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It is important to recount the story of the Dragon Families as truthfully as the teachings and the research indicate and not to risk having the Dragon Tradition turned by external, commercial forces, into the kind of subject matter that might encourage the mushrooming of 'New Age' weekend workshops in -

"How to become a Fairy: The Truth About Elven Initiation"
"Grail Maiden Training For The Mature Pagan Woman", or
"Vampirism - The Vegetarian Approach"

- conducted by people that have assumed noms du commerce such as Elfin Starfire, Isis Moonamber, Elrond Rowanleaf or Fairy Womblood who, in a saner world, by representing such a serious threat to public health and safety as they actually do, would have been gassed like Diseased Badgers.

However elitist it may sound, the time honoured consensus of feeling in the old families is repeated when it is stated that capitulation to financial pressure from outsiders, leading to the kind of misrepresentation that makes the reader feel that the Dragons were so nice that they want to be one inevitably leads to that gap in the market being filled and yet another impudent impertinence being perpetrated, by exactly that kind of people aforementioned - the spiritual, progenic detritus of Gerald Gardner and his flim-flam witchcraft - which he presented in the 1950's as the 'definitive' and 'original' expression of the "Old Religion".

He sanitised what little he knew about witches with exactly the same pecuniary, sexual or social motives that his descendants have for peddling their equally useless rubbish today. One can't "initiate" into the old blood or teach the old ways to the "mahoum" because it is a pointless waste of time that doesn't work.

They inevitably get the wrong idea and discard its most valuable tenets or add to that history or knowledge their own misconceptions which then become carved in stone and published in faddist popular books as the sacred wisdom of a faddist culture.

Naturally it would be appreciated if people identified sympathetically with the characters in the Dragon Tradition, but not to the extent where every reader thinks that they are, or can become, of that ilk.

Most of them aren't and never can be, and the courses or "initiations" which might inevitably be on offer from the sharks of the 'New Age' money machine, (following any sanitised re-working of what to them, in its purest state, would essentially otherwise be a "dark" and hence possibly "evil" tradition), will also inevitably lead to the discredit of the Dragon Ethos - when such 'courses' or 'initiations' are found not to 'work' 87% of the time - despite this occuring because the majority of participants either won't have the right blood serum or the right connections in their cerebral lobes.

In a world where all people are encouraged to think of themselves (somewhat hypocritically given the way they treat each other); in homogenous, egalitarian terms, the foregoing statement is tantamount to heresy and it is unthinkable to suggest that people are not equal or physiologically and anatomically the same. But nevertheless they ain't.

One might counter such an unreasonably deluded and elitist sounding statement by arguing that because of the out-breeding of the old families, there must be millions of people "of the fairy blood" living today: but such a statement flies in the face of accepted historical facts, they being :-

a) That the genuine old royal families rarely outbred at all, whilst the later, fake parvenu, tinker nobility whom people now confuse them with often did;

b) That most of the Scythian, Royal-Druidic, Fairy population in Britain and Europe were wiped out by the Romans in the Battles at Mons and at other druidic sites;

c) That later the Celts (and what was left of the Scythian Fairy Families who served as their lords and protectors) were decimated by Bubonic plague, starvation and the Saxon invasions in the 6th century. Following which, in Britain and continental Eurasia, the church and the rats (what was the difference?) spent another three or four hundred years, during the medieval and Reformation periods, dispatching the survivors of the previous epidemics, famines, wars or persecutions.

d) That the Aryan Scythian Overlords - the Fairy High Kings and Queens maintained a caste system that, although it eventually became corrupt and overrun by the warrior caste, was arguably still in place - as the European Class System - until the Second World War. Even up until the First World War the manorial restrictions on the movements of rural labourers, other than during holidays, were still enforced and thus unhindered mobility, either geographically or within the class system itself, was extremely rare.

Throughout the period preceding the modification of the witchcraft laws (now called 'The Fraudulent Mediums Act') the remnant of the Scythian, sacral-royal overlords who were left were destroyed by papal decree.

Whilst in Britain in addition to the persecutions, many of the wealthier and more powerful ones whose families had survived up to that point were killed off and/or replaced in both lands and name, by those merchant-class nee tinker families who paid the corrupt ersatz royalty of the Tudor and Stewart Houses enough money for the titles and estates.

Following this sequence of events Oliver Cromwell continued the good work and massacred the nobility and allowed their estates to be usurped by even more members of the merchant-class.


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