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(sri--komik) adj.
defn: a mixing of serious and comic elements

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(col´æ-fon´) n.
defn: an inscription at the end of a publication giving facts about its production.

The Protagonist

A good likeness!His name is Michael Hudson. He prefers to be called Mike. He doesn't like to write in the third person but thought that this would be quirky. How stupid.

He is in his early 30's, currently single and has been employed as a Law-man for the last 7 years, yet considers webdesign to be his calling. He lives in Taupo in the center of the North Island, New Zealand, with his German Shepherd dog - Boss, his black cat - Mo and newly adopted puppy - Bushman (who he didn't name).

The Southpark picture to the right is a pretty good likeness (except for the round head). When not working or sitting in front of the computer he often dreams about travelling the world.

He has too many e-mail addresses, but if you do want to contact him for some strange reason then try

The Reason

This site,, started in March 2003 when Mike's main site became too convoluted and was stripped down to be what it is now, and all of the personal material needed a new home.

The name came about for the need to secure a singular word that had not yet been registered as a .com. The name also had to embody the content and encompass the essence.

The site is also a test bed for new styles, scripts and techniques in web design. While not nearly as styley and cool as some other sites out there, the emphasis was to be on content as well as style.

The Canvas

Mike almost always uses Mozilla exclusively for web browsing and e-mail. Thus the website looks best using this browser, however all efforts are made to ensure the site renders well in all standards complaint browsers.

The site is written in a combination of three languages: XHTML, PHP and CSS, often using blatant hacks of other people's talented coding. While things have tended to be a bit of a mish-mash code-wise, 90% of the pages render compliant to the World Wide Web Consortium standards.

The website is hosted on Mike's own virtual webserver - here, and falls under the umbrella of Zenith Internet. If you want Mike to design or host your website then click on

The Tools

The majority of this site is written on AceHTML 5 Pro and a smattering on Macromedia's DreamWeaver MX. The files are FTP'd to the server using AceFTP 3.

The blog at rhetoric is created using b2 by CafeLog (by far the most simple and fast). The image gallery, imagery, is created using Coppermine Photo Gallery v1.0.

Mike uses a Vivitar Vivicam 3665 2.1 Megapixel digital camera for the majority of the pictures. He would like to have a better camera but wasted his money on this one in Hong Kong thinking it was cool. Dumbass.

The Rest

[Note to self - don't be lazy and finish this]

Last modified: Tue, 03 Jun, 2003.