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What's New In 3.0

Script Debugger 3.0 builds on Script Debugger 2.0 by providing the following new or improved features:

Mac OS X Native

Script Debugger is now a native Mac OS X application which takes advantage of Mac OS X's advanced capabilities such as virtual memory.

Script Debugger continues to be compatible with Mac OS 8.1 - 9.x.

Aqua appearance

In keeping with the new look of the Mac OS X, Script Debugger fully supports the Aqua appearance. This includes honoring Aqua's redesigned menu layout, controls and backgrounds. Script Debugger also supports live window resizing, live feedback, and sheets.

Trace command

It is now possible to trace (continuous stepping) through a script.

Expressions window

The Expressions window lets you enter expressions that are evaluated against the currently running script. Expressions are re-evaluated each time the script pauses or when execution stops.

Console palette

The Console palette allows you to execute script fragments against the current script. It's a perfect tool for invoking handlers, modifying open scripts, or experimenting with other applications.

Stand-alone OSA component

The AppleScript debugger is now a stand-alone OSA component (the Script Debugger Nub file). This means that scripts running outside Script Debugger can execute even when Script Debugger is not running. Under Mac OS X, use of a stand-alone OSA component is the only way to offer AppleScript debugging to other applications.

Break on exceptions

It's now possible to have the debugger pause whenever an exception occurs (when an on error block is entered).

Script Manifest

Script Debugger can now show the Scripting Additions and Applications used by a script. In addition, Script Debugger can help you locate missing Scripting Additions using the on-line Scripting Additions database at www.osaxen.com.

Flatten script

Scripts that use Script Debugger's libraries feature can now be flattened to make them compatible with other script editors. Flattening a script causes the source code from all libraries to be merged with the main script.

Revised Script Error dialog

The Script Error dialog now displays additional information about run-time and compile-time script errors.

Code coverage indication

The AppleScript debugger now indicates which portions of a script have been executed. This new feature allows you to see if your testing and debugging is executing all of your script's code.

Mac OS X scripting additions

The Scripting Additions dictionary window displays scripting additions installed in all four Mac OS X Scripting Additions folders.

Mac OS X-native applets & droplets

Script Debugger can now create Mac OS X Native (i.e. Carbon) applets and droplets in addition to Classic Mac OS applets and droplets.

JavaScript becomes part of Script Debugger installation

JavaScript is now included as part of the standard Script Debugger installation. A number of supporting Script Debugger scripts will be ported to JavaScript as we proceed to make JavaScript a more integral feature of the product.

JavaScript dictionary syntax support

The Dictionary windows can now display commands in JavaScript OSA-compatible syntax.

HTML script export

It is now possible to export script source as formatted HTML for inclusion in Web pages or in HTML email.

Integrated script rescue

The functionality of the Script Rescue utility is now fully integrated into Script Debugger.

Clippings menu

A new menu has been added to mirror the contents of the Clippings palette in the same way that the menu mirrors the Scripts palette.

User-settable Command keys

Script Debugger now provides you with full control over Command key assignment, both for build-in commands and for all scripts and clippings. It now also supports a much wider range of modifiers and Command keys, including Function keys.

Command keys in Find dialog

Script Debugger now offers Command key access to all controls in the Find-and-replace dialog box.

Improved text editor

Script Debugger now supports all of BBEdit's cursor and delete key operations and modifiers.

BBEdit integration

Script Debugger now provides an Edit With BBEdit command that allows you to quickly transfer your script between Script Debugger and BBEdit for complex editing tasks.

Scripting improvements

New script property and script handler classes provide information about properties and handlers defined in scripts. Dictionary objects provide full access to dictionary information (suites, events, classes and contents).

Usability improvements

A number of subtle and not so subtle improvements have been made to usability within the application, including new tooltips, improved menu structures, etc.


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