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Abhyanga : to smear, anoint, and oil massage.

Acara : good conduct, an established rule of conduct.

Agada tantra : toxicology; a branch of Ayurveda dealing with poisons.

Agantuka : external, stranger.

Agni : fire, light, heat.

Ahamkara : conception of one’s individuality; egotism; pride; haughtiness.

Ahara : food, that which goes in.

Ahara rasa : the juice of food, essence of food, nutrient plasma.

Ajasrika : activities that promote positive health.

Ajirna : indigestion, weak digestion.

Akasa : free open space, ether, sky, atmosphere.

Akriti : physical appearance, external shape.

Alabu : a vessel made of dried gourd.

Alocaka (Pitta) : a type of Pitta governing vision, causing to see.

Ama : uncooked, raw, undigested, a toxic material produced from undigested food.

Amala (Amalaki) : an Ayurvedic herb, Emblica officinalis (Emblica myrobalan).

Amavata : a disease caused by ama and vata, comparable to arthritis in modern medicine.

Amla : sour taste.

Anjana : black pigment applied in eyes and eyelashes.

Anna-vaha srotas : the channels transporting grains or food, the digestive system, alimentary canal.

Anupana : a fluid vehicle for medicine; drink taken with or after medicine; drink after eating.

Anurasa : a secondary flavor (as a little sweetness in sour fruit), a subordinate feeling.

Anuvasana (Basti) : Enema given with an oily substance.

Apa : the element water, water.

Apana : one of the five types of vata, which goes downward and is responsible for expulsion of faces, flatus, urine, menstrual blood etc.

Aparadha : offence, sin, wrong action, misuse.

Apara-ojas : one of the less important of two types of vital fluid (ojas) present in the body, inferior, lower.

Ardhavabhedaka : A kind of migraine affecting half of the head or skull.

Arsha : saintly, pious, and sacred.

Artha : economy, money, object.

Asana : posture, seat, position.

Asatmendriyartha samyoga : improper contact of senses with their objects.

Asatmya : unwholesome, bad, improper.

Astanga Hrdya : an ancient Ayurvedic text written by Vagabhatta.

Asthi : bone.

Asthi-vaha srotas : channels that carry nutrient material for bones.

Asura : demon, an evil spirit, opponent of God.

Atapa : heat, sunlight.

Atiyoga : excessive use, over-use.

Atma : soul, spirit, true Self.

Aum : an address to God, name of God.

Avalambaka : one of the five types of kapha, which gives support, hanging down or perpendicular.

Avarana : Cover, layer.

Avedhya : which should not be pierced or punctured.

Avidahi : not producing heartburn (on account of being imperfectly digested).

Avipattikara churna : an Ayurvedic medicine popularly used to treat hyperacidity.

Ayurveda : the knowledge about body, mind, senses and soul.

Ayusa : combined form of soul, mind, body and senses, life span.

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