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Ian's Games

Amateur games written by this site's maintainer.

I have so far written two complete games. I have also written an incomplete set of rules for CoRP in two parts: game mechanics and collaboration mechanics.

You can find out more about me at my home page.


I have recently been working on a set of RPG rules that support collaborative play. The biggest issue for CoRP is one of scalable characters. Sum is a set of basic structures I am happy with, but I welcome comments and suggestions.


Wraiths is my latest attempt at writing a genre-specific collaborative roleplaying game. It is a modern military infiltration game with some neat play structure.


Minions is a new collaborative roleplaying game that focusses less on traditional mechanics and more on storytelling. It came be used in any genre or setting.


Ergo isn't so much a game as a long thesis on gamesmaster-less roleplaying. It was my first effort at writing a CoRP. After this I decided it was better to show rather than tell: hence Wraiths.