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RAW Results, 05/12/03

Christian eats steel on RAW

With 6 days till Judgment Day, Big Daddy Kevin Nash made a major statement by destroying Chris Jericho, then Triple H (who interfered in the match). Triple H, who was once Kevin Nash’s best friend, has now become his fiercest enemy. At Judgment Day, this Sunday, live on pay-per-view, the two men will settle their score once and for all! 

As Raw opened, Christian was in the ring talking to all of his “peeps.” He didn’t want to face Goldberg because he had a photo shoot the next day and didn’t want to get bruised and battered. Austin, the co-general manager of RAW, came to the ring and told Christian he had to face Goldberg and better stop complaining or he would pull him from the Battle Royal for the Intercontinental Championship this Sunday at Judgment Day. With that, Rob Van Dam entered and was soon followed by Kane. Both men said that they would walk out of Judgment Day as the new IC Champ. Eric Bischoff (who promised last week that he would raise the bar on RAW) entered in to the ring and told both RVD and Kane that they had a match right now with…Hawk and Animal from The Legion of Doom! RVD and Kane got the win when RVD pinned Hawk.

“Classy” Freddie Blassie was on RAW promoting his new book, Listen You Pencil Neck Geeks. Eric Bischoff decided to give Freddie “3” minutes of air time to promote his book. Before Rosey and Jamal could destroy Freddie, Austin came to the ring and decided to stop the men and then went on to re-instate Bubba and D-Von, the Dudley Boys.  The Dudleys fended off Rosey and Jamal and put Rico through a table. Austin then celebrated with the Dudleys - the only way he knew how –  a Stone Cold beer bash.

Goldberg, who earlier that night was almost hit by a car when he tried to exit his limo, got revenge on Christian they went head-to-head in a steel cage. Christian, who brought a steel chair into the ring with him, hit Goldberg with numerous shots to the head. However, Goldberg shook off the blows and made Christian pay when he drove him face first into the steel cage. After a devastating spear, Goldberg used his patented jackhammer to finish him off.

Match Results:
Rodney Mack defeated Mike & Ken Phoenix
Ric Flair def. The Hurricane via submission
Trish def. Victoria (Women’s Hardcore Match)
Scott Steiner, Test & Goldust def. La Resistance & Chris Nowinski
Goldberg def. Christian
Kevin Nash & Chris Jericho competed to a no contest



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