A Tribute to Challenger
posted: 07:00 am ET
28 January 2001

A Tribute to Challenger -- 15 Years Later

"Today we can say at long last to Dick, Mike, Judy, to Ron and El, and to Christa and Greg, dear friends, we have resumed the journey that we promised to continue for you. Your loss has meant that we can confidently begin anew. Your spirit and your dream are still alive in our hearts."
-- The crew of STS-26, the next space shuttle to fly after Challenger, to the lost astronauts.

On a frigid day in Florida 15 years ago, seven astronauts were lost 73 seconds after launch when Space Shuttle Challenger exploded. Their legacy, and their sacrifice, continues to influence events today.

Challenger Remembered
At 11:38 a.m. EST on January 28, 1986, Space Shuttle Challenger lifted off from the launch pad 39B at Cape Canaveral's Kennedy Space Center. Here is their story. To listen to the Mission Control transmissions during the launch, choose .AIFF or .WAV format (1.8 MB).

Where Were You? readers reflect on where they were and how they felt when the Challenger disaster took place. 

Flying in the Spirit of Challenger
From SPACE-TV, Challenger Learning Centers around the country continue the mission with space education for students. 

Challenger's Lasting Legacy
"Safety over schedule" is the mantra for the turn of the century, and NASA is proving it's more than just a slogan. 

Owning Challenger Wreckage Could Earn Stiff Penalties
With the advent of online auction sites the marketplace for memorabilia connected to tragedies has expanded, including wreckage from Space Shuttle Challenger. 

The Interactive Shuttle
The space shuttle, one the most complex spacecraft ever built, has more than 2.5 million parts. Explore the vehicle with this interactive graphic.

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