Update by Sheldan Nidle for the Spiritual Hierarchy and the Galactic Federation

       10 Etznab, 16 Xul, 11 Ik        

Selamat Jarin! We arrive, dear Ones! Your world continues to hurtle toward its inevitable transformation. As a result of this event, you will become aware of enormous changes in your reality. Because a certain lone cabal thirsts for power, they have used their corrupt influences in a recent election to apparently strengthen their existing hold on a major world power. By revealing their true motives, this process enabled our earthly allies to increase their own control of your world's financial and monetary systems. This, in turn, has made it possible for us to accelerate our ongoing efforts to remove this lone cabal from its present positions of power. In order to obtain a victory, it sometimes becomes necessary to create situations that force the other side to show its true strengths and weaknesses. This has indeed occurred and now, the final strategy for success can be formulated and solemnly put into place. Our straightforward position concerning these matters is to fully encourage our earthly allies and ensure that the agreed-upon outcomes unfold according to plan.

      In this regard, our various liaison teams and their allied action teams have prepared timetables and the special strategies that will be required to carry them out. We are determined to make certain that Heaven's decrees are rightly manifested on your world. To this end, we have closely watched your world's overt and covert military operations. We do not intend these tactics to be used to disrupt what is about to occur. The safety net will be allowed to sag only under certain circumstances. However, we will not permit the threat of a devastating worldwide conflict to be realized. At this moment, your world is exceedingly violent and unstable. It is in great need of even a little stability. This is our task and we remain quite serious about it. Our earthly allies are fully aware that we have every intention of proceeding if certain key developments do not manifest promptly. Our Galactic Federation of Light action teams possess a high level of what even your scientists describe as truly 'magical' technology. We are not averse to using it, if it is needed, to secure our victory.

      We are in possession of technologies that can close instantly any time or dimensional portal and render it militarily useless. We also have technologies that can jam and/or neutralize any scalar, nuclear or conventional weaponry and 'zap' the power from any magnetic, gravitational, electrical or light-based power system. Although our capabilities are ever greater than those to which we allude, we have not used them because the main reason for our coming is to secure first contact and to assist you in becoming all that you truly are - fully conscious Beings of Light. Our forces will do whatever is necessary to ensure the victory granted you by Heaven. To this intention, we add a solemn pledge that our actions will never seriously harm any of you. However, we hereby give fair warning to those who wish to defy the divine Will of Heaven: accept the inevitable now, or prepare to suffer disastrous consequences for your despicable actions. We have repeatedly cautioned the remaining cabal and have given them a timetable for complying with agreements signed with our earthly allies and with those provided by Heaven.

     At this time, your world is entering a transitional phase. In this period, dear Hearts, you will move from a hierarchy that has confined your world's great wealth and power to the tight grip of a chosen few, to one in which this power is shared and economic abundance is commonplace. This necessitates that covert agreements now in place be fully revealed and firmly enforced. Our first task is to oversee the full set of announcements that will expose these surreptitious laws. This will bring to an end the political power of the last cabal and enable an entirely new succession of governments to take power throughout your globe. With it, the abundance decreed by Heaven will become a reality. This will also abolish statutes that long have prevented full disclosure of our existence and the truth of our benevolence. Once these tasks are under control, we will be able to reveal ourselves fully to you and unveil a vast series of new technologies. At long last, our earthly allies can acknowledge the full nature of our many reciprocal agreements.

      These agreements will make possible a new and harmonious world. You, dear Hearts, need to specify and celebrate the many, diverse cultures of your world. Many nations that have been enslaved must be liberated. This is a time to applaud an outpouring of global sovereignty, and to solemnly honor the personal sovereignty and guaranteed liberty of each individual now living on your world. A new declaration of rights will be announced that will end the concept of corporations as 'persons'. It will force them to be seen as they really are - a group brought together to achieve a certain set of goals. One of those goals will be to 'be environmentally accountable', and not to do things merely to assure a profit. Greed and all forms of gouging will be unacceptable. Thus, all corporations, regardless of size, will be obligated to seek a new charter that will include a requirement of social accountability.

      Government, also, needs to undergo a huge political transition that will transform its existing party system. As technologies become able to grant to representatives a more direct contact with their constituencies, they will make possible a truer, more honest interchange. Moreover, time made available by the approaching abundance will enable greater interaction between government and citizen. The crucial point is that you create a way to open up democracy and prepare yourselves for your approaching emergence as true galactic citizens. This time is a necessary transition for the gestation of your education and to develop confidence in your growing wisdom. It is time for us to teach you about galactic society and its governance. For you, this will be the moment to employ that new knowledge to create your own unique galactic society.

      As your consciousness expands, the existing world begins to take on a highly irrational, sometimes even silly glint. At first, you are frustrated by its seeming lack of change, until you realize that any change is unlikely. Those in power want you to cling to these beliefs. Instead, you must become child-like and wish them away. Commitment can change reality. New beliefs can alter global perceptions. Understand, dear Hearts, that what appears real is only a widely held illusion that can be easily dismissed. Our task is to assist your transformation by doing whatever will ensure its inevitable success. Together, we shall be victorious! This is more than a mere simple phrase. It is a deep commitment that is very real and that will bring you your most heartfelt desires - full consciousness and a new reality!

      We are asking you to understand that the final hard push to guarantee your victory has begun. We in the Galactic Federation of Light are determined to complete this first contact for many reasons. The next phase of this complex process will make certain that long-promised agreements and announcements finally occur. Our action teams, liaisons and diplomatic personnel have pledged to complete this task on time. The forces and technology that we need are ready. Never have we monitored your governments and their covert and overt activities so carefully. Our first contact fleets have chosen a judicious course of action that now is fully operational. We intend to ensure that these many agreements are disclosed without delay, and that the current, illegal administration controlled by the last renegade cabal quickly resigns from office.

      Today, we have described our total commitment to your success. That success will bring to a close the period of darkness that has enveloped your present reality for far too long. In its place will begin a new age of Light that will end your spiritual isolation and allow you to emerge into the magnificent Beings you are meant to be. We now take our leave. Blessings! Know, dear Ones, in your Heart of Hearts that the endless Abundance and Prosperity of Heaven is yours! So Be It! Selamat Gajun! Selamat Ja! (Sirian for Be One! Be in Joy!)

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