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International Learned Journals Seminar

We can't go on like this: the future of journals

12 April 2002

1 Birdcage Walk, London SW1H 9JJ

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Chair: Bernard Naylor, Library Association

Traditional models of journal publishing are unsustainable for the future. Libraries' purchasing ability is less and less able to keep pace with the output of researchers, and electronic publishing is not delivering the hoped-for cost savings. More radical change will be needed if readers are to continue to have access to research articles, and whether the value which publishers believe they add will continue to have value in the market-place remains to be seen.

In this seminar we examine some of the alternatives which are being proposed, ranging from new financial models to approaches which appear to bypass the publisher altogether. Our eminent speakers consider what the implications may be in the future, for the processes of quality control, for the small learned society publisher, and for the learned communication process as a whole.

Report [PDF] from Leonie Nicholas of Electronic Publishing Services Ltd


9.00 Coffee & Registration

9.30 Introduction from the Chair

9.45 Why the economics don't stack up
Andrew Odlyzko, University of Minnesota [PDF]

10.15 Electronic publishing is not the whole solution
Claire Andrews, Blackwell Publishing [PPT]

10.45 COFFEE

11.15 Alternative business models:

Launching competitors to high-priced journals
Christine Bailey, University of Glasgow [PPT]
Consortial licensing vs tradition
David Kohl, University of Cincinnati [PPT1 789KB] [PPT2 763KB]
Bernard Dumouchel, CISTI [PPT]
Author (or sponsor) pays
Tom Walker, University of Florida [PPT 1,844KB]
Article [PDF]

13.00 LUNCH

14.00 Seizing control

Retention of copyright by institution or author
Wilma Mossink, Open University of the Netherlands [PPT]
Steve Hitchcock, University of Southampton [PPT]

14.45 What happens to Peer Review?
Alex Williamson, British Medical Association [PPT]

15.15 TEA

15.45 Can small publishers survive?
Heather Joseph, BioOne [PPT]

16.15 What does the future hold?
Martin Blume, American Physical Society [PPT]

16.45 Panel discussion

17.00 CLOSE

Further details [PDF]

Prices (ex VAT)

ALPSP member �170/$265, SFEP/SSP member �248/$380, Non-member �310/$475

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