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Posted by Orson Welles/Nelson Rockefeller on July 27, 2001 at 08:41:05:

In Reply to: Re: It's All True posted by Fanto/RKO on July 26, 2001 at 12:34:49:

Oct. 20, 1942 Orson Welles to Nelson Rockefeller (excerpt),

Dear Nelson:
Fran has been out of town, so I don't know how close you are to our movie worries, so here's a note to bring you up-to-date.
20th Century Fox was willing to take over It's All True, but at such cost to my own future independence as a producer, that after much thought we turned down the offer. I want you to believe that this was no hasty decision nor was it an easy one to make. It is my definite feeling that any deal of the kind Twentieth can offer represents a serious mortgage on the coming years. Money, for me, is no object as regards It's All True and never has been any object. I am willing and eager to make any sacrifice to effect it's completion, but in the coming years I have got to be free to make the pictures I want to make, as I want to make them. THE FOLLOWING WAS DELETED BY ORSON WELLES FOR THE FINAL DRAFT: "I have always taken this stand and regardless of any good advice I may get to the contrary, I shall continue to take it, and must, as long as I am to do good work in the films"

As the letter continues, Welles proposes hitching a ride with Disney by pairing It's All True with Saludos Amigos, and then reiterates his patriotic intentions to Rockefeller by mentioning the two war-related radio series he is about to begin, Hello Americans and Ceiling Unlimited. Three weeks later, Welles hears back from Rockefeller-

Nov. 10, 1942 Nelson Rockefeller to Orson Welles-

Dear Orson,
Thank You for your letter of Oct. 20 which I have delayed in answering in order to become fully aquainted with all of the facts involved. Please be assured that we deeply appreciate your work on behalf of our cause. Your broadcasts are excellent and I hope they will continue. Regarding It's All True, I naturally hesitate to encourage you to accept any contract that your lawyers advise against and which, as you state, may mortgage your future. However, if you want my candid opinion, the collective future of the American people is in serious danger of being mortgaged, and individual or personal sacrifices that any of us can make today that will contribute, even in a small way, to the preservation of the freedom and human dignity of the people of this country, seem to me to be a priveledge. Few people have the great talent that you have to offer, and knowing you as I do, I am confident that, in the last analysis, your own decision in this matter will not be influenced by anything other then your true desire to serve your country in this time of need.
With personal regards, sincerely,
Nelson Rockefeller

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