What's new? Not much. This site has barely been touched in 6 years. That means almost everything on this site is out of date. I gots better things to do, yo!
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My first scan ever (1996). Still don't know any better.

Consider this a case study in fandom. I don't know too many non-hippie types who got as involved with a band as I did without really knowing them or working for them, though I did later. I loved Jellyfish, but, by the end had grown tired of the whole thing, just like the band themselves. Still, when I first got online, I wanted to write about SOMETHING and I figured I'd write about what I know best. I try not to brag but I know it sometimes comes off this way. I don't think I'm God's gift just because I got to see this band 13 times. It's more embarassing, folks. Hopefully, this'll give those of you who came a bit late an idea of what it was like to dig them in the best place to have seen them a lot while they were around (their home state of California).

The band history is the main part of the site. This is a chronological band history work in progress thing. I haven't added anything to it in several years, so don't hold your breath. For an essay of the band's whole history, read Feeling Fanny.

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