo the Great on the Papacy  (Antoine Valentim)
Response to William Webster's Critique of My Book Upon This Rock (On the Papacy) (Steve Ray)
St. John Chrysostom, Peter, and the Primacy of Rome: Response to William Webster  (Steve Ray and Joe Gallegos)
Misunderstandings About St. John Chrysostom & the Papacy: Response to William Webster  (Steve Ray)
St. Augustine, St. Peter, and the Papacy  (Steve Ray and Joe Gallegos, contra William Webster)
Pope Gregory the Great and the "Universal Bishop" Controversy (Phil Porvaznik)
Rome has Spoken; the Case is Closed (St. Augustine, Pelagianism, and the Holy See) (Dom John Chapman)
St. Cyprian on the Church and the Papacy  (Dom John Chapman)
Catholic Encyclopedia links:


Papal Infallibility

Catholic Encyclopedia: INFALLIBILITY
Catholic Encyclopedia: EX CATHEDRA
Papal Infallibility (David Palm)
A Response to Dr. Michael Horton's Evangelicals, Catholics, and Unity (Art Kelly)
The Church and Infallibility: A Reply to Anglican Polemicist George Salmon (B.C. Butler; includes much material dealing with Newman, the papacy, and development)
Christian Unity and the Role of Authority: The Infallibility of the Church and the Pope (I. Shawn McElhinney)
Papal Errors in the Ordinary Magisterium? (Regis Scanlon)
Ordinatio Sacerdotalis: Exercise in Infallibility (Jeffrey Mirus)
The Supposed Fall of Honorius and His Condemnation ("JHR")
Catholic Encyclopedia: THIRD COUNCIL OF CONSTANTINOPLE   (with regard to Pope Honorius)
Catholic Encyclopedia: POPE HONORIUS I
Guilty Only of Failure to Teach (Honorius) (Steven O'Reilly)
Did Pope Vigilius Espouse or Infallibly Proclaim Heresy?
The Alleged Fall of Pope Liberius (P.J. Harrold)
On Halsall's Syllabus of Papal and Magisterial Errors: A Defense of the Authority of the Magisterium (Luke Wadel)
The Bishop Strossmayer Forgery (Sean Hyland)
Popes, the Church, and Ecumenical Councils
The Sixth Nicene Canon and the Papacy  (James F. Loughlin)
The Magisterium and the Pope (Bob Stanley)
The Byzantine Plot (Luke Rivington)
Catholic Encyclopedia: GALLICANISM
Catholic Encyclopedia: ULTRAMONTANISM
Catholic Encyclopedia: LEGATE
Papal Authority in the First Ecumenical Councils (Brian W. Harrison)

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