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About ffmpegX:

ffmpegX is a Mac OS X graphic user interface designed to easily operate more than 20 powerful Unix open-source video and audio processing tools including ffmpeg the "hyper fast video and audio encoder" (, mpeg2enc the open-source mpeg-2 encoder and multiplexer ( and mencoder the mpeg-4 encoder with subtitles support (

ffmpegX can read MPEG-1, MPEG-2, DIVX 3, 4, 5, XviD, non-encrypted VOB, Quicktime .mov, DV, WAV, Real Audio, H263(+) (RealVideo 1.0), PGM, YUV, PPM, AC3, PCM8/16 bits, mulaw/Alaw, WMA, SUN AU format, MP2, MP3, MJPEG and even more formats, and encode them to DivX, XviD, VCD, CVD, SVCD and DVD, with support of subtitles in VobSub, SubRip, MicroDVD, SubViewer, Sami, VPlayer, RT, SSA, AQTitle, JACOsub and MPsubt formats and subtitle conversion with OCR from VOB image format to SRT or DVD Studio Pro 'Subtitle Editor' format.

ffmpegX includes a bitrate calculator, a split tool for multiple CD burning, a join tool and a video player.

When encoding to MPEG-1 or MPEG-2 it can also author the video as VCD or XVCD (.bin/.cue files for burning with Toast by dropping the .bin into VCD window) or as SVCD, CVD or XSVCD (two .img files to be burned in Toast under Multitrack XA window), or as DVD (/DVD/ folder for burning in Toast DVD mode, and .img file for burning in Disk Image app or Toast disk image mode).

Here is the list of the Unix tools operated by ffmpegX:

ffmpeg © 2000-2003 Gérard Lantau, Fabrice Bellard, Juan J. Serrialta P. et al., Altivec optimizations by Brian Foley and Romain Dolbeau
mpeg2enc, mplex, mp2enc © 2000-2002 Rainer Johanni, Andrew Stevens, Gernot Ziegler, Xavier Biquard, Ronald Bultje et al., Altivec optimizations by James Klicman
mencoder, mplayer © 2000-2003 Arpad Gereoffy et al. (ported to OSX by Jan Devera, Klokan Petr Pridal and Tomas Hurka)
mencvcdX © 2002-2003 Jurgen Hammelmann & major
yuvscaler, yuvdenoise © 2001-2002 Xavier Biquard
yuvkineco © 2002 Kawamata Hitoshi
mpeg2dec, a52dec © 2000-2002 Aaron Holtzman, Michel Lespinasse et al.
vcdxbuild, vcdxgen © 2000-2002 Herbert Valerio Riedel
ifogen, tocgen © 2000-2002 Scott Smith
mkisofs © 1999 Jorg Schilling
movtoy4m, movtowav, srt2fcp © 2002-2003 Johan Lindström
mpgtx © 2001-2002 Laurent Alacoque, Philipp Biermann
gocr © 2001-2002 Jorg Schulenburg
subtitle2pgm, srttool © 2002 Arne Driescher
tcextract © 2002 Thomas Ostreich

Product requirements:
  • Mac OS X 10.2 or higher with "BSD Subsystem" installed.
  • To playback DivX, use codecs from or
  • To playback mpeg-2, use VLC, mplayer or the apple mpeg-2 player component. To comply with applicable laws and licensing terms, the mpeg2enc, mencoder and mplayer components are not distributed with ffmpegX, and must be downloaded and installed separately. In addition, to comply with copyright laws, ffmpegX doesn't allow to select a DVD disk device as input and doesn't contain any DVD decryption software. Please make sure that you comply with all laws applicables in your country concerning copyright protection.

    Why ffmpegX?
    I needed a software to quickly encode to SVCD and DivX-compatible formats in order to archive my family movies. Not so much time ago, there was no method available for MacOS apart from some freaky process involving PC emulation. When OSX was introduced, it became possible to run Unix command line tools like ffmpeg, mpeg2enc and vcdimager. However, operation in command line mode was time consuming. Some GUIs popped out for each tool from pioneers like Ross, Henry Mason and Jesper Nillson, but still, many apps were required to go through a full encoding and authoring process. So I decided to control all components with a single GUI. The result was good enough for myself, and also seemed useful to others, so I spent some time for improving it and creating this site. Other great apps now exist, like 42, DiVa, OpenShiiva, Sizzle, and many others. Please check them, as they could be better for you either in general or for specific uses. You have now five exciting options about ffmpegX, 1/Try it, 2/Use it and register, 3/Trash it, 4/Don't trash it but don't use it, 5/Trash your computer and go to planet Zorg (where I'm currently located) for some holidays.


    © Copyright 2003 Major, Developed in UK