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This web site contains recordings of many of the languages that have been investigated by members of the UCLA Phonetics Lab or have been made available to the lab by other scholars. It forms a database that includes several hundred of the estimated 800 possible speech sounds in the languages of the world. The aim is to present contrasting sounds so as to provide illustrations of the range of the linguistic phonetic abilities of mankind. Included within the web site is the same material as on the CD that accompanies the book: Peter Ladefoged (2001) Vowels and Consonants, Blackwells. The CD and this site also include material for Peter Ladefoged (2001) A Course in Phonetics 4th Ed. Harcourt College Publishers, 2001. The latter material is copyright 1993 by Harcourt, inc. It is reproduced by permission of the publisher. Users of the Harcourt material may not print out or otherwise reproduce copies without the written permission of the copyright holder. Other material may be used in any way, provided that it is acknowledged. It should be cited as: UCLA Phonetics Lab Archive, 2003. All the material on this site is available on a single CD. Contact: phonetic@humnet.ucla.edu

We are grateful to NSF for major support of this work.

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