Welcome to SocioSpace!

Located on the muck Sociopolitical Ramifications, SocioSpace is a role-playing environment for furry characters (anthropomorphic animals, animal-men, etc.) with a sci-fi interest. SocioSpace is free-form, you are not limited to certain approved races, classes or character backgrounds. You are ENCOURAGED to role-play, as role-playing is the purpose of SocioSpace.

Unlike other MU*'s with extensive space areas, we have no building quota. New players can read our FAQ's, building guides, etc., and soon be building vehicles and adding systems to our shared universe.

SocioSpace offers many options to enhance your role-playing experience. Here's a short list of features of our space.

  • Career Package System. New players may choose a career and gain initial skills and combat abilities automatically for a quicker start.
  • Fully 3D space. All systems have an X,Y,Z coordinates and ships may travel from any system to any system, utilizing coordinates, system names (of known systems only) or single-stepping by single coordinates.
  • Working economy. Banks, loan offices, daily income, and ships and weaponry cost money.
  • Starships require periodic maintenance.
  • Retail stores. Guns, space suits and consumer electronics. Players can open retail stores selling products they developed.
  • Cargo Hauling System for earning money.
  • Mining System for earning money
  • Stock Market system.
  • Vehicle Combat System. A 'referee' program for space combat. No more infallible evasive maneuvers and million damage point Nova Cannon beams.
  • Engineeering / Repair System for on-the-fly repair of battle damage. If Repairs are not an option, a Reclamation System is in place to turn that wreck into credits.
  • Man to Man Combat System w/Martial Arts Add-On. Another 'referee' program. No more never-miss / always-dodge enemies.
  • Medical System which allows for a paramedic or doctor career option.
  • Psionics System incorporating telepathy, telekinetic / mental attacks, PSI Detectors and PSI shields (personal and room).
  • Gambling, with Robotic Gladiator battles (every two hours) and a resort planet with a casino featuring craps, roulette and slot machines.
  • And many more programs (scanner, transporter, airlock, com, etc.) to make your RP more realistic.
  • Plus, while we are an integral part of SPR and the official space area, SocioSpace maintains it's own help staff and global commands, such as SPWHO (lists spacers online), SF (lists factions, major and minor), SHS (SocioSpace Help staff) and SPACEEVENTS (regularly updated bulletins).
  • The SocioSpace website now has expanded to include the SocioSpace Database System. the SDS includes lookups of characters, factions, ships and systems. SDS is updated weekly (on Friday Evening) for your use ingame or out

If you are interested in joining us, connect to Socipolitical Ramifications MUCK at spr.ctrl-c.liu.se Port 23 and request a character from an online wizard. Then with your character (or a guest if you wish to check us out first), type BUS then SSS then S. This will put you in our OOC SocioSpace Information Center, where you may view our FAQ's and other data. We look forward to seeing you in space!

Arian Maral - SocioSpace Wizard


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