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What Makes Penta Unique?

Penta is Simply the Purest Drinking Water You Can Buy

Penta is created through a seven step process that removes all impurities and chemicals. We use micro-filtration, de-ionization, reverse osmosis and ultraviolet to ensure a water that’s pure and clean. Penta is not just purified – it’s pure! Penta water is 100% free of chemicals, solids and other contaminants. Some waters contain arsenic, MTBE, chlorides, chromium 6, trihalomethanes and even dioxins. Not Penta!

Proven More Effective Hydration

Water enters cells through small channels called aquaporins. Large clusters of water can’t fit through these tiny channels. Water often remains outside the cell because the H2O molecules have formed into large clusters that can’t effectively pass into the cell interior. Penta’s small clusters of H2O molecules have been proven by scientists at major universities to be able to more effectively hydrate cells, which is why so many people report that Penta helps them feel great!

Stable Smaller H2O Clusters

In Penta, each water molecule is still composed of two hydrogen atoms and one oxygen atom. There’s no way to change that and still have it be water! What is different about Penta is the way in which the molecules are arranged. Water molecules typically bond with each other to form large clusters and chains. These large clusters are too large to easily pass into your cells, so you don’t get hydrated enough.

High energy sound waves are used to restructure the molecules in Penta water into small, stable clusters. These small clusters are able to more effectively enter your cells. Penta’s unique structure is patented and has been verified in a published, peer-reviewed study conducted by scientists at the General Physics Institute.

Buy Penta Water

To purchase Penta water, locate your nearest retail store, or if there are no stores near you, you may purchase Penta water online. Your 100% satisfaction is guaranteed!

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